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Unexpected Wedding Costs To Consider

Today we are focusing on hidden wedding costs that most brides are not aware of.

The cost of wedding organization can be ludicrously high if you’re not careful enough. Sure, a wedding dress, rings, music, catering, and wedding decorations are all quite expensive on their own, yet, these things are, more or less, mandatory for those who aim to have a traditional wedding.

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Back to hidden wedding costs to know about, there are some wedding costs that can be avoided with little to no damage to the structure of the wedding itself.

By learning what these hidden expenses are and finding alternatives that will allow you to get around them, you can significantly cut the costs of your wedding.

1.      Wedding band equipment

One of the things that a lot of people overlook is the fact that the price of hiring a wedding band isn’t fixed. In order to attract more people to hire them, musicians often display the price of hire with minimal equipment and for minimal time.

In most industries, this kind of tactic would result in a low-level of return business; however, even with the divorce percentage in the world, it’s not like these bands are expecting to be re-hired by the same clients.

Therefore, when hiring, make sure to insist on the lowest amount of equipment necessary. Whenever a band tries to insist on adding something to the list, inquire about why this particular item is necessary.

Alternatively, you can always go for a DJ, seeing as how their expenses tend to be both lower and a lot easier to predict.

Here as well, gear might play a big role when it comes to the end price, especially if it involves extra-large speakers.

As you can see hidden wedding costs lie in upgrades and probably unnecessary things you might not need. 

2.      Think about the overtime

The next major mistake that a lot of couples make when organizing their wedding is not scheduling it properly. This can lead to a lot of overtime fees that can otherwise be easily avoided.

Not having a proper schedule will bring up unnecessary hidden wedding costs that can be avoided. In the previous section, we talked about keeping the band for a bit longer; however, the same can be done with the photographer and a videographer.

In other words, this is more of a time-management issue than anything else. For this, you should either look for some help or do some research on wedding planning tips and scheduling tricks.

3.      Borrowing a car instead of renting a limo

While a limo ride may seem like an essential part of any wedding, keep in mind that renting isn’t your only option.

You must have at least one friend that would be more than happy to lend you their luxury car for a day. In fact, they don’t even have to lend it.

They can double as your chauffeur for a while. Of course, as the designated driver, they would have to restrain themselves from enjoying alcoholic beverages, at least until the ceremony’s over.

Still, this is a small price to pay considering all the rest.

4.      Should you hire a professional?

One of the greatest issues with wedding planning and budgeting lies in whether you should hire professionals or not.

Wedding vendors come with a lot of hidden wedding costs that should seriously be looked into. On the one hand, this can be quite expensive seeing as how experienced wedding planners, caterers and organizers tend to charge quite a bit for their services.

On the other, some venues charge more for those who choose to work with amateurs. Damned if you do, damned if you don’t.

Nevertheless, sometimes paying more initially ends up being substantially less.

Earlier on, we stressed the importance of proper organization; needless to say, this is something that a trained and experienced planner can take to the next level. In fact, this might even be reason enough to look for convenient personal loans.

This way, you also get to maintain a healthy cash flow, which is something that can make or break all your wedding plans.

When working with wedding vendors just ensure you have a contract and have them outline any hidden wedding costs that you may not be aware before making any serious commitments. 

5.      Cleanup and breakdown

Finally, this is probably the most situational of all the expenses, seeing as how you can never make an accurate estimate of all the things that might go wrong.

Sure, some form of garbage removal will be necessary; however, keep in mind to schedule the cleanup carefully.

For instance, if you get married on Saturday, the cleanup crew will be forced to work on Sunday which will further increase their fees.

On the other hand, when the wedding is scheduled on Sunday, you can easily schedule the cleanup for Monday morning.

On the other hand, sometimes the venue will dictate that the mess gets sorted out immediately after the wedding ends.

In this case, even the hour at which you wrap up the wedding will play the role in the amount of money you’re required to pay.

Hidden wedding costs in these cases can easily creep up on you if you are not fully prepared. 

Hidden Wedding Costs Conclusion

Sure, having a dream wedding is something that a lot of people strive towards, but keep in mind that this is just one day in your life. While some claim that it is the most important day in your life, others argue that every next day tends to be even more important, seeing as how you get to spend it with your soulmate.

Even if you are a hopeless romantic, the idea of spending most of your savings or getting in debt at the very beginning of your life together definitely doesn’t seem wise.

Therefore, looking for ways to cut the costs of your wedding may be a sensible idea.

Be wary of hidden wedding costs as they can blow your wedding budget. 

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