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How to Get Money for a Wedding Fast

Are you planning your big day and wondering how to pay for a wedding?

When I started planning for my wedding, I knew right away that I needed to find creative ways to raise money for my wedding! 

How on earth can you pay for a wedding with no money?

You can’t! 

Weddings can be one of the most expensive (and best!) days of your life.

That being said there are ways that a bride and groom can raise money to help pay for a wedding day and help take the stress out of the whole thing.

Because we know that even the most modest of weddings can become pricey, we’ve compiled 10 ways that you can feasibly raise cash to fund your wedding.

This list is full of creative ways to raise money for a wedding!

Here are 10 Ways to have an elegant wedding on a budget that you may be interested in!

Ready to learn how to pay for a wedding with no money?

Making extra to pay for your wedding

Who Pays For What At A Wedding

Who pays for a wedding these days? Before you can decide how much you need for your big day, what you want to have on your day, you need to determine who pays for what at a wedding.

As a wedding planner, I find that most couples are now paying for most of their wedding expenses while the parents are covering certain portions of the wedding.

Here is a little breakdown of who pays for the wedding. In no way is this literal.

At the end of the day, you can decide who pays for what at a wedding.

We found so many questions online about who pays for what at the wedding. If any of these questions resonate with you, we are excited to answer them.

If you of you were wondering about:

  • Who pays for what at a wedding?

  • How do you ask for money for your wedding?

  • Do parents help pay for the wedding?

  • How can I make money for a wedding?

  • How much money should you save for a wedding?

  • How do couples pay for weddings? 

And believe us when the question went on and on. 

We are going to do our absolute best to answer all the questions you may have on how to pay for a wedding or ways to raise money for a wedding.

As we mentioned earlier, we know how expensive a wedding can get. 

Who Pays for the Wedding:

From a wedding dress to hosting an engagement party, wedding costs can slowly creep up.

That is why it is essential to have a wedding budget and a budget that you stick to as much as you possibly can.

Paying for a wedding, especially with no help, can cause financial constraints for you as a couple.

Here is a complete list of who pays for a wedding to give you an idea (It’s a list of who traditionally pays but is not obligated to): 

  • Wedding Ceremony – The bride and her family typically pay for the ceremony location, including decorations and music
  • Marriage License – The Groom and his family typically pays for this
  • Wedding Attire – The bride and her family pays for her attire and accessories, including fittings and alterations 
  • Groom’s outfit – Paid for by the groom and his family 
  • Wedding Reception venue or wedding venue – Paid for by the bride and her family, including catering, reception decorations, and all services included with hosting. 
  • DJ or Band (Reception Music) – The Groom and his family
  • Wedding Photography and/or Wedding Videographer– Paid by the bride and her family 
  • Flowers and Wedding Decorations – This is paid for by the bride and her family
  • Bride’s Wedding Bouquet and Boutonnieres/ Corsages – Paid for by the Groom and His Family
  • Stationery (Wedding invitations, ceremony programs, escort cards, save the dates etc.) – This is paid for by the bride and her family
  • Wedding Planner – The Bride pays for this
  • Wedding Cake and Wedding Favors – Paid for by the bride and her family, including brunch the next day if they want
  • The Wedding Officiant, Bride’s Rings, and Wedding Night Accommodations – Taken care of by the groom
  • Groomsmen’s gifts, wedding day gifts to the bride and gifts for the Groom’s parents – Groom looks after
  • Bridesmaid’s gifts and gifts for Bride’s parents – The bride pays for the wedding party
  • Hair and Makeup, Groom’s wedding band – The bride

As you can see, this is quite a comprehensive list outlining who pays for the wedding.

It also shows that weddings can end up costing a lot if not appropriately planned. 

We didn’t add everything, as the list can continue.

Things like the honeymoon, which the groom typically takes care of, and pre-wedding events such as engagement parties (bride and her family) or rehearsal dinners (the groom and his family).

And if you are having a destination wedding, other things apply.

Destination weddings are a whole other thing, and wedding etiquette differs from a traditional wedding. 

This is just a guide you can use when dividing who pays for what at a wedding.

Watch your wedding guest list; the more you add, the more money you will have to spend. 

So what is the best best way to pay for a wedding?

Don’t forget to grab this simple wedding budget checklist to assist you in funding your wedding this year. 

It’s easy to use and will help save you the extra cash quickly. 

Grab this epic free wedding budget to help you plan for your wedding this year. This is a simple wedding budget.

How to Raise Money for A Wedding

Now that you have determined who pays for the wedding, you may decide that you will pay for it all.

Or you may still involve your parents, but you are still not sure where to find the money to pay for a wedding. Then it may be time to find ways to raise money for your big day. 

We are now going to share our best tips for finding ways to raise money to pay for a wedding that most couples will appreciate. 

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Want to Pay for a Wedding? Start Making Extra Cash! 

Here are creative ways to raise money for a wedding:

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1. Start saving now

 The best way a couple can raise money and pay for a wedding is to save and plan ahead as early as they can.

If your goal and objective are to pay for a wedding, be sure to commit your time and energy to achieve this. 

Open a wedding saving account with your bank, it makes it much easier to keep a hold of funds if they are separate from your current account and you can easily see how much you are saving.

Set up automatic payments to your wedding savings from your current account to keep the flow of money coming in as well if you can.

Also book things like wedding venues as early as possible, the more time you have the more wiggle room you can give yourself with payment schedules.

The more prepared you are, the better you will be able to pay for a wedding. 

2. Sell Your Stuff For Extra Cash

We all have space (or two) in the house that is full of clutter. Think about selling things online with the likes of eBay and Facebook forums from the comfort of your own home, or hold a yard sale.

This is one of the best ways to make money for a wedding. 

Not only will it bring in some extra cash for the piggy bank, but it will also give you a clearer space to live in as a married couple.

The extra money should be used to pay for a wedding.

3. Take Up A Few Side Hustles

If you have spare time thinking about having a side hustle to raise a little extra cash to pay for the wedding is your best option.

Things like dog walking, babysitting or cleaning are all up for grabs if you are willing to sacrifice your free time, and remember to put those earnings straight into your wedding savings.

Remember, this can be short-term just to pay for a wedding! 

You might want to read thisSide Hustles that will make you an extra $1000 from home

4. Barter or trade services

If you have a skill that could be useful to others, think about trading that skill in exchange for something you need for the wedding.

For example, if you are a graphic designer, create some graphics for a floral shop to use in exchange for some floral arrangements or trade some mechanical skills for transport to your wedding venue.

This is an excellent way for a wedding or services you need. 

5. Use Your Wedding Registry

Instead of requesting gifts on your registry, ask for different items such as limo services or food and drink for the day.

I suggest signing up for the Amazon wedding registry

Or just ask for a cash gift.

Nobody really needs three toasters anymore, especially since many couples choose to live together before marriage.

People are pretty happy to gift envelopes. 

6. Consider Wedding loans

This last one is more of use with caution as nobody wants to start their marriage in debt, but it is becoming more common as younger couples are footing the bill themselves.

Instead of asking the bank for a loan, try asking the bank of mum and dad or another relative first.

That way, you won’t have to pay out the nose for the privilege of lending money.

Just be cautious about how you find money to pay for a wedding.

It’s only one day! 

7. Be wise

Be wise about where you spend your money.

Take advantage of coupons and discounts offered by vendors.

Wedding shows are the best places to get vendor discounts.

A 10% discount will go a long way when planning your wedding.

Sign up for BeFrugal (Free) and get discounts directly to your email address. Cash Back

8. Try Online Surveys For Extra Cash

Surveys are the best way to make money from home, and it’s great to help pay for a wedding.

You can make some quick money to help pay for your dream wedding.

A few surveys out there are scams; they don’t pay well and are a waste of time.

But some great surveys that are available can really do wonders.

The trick is for you both to do the surveys.

This is a great way to make quick cash to pay for a wedding.

It won’t pay it all, but it’s a start.

Do a few each night and on weekends. Do multiple surveys and see which brings you the most income.

9. Rent Out Your Space

Do you have a room or a finished basement available in your home?

Rent it out for a couple of weekends and earn some money. Airbnb is safe, and you should sign up for it.

People earn over $2000 per month by renting out on Airbnb!

Get more information on getting started here! Can you imagine having your wedding wholly paid off?

Pay for a wedding by renting out your home or room with Airbnb!

10. Shop on Amazon

Grab wedding items on Amazon, such as wedding invitations, table number holders, tea lights (some venues charge for this), aisle runners and more!

You can find almost anything on Amazon, and they are pretty affordable! Want more ideas:

We have a full list of amazing Amazon wedding decorations you can snag. 

What are traditional ways to pay for a wedding?

They are other ways couples pay for their wedding, which I will mention below. 

But I really suggest you find ways to get instead help to pay for your wedding or to raise the money to pay for your wedding.

If you need more help finding money for a wedding, you can use these alternatives: 

  • Getting a personal loan
  • Using savings accounts
  • Asking parents to pay for the wedding 
  • Putting it on credit cards 
  • Money from other people

We hope you enjoyed our blog on how brides and grooms can pay for a wedding and not go broke.

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10 Ways Brides & Grooms Can Make Extra Money to Pay for A Wedding