You’re looking for that perfect, stylish, fashionable wedding. You want a chic wedding! And whether it’s industrial, country or shabby chic here are some tips to do exactly that for less than $10,000. Ready to plan an elegant and chic wedding on a budget? 

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planning a wedding on a budget

Planning a chic wedding on a budget doesn’t have to be difficult and we will show you how you can plan yours. If you have not read our last post – 10 WAYS TO HAVE AN ELEGANT WEDDING ON A BUDGET and 10 WAYS BRIDES & GROOMS CAN MAKE EXTRA MONEY TO PAY FOR THEIR WEDDING, you better read them fast.

Your Chic Wedding on a Budget

Your Chic Venue

If you really want that chic wedding on a budget, then you must look for a venue that already brings major character points for the backdrop to your wedding, think botanical garden, historical site or rent a private estate for smaller, intimate weddings. These unconventional venues can bring an air of style and elegance without having to go all out.

Your Timing

Afternoon and evening weddings cost the most so consider planning a morning or brunch wedding. Also, the time of year can make a huge difference to venues pricing. Think about having your wedding on an unconventional date or season and the savings can be plentiful without compromising too much on the location.

Theme your Wedding in style

You know where your wedding will be held so think of a loose theme and create everything around that. Invitations, decorations, favors, food and drink they can all then be created around that one theme making for a stylish and perfectly coordinated look. It will also help with budgeting and with making choices if you have a look already in mind before buying.

Here are a few ideas:




DIY your Wedding in Style

To save money get crafty! Save the date cards are usually the first look friends and family will get into your wedding so why not give them a personal touch. Favours are another great way to save on costs and they are normally kept by your wedding party for years to come. Pressed flowers, a jar of sweets or decorated candle, all with personal touches, the ideas are endless and cost a lot less than professional made.

But not too much!

Make sure you spend the money you have where you really need it. A great photographer is worth their weight in gold and an amazing caterer can leave a lasting impression on your guests, although some things you can easily DIY for great savings, not everything can be, and might actually end up costing you more in the long run, so stick to the few pieces and leave the rest to professionals.

Shop Around if you want a Chic Wedding on a Budget

Make sure to check out all there is on offer before jumping in. Meet with a few different florists or go into different wedding boutique’s even if you love what you see, it’s always best to be well informed. Also, haggle! And when you can, don’t mention the “W” word as it always brings a premium price, normally because of the pressures and expertise involved, but try to find out how much their services are in general before coming clean, it might give you a better starting point to then haggle your way down.

And finally…. The Dress

After the venue, this can be the most expensive part of a wedding with dresses ranging well into the thousands. Scour the internet for one-off sale days at boutiques and don’t be afraid to travel for that perfect dress if it’s going to save you money in the long run. Consider second-hand garments as well, there are huge savings to be had and if it makes you feel amazing then there’s no need to tell anyone (unless you want to gloat about how much you saved of course).

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How to have a Chic wedding on a Budget for less than $10,000