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Small Backyard Wedding Ideas On A Budget

Are you looking for DIY backyard wedding ideas on a budget for your big day?

This is a detailed post on how to have a small backyard wedding without breaking the bank.

Planning a backyard wedding requires dedication as many moving logistics need to come together to have a seamless day. 

But other than this, I love small backyard weddings. 

They are small, intimate and romantic. 

Intimate weddings have become popular over the years. 

If you want to know exactly how to plan a backyard wedding, you have come to the right place. 

If planning a cozy small backyard wedding on a budget has always been your dream, you will love all our inexpensive wedding ideas for an outdoor wedding. 

Whether you are looking to host an intimate backyard wedding on a budget in your backyard or simply planning a rustic wedding in an outdoor venue, you sourced out, and we have fantastic ideas to get you started on planning your outdoor wedding. 

We encourage you to plan your backyard wedding on a budget using our tips below. 

They are great tips for couples looking to plan a small intimate backyard wedding or those just looking for some cute small backyard wedding reception ideas to get the ball rolling.

Backyard weddings are a lot of fun, and with a little effort, you can pull off a budget-friendly fall wedding that is gorgeous.

If you already have the wedding ring and you are ready to plan a small wedding in your backyard, we have you covered.

The first step is to create a working budget. 

The cost of a backyard wedding can quickly creep up if you are not fully prepared. 

This means you need to be careful with your wedding expenses are things can be just as pricey as summer weddings. 

It doesn’t matter if you are scrolling the internet or Pinterest to find the cheapest DIY backyard wedding ideas or if you plan to save by using your parent’s backyard; the cost does add up depending on your plan.

But do not worry; these things can be prevented by creating a master wedding plan that is infallible.

Savvy couples know that planning any low-cost backyard wedding requires a functioning budget.  

A quick wedding budget checklist such as this one will help determine if you can afford a cozy backyard wedding on a budget. Still, I genuinely recommend our Ultimate Wedding Budget bundle.

Grab this wedding budget spreadsheet printable to help meet all your wedding planning needs. Here's how to make a wedding budget that's perfect for you, without skimping on the fun stuff. Check our printable Wedding Budget Templates!

It’s designed to meet all your wedding planning needs and ensure you cover all your wedding expenses, leaving little to no surprises. 

Creating a backyard wedding budget for your romantic outdoor wedding can also help you avoid spending more than you planned.

If you want a few elegant backyard wedding ideas, we will share a few below, so keep reading for more inspiration. 

And we will also include an easy-to-follow backyard wedding checklist you can grab for free. 

But for now, let’s focus on tips for planning the best DIY Backyard wedding on a budget. 

Here is what we will be focusing on: 

  • What is the best way to have an elegant small backyard wedding?

  • How do you plan a backyard wedding on a budget?

  • How do you do a simple backyard wedding with little stress?

  • Plus, a backyard wedding planning checklist included

We wanted to share our best tips to get you started with your wedding plans. 

This post includes everything you need for a backyard wedding! 

Don’t forget to check out the wedding printable shop for your wedding planning checklists, worksheets and freebies.

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Keep reading if you are looking for simple backyard wedding ideas on a budget. 

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Tips for planning a simple backyard wedding:

If you are considering having a backyard wedding, this post is definitely for you. 

Simple and cheap backyard weddings are possible if you are willing to forgo a few things. 

Backyard weddings also work perfectly for those that truly enjoy the outdoors and are looking for something different. 

It is not necessarily cheaper as you need to rent items to make it happen, but it can be done on a low budget

An average backyard wedding cost is around $10 000 for about 50 to 75 people. 

Don’t go into it thinking it is the most cost-effective way to host a cheap wedding. 

But they are ways to cut costs, which we will be diving into.

They are so many incredible advantages to having a backyard wedding!

You could save money by skipping unnecessary wedding expenses; it’s convenient and easy to decorate, especially if you plan to add your personal touches. 

I also find backyard weddings to be entirely romantic. 

So plan yours today. 

We have included a backyard wedding planning checklist below, so absolutely grab it because it’s FREE. 

If you want to see more DIY backyard wedding ideas and learn more about how to plan one, keep reading. 

And for mistakes that most people make while planning a backyard wedding, read this post! 

Top Beautiful Backyard Weddings On A Budget

Weddings are getting booked up fast as we are trying to recover from the lack of weddings from the pandemic.

If you plan a backyard wedding in 2024, you want to book as early as possible to secure top vendors.

Planning a wedding in 6 months has become difficult, so get a head start and start planning now. 

Read the post below to find excellent, unique, affordable backyard wedding ideas that will help you save money to have your dream wedding without spending thousands.  

After reading this, you will love backyard weddings just like everyone else. 

And if you already love them as much as we do, using our tips should help you manage your budget better.

It’s an extensive backyard wedding to-do list to help you plan your big day.

Here are best tips on how to plan the perfect backyard wedding this. If you are planning an outdoor wedding, we have unique tips and ideas on how to get started! Plan the ultimate Outdoor Backyard wedding today #backyardwedding #outdoorwedding

1. Cheap backyard wedding venues

Don’t forget to grab our printable backyard wedding checklist at the bottom of this post. 

If you have always wanted a small wedding at home, then this backyard wedding to-do list is exactly what you need.

After finalizing your backyard wedding budget, the fun part can start. 

The next step is finding a location to host your fabulous backyard wedding. 

Your wedding venue, especially the reception location, is where you will spend the majority of your time as well as a big chunk of your wedding budget.

Choose a great venue to compliment your intimate backyard wedding theme.

We have plenty of DIY backyard wedding ideas for you today, but you will need to conduct extensive research around your area to find a location that works best for you, your guests and your budget. 

If everyone can fit in your backyard, then that’s awesome. 

If not, then you need to start looking. 

Since outdoor weddings have a more limited flight time (i.e. only during the warmer seasons), demand for the best locations will be extremely high. 

Does your backyard have enough area to hold your guests and have separate zones for the ceremony and reception? 

Will the backyard space allow for a sit-down dinner, or is it better to have a cocktail wedding?

Think of the flooring (wedding shoes). 

Check out this post, where I share a great list of unconventional wedding venue ideas

Before choosing your wedding venue or booking any wedding vendor, you should grab our vendor payment tracker today!

To save even more money on your wedding venue, I recommend having only one platform booked if you are on a tight budget. 

More often than not, wedding ceremonies and receptions are held separately.

So if you can, try to host your ceremony and reception venue in one place; it will save money, especially on transportation costs.

Don’t forget about the weather and have a plan B!

Backyard wedding venue ideas: 

  • Your backyard
  • A friend or family backyard
  • Farms 
  • Vineyards
  • Campgrounds
  • Ranches
  • Gardens
  • Cottages
  • Airbnbs
  • Private properties
  • Cottages
  • Courtyard
  • Park

Any place that has a backyard will do to help bring your wedding vision to life. 

Think outside the box, and I am sure you will find a venue that will suit your needs and match your budget. 

 Backyard weddings are easy to personalize…

2. An Intimate Backyard Wedding Guest List

Planning a backyard wedding on a budget will require making some hard decisions. 

The first step in planning any wedding should be budgeting. 

You can plan a fantastic wedding on paper, but it’s just an idea if you do not have the money to pay for it. 

The more guest you have, the more food you need, the more decorations and so on. 

Keeping the guest list small is the best and fastest way to minimize your wedding cost.

In this case, I would suggest you host an elegant and intimate backyard wedding to save money. 

Doing this will have the most significant impact on your wedding budget. 

Without an estimate of what your numbers are, it will be hard to create a budget. 

So start by creating a list based on your closest relatives and those you feel should be there to share that day with you.

Many family members who only speak to each other once a year or almost never can be left off the list!

That’s why it’s crucial to create a detailed wedding guest list with all the names of people that come to mind and eliminate those who aren’t close to you.

This wedding task can be fun as you and your partner can create lovely memories and make decisions together.

Grab your FREE wedding planning checklist here if you want a list of other wedding tasks!

After creating your family list, moving on to your friend list is essential.

I suggest using the same process you did with creating your first list!

Go ahead and eliminate those you haven’t spoken to in a long time.

And as you go through the process, remember that the best way to plan a small backyard on a budget is to cut your guest list, which will reduce the amount you spend on your big day! 

Pro tip: creating an excel sheet with your guests’ names and potential costs will be very useful since you can generate an average cost of what the price per guest will be.

3. Creating your backyard wedding budget

Once you have your wedding guest list created, it is time to start with the essential part of organizing your backyard wedding!

Your backyard wedding budget. 

You must have a solid budget before proceeding with any wedding plans.

This means looking for and obtaining wedding quotes from your wedding vendors (here is a list of wedding vendors you should be booking) and defining the wedding theme of your backyard wedding!

This information gives you a better idea of ​​how much you should spend per guest and if you are in a position to increase or decrease your backyard wedding budget.

Be sure to collect a few different quotes that work best with your style, theme and budget. 

It is also essential to take into account quantity vs. quality.

It is also imperative to see if you will require any permit, license, or insurance to be able to host your wedding in your backyard and if there is a cost associated with this.

Most couples are unaware of many hidden wedding costs associated with planning events and should plan for them. 

Be sure to do your research thoroughly. 

From here, create a list of all possible suppliers you might need, what they offer, pricing, down payment schedules, etc. 

You should minimize costs by asking for discounts or finding alternative suppliers.

Instead of hiring a wedding DJ, you can create a wedding reception playlist of your favourite songs or ask a friend to take care of the music.

Think about what you need that is important and urgent.

If you need help or assistance, start thinking about some tasks that you might be able to do or some of your family and friends might be able to help you with.

And don’t forget to check out our wedding printable shop for budget things you might need. 

Tip: Create a list of at least four suppliers you need, for example, four flower suppliers, four caterers, four dinnerware suppliers, etc.

Wedding vendors checklist printable! It's an awesome Wedding Planner Vendor Booking!

4. Simple backyard wedding ideas + a theme

Coming up with creative ideas for a small backyard wedding on a budget can seem impossible. 

But let me start by saying that less is always more!

A wedding is about celebrating your love for your other half, and you want to share that union with the people you love the most.

A smaller backyard wedding is much more intimate, and you can enjoy it more with those you love.

If you are looking for awesome DIY backyard wedding ideas on a budget, I am glad you found this post. 

I am sure you are looking for ways to plan something meaningful and intimate. 

You will find that backyard weddings are much more relaxed, authentic, and original.

You can put a plan in place now that you have guest list numbers and, hopefully, a reasonable backyard wedding budget.

It’s time to consider a theme for your backyard wedding. 

You must consider what wedding theme you want to incorporate, as this can help you come up with cheap backyard wedding ideas to include for your day. 

Think of how you want to set up your backyard.

See some of the DIY backyard wedding ideas below to get some inspiration.

If you don’t already, consider hiring a wedding planner.

A wedding stylist or planner can help you decide on a good theme.

Couples looking for creative backyard wedding ideas on a budget should consider working with themes that match your wedding season so you do not need to splurge on extra decor. 

Decorations are usually the one thing most couples want to plan. 

It’s exciting coming up with all the little ideas that will set the tone for your big day. 

But costs can quickly creep up with just about anything that has to do with weddings. 

Whether you plan to DIY your simple backyard wedding ideas or look for wedding themes that will be perfect for your outdoor wedding, we have a few tips. 

To keep things within budget, it is always recommended to pick a venue that will set the tone for your big. 

This will ensure you work with what you have instead of purchasing more items to make your wedding look how you need it to. 

Here are a few awesome backyard wedding themes to consider:

  • A rustic wedding theme
  • A romantic winter wonderland
  • A bohemian-inspired fall wedding
  • A hip BBQ-themed backyard wedding
  • Tropical-inspired outdoor wedding

Use all these backyard wedding theme ideas to create and design a unique outdoor wedding inspired by your taste and style. 

Don’t be afraid to do what you love. 

Ideas for your small backyard wedding on a budget could be anything you want as long as it means a lot to you and does not blow the budget you set. 

5. Elegant Backyard wedding decoration ideas on a budget

If you are here looking for cheap backyard wedding decorations, I am glad you are here.

Wedding decoration is the most exciting part for most brides planning a backyard wedding, especially if you are creative!

Find ways to reduce wedding costs if you can.

You don’t need to spend so much money to decorate your wedding. 

Less is more when you’re hosting an outdoor wedding.

Honestly, when it comes to budget outdoor wedding decor, I highly recommend you use your natural surroundings as a basis for your theme. 

You can also check out our DIY wedding decor from the dollar store right here to help you save more for your wedding.

You will be surprised at what you can make, especially if you want a few DIY backyard wedding ideas to get your creative juices flowing. 

And for tips on setting up your tables, check out these elegant wedding tablescape ideas.

It’s possible to achieve beautiful backyard weddings on a budget if you can think outside the box. 

Finding creative backyard wedding ideas that won’t do a number on your wallets is what we strive to share with you.

My articles on cheap wedding decorations on a budget and unique wedding reception ideas are also helpful.

These will help you get some ideas for your backyard wedding.

A wedding in your backyard will usually require various items such as chairs, plates, tables, cutlery, and glasses.

Don’t be afraid of getting mismatched items, as this can make your wedding even more unique.

Asking friends or family for some items such as glasses, plates or anything you might need for your backyard wedding will save you money. 

You can also rent if cheaper. 

When looking for unique wedding reception ideas, keep your venue in mind, and see what you have to work with. 

Use what is already available to you. 

Looking at your surroundings, you can easily find many low-budget backyard wedding decorations to decorate your big day.

For example, if you find a spot with two trees opposite each other, throwing a simple drape on them to create a simple area for the ceremony is all you need.  

Even one tree with enough branches could work. 

Simple budget backyard wedding ceremony! If you are planning on having a simple budget-friendly wedding outside check out these amazing backyard wedding ideas on a budget right now. Planning a small backyard wedding on a budget is perfect!

Via Wedding Chicks // Photographers: The Willingham’s Photography

Now it’s time to do some DIY.

If you can DIY or purchase your other wedding decorations second-hand, do it to save some money. 

Backyard wedding decorations are one place where you can save big by sourcing second-hand or going DIY if you are good at that. 

A small backyard wedding reception will not require a lot of decorations, meaning you could save more. 

For more DIY lovers, make sure you don’t overspend.

Set a budget for decorations and only spend that for materials you might need for your projects. 

DIY backyard wedding decorations are easy to do if you are creative. 

Consider decorating your backyard with some lights you might already have at home, giving it a magical touch.

String and bistro lights are a must-have for any backyard wedding!

Decorate your property with lovely fairy lights to transform your wedding location effortlessly. 

String lighting on trees or fences around the property can transform a space and give it a cozy ambiance in no time. 

You can never go wrong with these fairy lights for the backyard or these gorgeous DIY table numbers!

I love the look of cozy carpets or rugs laid out for guests to either walk on or for sitting space.

Speaking of sitting areas, setting a cozy lounge area is a plus for small backyard weddings. 

If you are looking for simple backyard wedding ideas on a budget check this post. We have outlined unique details for planning outdoor wedding ideas to transform your back garden or outdoor event into a decor delight.

via Tavernier Spa

Grab these cute throw pillows from Etsy to elevate your space and quickly turn it into a luxurious lounge your guests can enjoy.

These outdoor pillow throws would also work!

This stunning rug is a must for your backyard wedding.

Don’t forget little details such as place cards and unique backyard wedding gift favours such as cute cozy blankets, coffee grounds, custom mugs, wedding ornaments or seasonal lip balm. 

For this, I would turn to Etsy!

Do not worry too much about having everything perfect.

Those looking for elegant backyard wedding decoration ideas on a budget should focus on things that will make a significant impact. 

Everything else can be simple.

Having a few focal points beautifully decorated, such as the head table, dessert area, and games area, is all that should matter.

A few simple backyard wedding decorations on a budget to consider:

  • Use trees to hang photos, lights and signs
  • Use wine bottles for single floral centrepieces
  • Use rugs to create an aisle or dance floor
  • Old window pane can be used as a seating chart
  • Set up a lounge area for the cocktail area
  • Hang photos on trees 
  • You can also hang these glass lanterns on trees for more light
  • Use these assorted votive candle holders on tables
  • Vintage coloured glass goblets are perfect for drinking
  • Use outdoor blankets so your guests can sit comfortably
  • Or use picnic tables could be used for seating areas

Glass lanterns for backyard weddings! Use this lanterns to hang outdoors to light up your backyard wedding. Easy affordable backyard wedding ideas for frugal brides.

Moroccan glass lanterns

Your budget backyard wedding ideas should not be over complicated. 

And if you are stuck, you can find plenty of simple DIY backyard wedding ideas on Pinterest. 

Be sure to look out for DIY backyard wedding decorations from your local groups. 

Purchase these to add to your overall wedding theme. 

But remember, this day is about creating great memories you will always want to remember and take with you.

We hope the simple backyard wedding ideas below inspire you to plan your wedding. 

Don’t overdo things. 

Small backyard wedding ideas on a budget will only work if you keep things intimate and cozy. 

Know that all the people who are with you that day love you both, and not because of where your wedding is.

Tip: be sure to create DIYs that you can make; if not, never hesitate to ask for help.

Colourful backyard wedding decor on a budget.Outdoor wedding ideas for a small backyard wedding! Check out our best backyard wedding ideas on a budget!


Outdoor wedding ideas for a small backyard wedding! Check out our best backyard wedding ideas on a budget!

Via Clear Wedding Invites

6. Backyard  Wedding Bouquet & Centrepieces

Backyard wedding ideas on a budget can be simplified if you stick to working with your surroundings.

For example, using potted plants to create a garden-inspired theme is a beautiful idea. 

Centrepieces can seriously eat your wedding budget, especially if you go the all-fresh-flower route.

A gorgeous wedding bouquet is a must-have, so don’t skimp.

So it might be cheaper to make your wedding centrepieces. 

You can also use these assorted stubby vases or these ceramic vases and drop a single flower or a bunch of different flowers you can grab from your local grocery store. 

If you have a bunch of vintage bottles in different sizes and colours, use them to fill each bote with wildflowers.

And if you don’t have them, start collecting or sourcing them. 

Keeping things simple with small bunches of blooms arranged in vessels of varying heights will make your budget backyard wedding look elegant and expensive.

DIY wedding centerpieces on a budget! Wedding Centerpieces on a Budget.


If you are very creative, use this creativity to DIY homemade wedding decorations that can wow your guests!

Remember that if you choose to DIY wedding centrepieces, you must make time to DIY them. 

You can DIY your flower bouquet or perhaps the bridesmaid’s bouquets.

Then use the bridesmaid bouquet as centrepieces on guests’ tables after all the photos. 

Your wedding bouquet arrangement can be used on your table to save money. 

7. Backyard wedding bar ideas

There are a lot of unique outdoor wedding bar ideas online. 

Once your wedding reception gets going, your wedding bar will be packed and busy. 

If it’s a good day out, people will want a drink. 

So be prepared as people will be spending time around the bar. 

Those looking for creative backyard wedding ideas on a budget should stick to offering simple drinks that don’t cost an arm and a leg.

There is nothing wrong with offering your guests wine and beer for your wedding. 

For cheaper backyard wedding ideas, I recommend adding a tasty punch that can be refilled. 

This can be non-alcoholic or alcoholic. 

Have a lot of ice on hand to serve refreshing summer drinks! 

And if the weather is cold, these winter signature cocktails will do just fine. 

I suggest making your bar look good by having fun with it. 

DIY outdoor wedding bar ideas! Check out to set up an amazing bar for your outdoor wedding!

Found: Style Me Pretty /Photographer:  Amy Arrington Photography

8. Affordable Backyard Wedding Food Ideas

What do you serve at a backyard wedding?

If you are looking for small, simple backyard wedding ideas and need ideas for cheap food for backyard weddings, this is your section.

You must come up with a menu you can afford while keeping guests in mind. 

Depending on when you are hosting your inexpensive backyard wedding, you want to serve cold drinks and delicious food for summer weddings. 

For example, these summer wedding appetizers will go perfectly with refreshing cocktails. 

Warm drinks and food are always rewarding as guests enter your reception hall to warm up if you are hosting your backyard wedding in the cooler months. 

And remember, most backyard weddings have a casual feel to them. 

So I think the food you serve for your backyard wedding should have the same ambiance. 

Read this next post if you want cheap wedding reception food ideas and this one for affordable wedding reception buffet menu ideas

It’s packed with many excellent tips you can use for ideas for your backyard wedding food on a budget.

Otherwise, affordable backyard wedding food such as:

  • BBQs
  • Potlucks
  • Picnics 
  • Food trucks
  • Assorted food stations

Work just as fine.

To make your backyard wedding even more intimate, consider family-style service. 

Contact a caterer as soon as you know what type of food you will serve on the day.

I suggest working with your caterer to plan a menu and get more food ideas for a backyard wedding reception!

And make sure that they will have their equipment and electricity and serving dishes and utensils required to do food service at a backyard event.

Don’t forget the staffing needs you might need.

Make sure you also have enough space in the backyard for catering vans to transport all their necessary equipment.

Below, I have included a backyard wedding planning checklist to list things you need for this day. 

8. Cheap Backyard Wedding Games & Entertainment

There is one reason why backyard weddings are on the rise.

Because they are intimate, you can invite your guests into your private life on the one day that means the word to you. 

Keep your guests entertained by having a few yard games available during cocktail hour. 

If you cannot purchase some old-fashioned lawn games, consider asking friends and family if they have any you can use for the day. 

Don’t blow all your small backyard wedding ideas on budget money on games for one day. 

But wedding games are a great way to entertain your guests for cheap, especially if you are on a tight budget. 

Here are a few affordable backyard games to consider:

  • Ring toss
  • Jenga
  • Cornhole 
  • Giant tic-tac-toe
  • Four cross 
  • Giant  beer pong
  • Giant Dominos
  • Giant noughts and crosses
  • Bowling with giant bowling pins

If it’s a small backyard wedding, it’s best to avoid games that require a lot of open space. 

You also want to dedicate a good place for guests to dance. 

Install a unique dance floor in a particular spot or have rugs.

Make sure it’s well-lit and safe. 

I know you are trying to do things for cheap, and cheap backyard wedding ideas are your priority, but the safety of your guests should be your main priority. 

Wedding Games | Lawn Games & Reception | Wedding games are perfect for entertaining your guests especially during cocktail hour. Check out this list of wedding games you can offer your guests at your backyard wedding!

Via: Love and Lavender

9. Plan For The Weather

We wish you only good things for your wedding day.

But we have to be realistic.

With all these fantastic simple backyard wedding reception ideas, you must have a plan B to ensure you remain stress-free. 

Planning an outdoor wedding always comes with chances of unpredictable weather. 

It doesn’t matter if you pick the best month for an outdoor wedding; something might still happen. 

And even though you are looking for simple backyard wedding ideas that won’t cost you much, it is crucial to consider your guests. 

It can be cold or manageable, depending on when you are hosting your wedding. 

It might drizzle or even thunderstorm. 

Your wedding guests might dress appropriately based on the weather, but you want to do your due diligence. 

Offer umbrellas or fans to cool your guests down if it is too hot. 

Ensure you have refreshments available such as water bottles. 

If it’s cold, provide warm food and drinks.

Maybe even have space heaters or warm blankets available.

You want a backup plan in case of rain.

Consider tent rentals with a few heat warmers or a wedding venue offering indoor options so the rain won’t spoil your day.

10. Cleaning Up After Your Day 

Once the wedding ends, you must have a clean-up plan.

Things can get pretty messy, especially if you have a bar going. 

Ideally, you will have garbage areas around the perimeter of your backyard wedding. 

But guests will be guests, and some might litter. 

Be prepared and organize a less-than-glamorous but essential clean-up process.

Have one or two people in charge of this, depending on the size of your backyard wedding. 

Elegant Backyard Wedding Ideas

Now that we have shared a few ways to plan your elegant backyard wedding, here are a few ideas you can check out to get inspired by. 

Couples planning a small backyard wedding on a budget should take full advantage of their surroundings. 

This alone should help you save money. 

These are the best backyard weddings with ideas that are budget-friendly. 

Here are 25 cheap backyard wedding ideas you can use for your day:

Cute backyard wedding for brides planning an outdoor wedding!

Photographer: Hailey Pierce Photography

If you have having a backyard wedding, check out this gorgeous wedding ceremony decor in the backyard.

Photographer: Native Expressions

Outdoor beer station for those having a backyard wedding!

Photographer: Dominique Bader

Backyard wedding idea

Photo Credit: Ruffled

Gorgeous backyard wedding decor idea

Photographer: Hailey Pierce Photography

Tented backyard wedding idea

Photographer: Sergey Lapkovsky Photography

Backyard bohemian wedding ideas for your next wedding.

Found on Ruffled Blog

Simple backyard ceremony set up

Photographer: Brandi Toole Photography

Here is an epic outdoor cigar station for a wedding! Plan the ultimate wedding station today!

Photographer: Angela Mae Photography

Wedding accessories for your backyard wedding!

Photo Source: Brit

Here is the perfect rustic dessert table station for those planning an elegant backyard wedding!

Found on Wedding Chicks

Cocktail tables for weddings!

Photo credit: Elegant Wedding Invites

Wedding table set up at a backyard wedding

Photographer: Emily Elyse Wehner

Gorgeous outdoor wedding ideas.

Check out this wedding: Intimate Weddings!

Gorgeous backyard wedding!

Photographer: Aaron and Jillian Photography

Backyard signage for your wedding

Source of image: Brit

intimate backyard ceremony wedding decor

Check out this full wedding here!

Romantic backyard wedding

Image from Storyboard Wedding

Italian backyard wedding ceremony decor!

Check out the full wedding here! 

Gorgeous backyard bar ideas.

Photographer: Happywedd

We hope you enjoyed these fantastic small backyard wedding ideas on a budget!

Planning a backyard wedding on a budget is not very easy.

Lots of small details are required to make it all run smoothly.

As I mentioned, more and more backyard weddings have become more intimate and private. 

This makes it a lot more fun to plan and execute.  

On top of the backyard wedding planning checklist we are sharing below, you can also go to our wedding printable shop to get more checklists, printables and everything you will need to plan a wedding.

The Wedding Printable shop! Wedding printables for planning weddings!

Backyard wedding checklist printable

Don’t forget to grab this free DIY backyard wedding checklist for your big day!

I created this simple backyard wedding planning checklist for those doing their weddings and needing a little help. 

It should help you track what you need to plan a small backyard wedding.

It’s perfect for tiny backyard, low-budget DIY backyard weddings!

A few backyard wedding supplies you might need:

  • Furniture
  • Lighting
  • Toilet 
  • Garbage areas
  • Signage 
  • Electricals
  • Bug spray 

So go ahead and grab this free checklist for backyard wedding planning!

This way, you don’t forget important details. 

Check out this backyard wedding checklist for brides planning an outdoor wedding this year!

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