Tips For A DIY Backyard Wedding

Are you looking for DIY backyard wedding ideas for your big day?

If you already have the wedding ring, and you are hoping to plan a small wedding in your backyard, we have you covered.

Whether you choose to have bridesmaids or not, you shouldn’t let the pandemic stop you.

You can still plan a small elegant wedding as long as you are practicing social distancing and that your area is allowing small gatherings.

With uncertain times, you can still have the wedding of your dreams if you follow our tips below. 

Backyard weddings are still popular as you are not confined in an indoor space. 

If you want a few elegant backyard wedding ideas, we will share a few below, so keep reading for more inspiration. 

And we will also include an easy-to-follow backyard wedding checklist you can grab for free. 

But for now, let’s focus on tips for planning the best DIY Backyard wedding. 

Here is what we will be focusing on: 

  • What is the best way to have a backyard wedding?

  • How do you plan a backyard wedding on a budget?

  • How do you do a simple backyard wedding?

  • And I will include a backyard wedding planning checklist

We really wanted to share our best tips to get you started with your wedding plans. 

This post includes everything you need for a backyard wedding! 

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If you are looking for simple backyard wedding ideas on a budget, keep reading. 

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Tips for planning a simple backyard wedding:

If you are considering having a backyard wedding, then this post is definitely for you. 

Backyard weddings work perfectly for those that truly enjoy the outdoors and are looking for something different. 

They are so many amazing advantages to having a backyard wedding!

You could be saving money, it’s convenient and it is easy to decorate especially if you are planning to add your personal touches. 

I find backyard weddings to be completely romantic. 

So plan yours today. 

We have included a backyard wedding planning checklist below, so absolutely grab it because it’s FREE. 

If you want to see more DIY backyard wedding ideas as well as to learn more about how to plan one, keep reading. 

And for mistakes that most people make while planning a backyard wedding, read this post! 

Focus on these few DIY Backyard wedding tips: 

Here are best tips on how to plan the perfect backyard wedding this. If you are planning an outdoor wedding, we have unique tips and ideas on how to get started! Plan the ultimate Outdoor Backyard wedding today #backyardwedding #outdoorwedding

1. Let’s start with the basics

Given the moments of uncertainty that we are currently living in, it is very important to see things from a different perspective.

We highly recommend that you stay positive, and look beyond everything around you.

We are going to share our best tips on how to plan a backyard wedding on a budget! 

So to all my budget brides, this one is for you! 

The first step for planning any wedding should be budgeting. 

You can plan a whole wedding on paper but if you do not have the money to pay for it, then it’s just an idea. 

The number of guests you have will also directly affect your budget.

The more people you have, the more food you will need, the more decorations and so on. 

Without an estimate of what your numbers are, it will be hard to create a budget. 

So start by creating a list based on your closest relatives you have and the ones that you feel should really be there to share that day with you.

Many family members only speak to each other once a year or almost never!

That’s why it’s crucial to create a wedding guest list with all of the names of people that come to mind and then eliminate those people who aren’t really close to you.

This wedding task can be very fun to do with your partner since you can create nice memories and make decisions together.

If you want a list of other wedding tasks you can grab your FREE wedding planning checklist here!

After creating your family list it is important to move on to your friend’s list.

I suggest using the same process you did with creating your first list!

Go ahead and eliminate those who you haven’t spoken to in a long very time.

Tip: creating an excel sheet with the names of your guests and potential costs will be very useful since you can create an average of what the price per guest will be.


2. Backyard Wedding Space

The next step is finding a location to host your awesome backyard wedding. 

We have plenty of DIY backyard wedding ideas for you, but you need to look around your area to find a location that works best for you and your guests. 

If everyone can fit in your backyard, then that’s awesome. 

If not, then you need to start looking. 

Since outdoor weddings have a more limited flight time (i.e. only during the warmer seasons), demand for the best locations will be extremely high. 

Does your backyard have enough area to hold your guests and have separate zones for the ceremony and reception? 

Will the backyard space allow for a sit-down dinner, or is it better to have a cocktail wedding?

Think of the flooring (wedding shoes). 

Check out this post where I share an amazing list of unconventional wedding venue ideas. 

Don’t forget about the weather and having a plan B!

3. Planning your budget

Once you have your wedding guest list created, it is time to start with the most important part of organizing your backyard wedding!

Here is how to create a wow factor for your wedding if you are on a budget. 

It is important that you have a solid budget before proceeding with your wedding plans.

This means looking for and obtaining supplier quotes and also defining the wedding theme of your backyard wedding!

Definitely take a look at some of the DIY backyard wedding ideas below to get inspiration.

By having this information, you will already have a better idea of ​​how much you should spend per guest and if you are in a position to increase or decrease your wedding budget.

Be sure to collect a few different quotes that work best with your style, theme and budget. 

It is also extremely important to take into account quantity vs. quality.

It is also very important to see if you will require any permit, license, or insurance to be able to have your wedding in your backyard and if there is a cost associated with this.

They are so many hidden wedding costs that most couples are not aware of!

Be sure to do your research thoroughly. 

From here, go ahead and create a list of all possible suppliers you might need, what they offer, pricing, down payment schedules, etc. 

You could also try to minimize costs.

Instead of hiring a DJ you can create a wedding reception playlist of your favourite songs or ask a friend to take care of the music.

Think about what you really need that is important and urgent.

If you are going to need help or assistance, then start thinking about some tasks that you might be able to do or some of your family and friends might be able to help you with.

And don’t forget to check out our wedding printable shop for budget things you might need. 

Tip: Create a list of at least four suppliers you need, for example, four flower suppliers, four caterers, four dinnerware suppliers, etc.

Here is a wedding budget printable you can use to plan your wedding on a budget today!

Rainbow Wedding Budget!

4. Sentimental value

Less is always more!

A wedding is about celebrating the love you have for your other half and you want to share that union with the people you love the most.

A backyard wedding is much more intimate and you can enjoy it more.

If you are here because you are looking for awesome DIY backyard wedding ideas, I am glad you found this post. 

I am sure you are looking for ways to plan something that is meaningful and intimate. 

You will find that backyard weddings are much more relaxed, authentic, and original.

Now that you have guest list numbers, you can put a plan in place.

Think of how you want to set up your backyard.

If you don’t already, consider hiring a wedding planner.

If not, maybe a family or friends will be the one to support you to make sure that the day goes smoothly. Ideally, you want them to enjoy the day and they won’t be able to do both. 

Now it’s time to do some DIY.

This is the most exciting part for most brides planning a backyard wedding especially if you are creative!

Definitely find ways to reduce wedding costs if you can.

You can create your own flower bouquet or perhaps the bridesmaid’s bouquets.

You can print out your own table numbers, these numbers will look perfect with any rustic wedding. 

Thinks to the essentials if you can. 

5. DIY backyard wedding decorations

Think of your decorations!

You can find a lot of low-budget backyard wedding decorations to decorate your big day easily. 

Honestly, when it comes to budget outdoor wedding decor, I highly recommend you use your natural surroundings as a basis for your theme. 

The decor is one place where you can save big by sourcing second-hand or going DIY if you are good at that. 

Consider decorating your backyard with some lights that you might already have at home, which will give it a magical touch.

Even your wedding favours can have your personal brand on them to match the decor.

For this, I would turn to Etsy!

You can never go wrong with these fairy lights for the backyard or this gorgeous DIY Seating chart! 

Do not worry too much about having everything perfect.

Those looking for elegant backyard wedding decoration ideas on a budget should focus on things that will make a big impact. 

If you have a few focal points such as the head table, dessert area, games area and such, everything else can be simple.

And if you are absolutely stuck, you can find plenty of simple DIY backyard wedding ideas on Pinterest. 

Be sure to look out for DIY backyard wedding decorations from your local groups. 

Purchase these to add to your overall wedding theme. 

But remember, this day is about creating great memories that you will always want to remember and take with you.

We hope the simple backyard wedding ideas we share below will inspire you to plan your own wedding. 

Remember to have a lot of fun, leave your nerves behind, and enjoy every minute of it!

Know that all the people who are with you that day love you both, and not because of where your wedding is.

Less is more when you’re hosting an outdoor wedding.

Tip: be sure to create DIYs that you can make and if not, never hesitate to ask for help.

6. Backyard wedding bar ideas

There are a lot of amazing outdoor wedding bar ideas online. 

Once your wedding reception gets going, your wedding bar will be packed and busy. 

If it’s a good day out people will want a drink. 

So be prepared as people will be spending time around the bar. 

I suggest making your bar look good by having fun with it. 

DIY outdoor wedding bar ideas! Check out to set up an amazing bar for your outdoor wedding!

Found: Style Me Pretty /Photographer:  Amy Arrington Photography

7. Backyard wedding food ideas

What do you serve at a backyard wedding?

Most backyard weddings have a casual feel to them. 

So I think the food you serve for your backyard wedding should have the same type of ambiance. 

Backyard wedding food such as:

  • BBQs
  • Potlucks
  • Picnics 
  • Food trucks

As soon as you know what type of food you will serve on the day, contact a caterer.

I will suggest also working with your caterer to plan a menu!

And make sure that they will have their own equipment, electricity, as well as serving dishes and utensils.

Don’t forget the staffing needs you might need.

Make sure you also have enough space in the backyard for catering vans to transport all their necessary equipment.

I have included a backyard wedding planning checklist to make a list of things you absolutely need for this day below. 

Elegant Backyard Wedding Ideas

Now that we have shared with you a few ways on how to plan your elegant backyard wedding, here are a few ideas you can get inspired from. 

Cute backyard wedding for brides planning an outdoor wedding!

Photographer: Hailey Pierce Photography

If you have having a backyard wedding, check out this gorgeous wedding ceremony decor in the backyard.

Photographer: Native Expressions

Outdoor beer station for those having a backyard wedding!

Photographer: Dominique Bader

Backyard wedding idea

Photo Credit: Ruffled

Gorgeous backyard wedding decor idea

Photographer: Hailey Pierce Photography

Tented backyard wedding idea

Photographer: Sergey Lapkovsky Photography

Backyard bohemian wedding ideas for your next wedding.

Found on Ruffled Blog

Simple backyard ceremony set up

Photographer: Brandi Toole Photography

Here is an epic outdoor cigar station for a wedding! Plan the ultimate wedding station today!

Photographer: Angela Mae Photography

Wedding accessories for your backyard wedding!

Photo Source: Brit

Here is the perfect rustic dessert table station for those planning an elegant backyard wedding!

Found on Wedding Chicks

Cocktail tables for weddings!

Photo credit: Elegant Wedding Invites

Wedding table set up at a backyard wedding

Photographer: Emily Elyse Wehner

Gorgeous outdoor wedding ideas.

Check out this wedding: Intimate Weddings!

Gorgeous backyard wedding!

Photographer: Aaron and Jillian Photography

Backyard signage for your wedding

Source of image: Brit

intimate backyard ceremony wedding decor

Check out this full wedding here!

Romantic backyard wedding

Image from Storyboard Wedding

Italian backyard wedding ceremony decor!

Check out the full wedding here! 

Gorgeous backyard bar ideas.

Photographer: Happywedd

We hope you enjoyed these small backyard outdoor weddings!

Backyard weddings are definitely more intimate and private. 

They are a lot of fun to plan as well. 

On top of the backyard wedding planning checklist we are sharing below, you can also go to our wedding printable shop to get more checklists, printables and everything you will need to plan a wedding.

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Backyard wedding checklist printable

Don’t forget to grab this free DIY backyard wedding checklist for your big day!

I created this simple backyard wedding planning checklist for those that are doing their own weddings and need a little help. 

A few backyard wedding supplies you might need:

  • Furniture
  • Lighting
  • Toilet 
  • Garbage areas
  • Signage 
  • Electricals
  • Bug spray 

So go ahead and grab this free checklist for backyard wedding planning!

This way, you don’t forget important details. 

Check out this backyard wedding checklist for brides planning an outdoor wedding this year!

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25 Inspiring DIY Backyard Wedding Ideas That Are Breathtaking