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We know it can be uncomfortable discussing money with friends and family and traditionally bridesmaids and groomsmen to pay for their own attire. However, it is important to remember that it is an expensive honor to be part of a wedding, so we have some tips on keeping the costs manageable for your wedding party outfits.

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Wedding Party outfits that are affordable

Wedding on a budget

Be Adaptable when it comes to the Wedding Party Outfits

Give both bridesmaids and groomsmen some direction but don’t get too set in the way you want everybody to look. Be adaptable to changes that are suggested to you, don’t freak out too much if someone buys the wrong colored socks, have fun with the attire and remember everybody is there to celebrate this day with you.

Renting Wedding Party Outfits

This is the best way to keep costs low if you really want to go down the route of gowns and tuxedos for the wedding party. These are normal pieces that don’t get worn again so renting saves having to pay for a full outfit that is only going to get worn once.

Mix n match Wedding Party Outfits

To keep costs down, mixing and matching with what your party already has in their wardrobe could be a good way to go. For men, it’s relatively simple, if they have a suit that already matches the general colour scheme let them wear it. Bring cohesion to everybody’s look and ask that they all buy the same tie. Ladies, on the other hand, can go down so many routes. If they have nice formal skirts (even if they aren’t the same color) have them wear those and match them all with the same tee. Another way to bring a unified look could be the accessories. They can all wear the same shoes for instance or wear their hair the same way.

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Shop creatively for your wedding party outfits

Just because you are looking for outfit’s for a wedding doesn’t mean you have to shop in specifically designed wedding shops. There are great online businesses that carry great formal wear at a fraction of the cost. Sites like ASOS, Boohoo or Zara can give you unlimited ideas for dresses. This goes for the groomsmen’s suits too, you can always buy affordable suits from places like H&M and Burton’s and it’s something that both sides of the party can wear again.

Hair and Makeup 

The cost of hair and makeup done professionally can get quite high. On the day let your bridesmaids do their own if they can’t afford to foot the bill for a professional, or rope in that one friend that is an absolute whizz when it comes to everything beauty, they’ll love to be part of the day in this way and you will get amazing bridesmaids all looking their best.

Create your own wedding party outfits

Another option is if you are majorly crafty and great with a sewing machine (or have a friend or family member who is) buy some fabric and get making! Finding the perfect fabric on a roll to sew yourself is a lot cheaper than buying a dress already made in that same fabric. Make a day of it with all your bridesmaids in tow, pour a couple of glasses of wine and have fun with it.

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