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Alternative Wedding Venues

Nowadays you can wave goodbye to the conventional Church settings and shout hallelujah to the unconventional way of choosing alternative wedding venues.

Back in the day, you had limited options in terms of places you could get married. 

These days, couples are for looking into unique places to get married. 

And there is nothing wrong with that. 

In fact, the more unique your wedding is, the more memorable it will be. 

Choosing a wedding venue does require a lot of thought on your part. 

You need to consider the number of guests (to ensure the venue can accommodate your needs), your wedding budget and your wedding theme. 

We can give a list of all the alternative wedding venue ideas out there, but if they can’t accommodate your guests or meet your wedding budget, then there is no point. 

Once you figure those out then you can proceed in choosing and booking your venue.

You are here today because you are looking for:

  • Unconventional places to get married

  • Affordable and flexible wedding venues

  • Creative wedding reception requiring little decor

Whether you are looking for affordable wedding venues or you looking for non-traditional wedding venues to host your big day, we have some pretty great ideas for you below. 

We did a bit of research and came up with a few alternative wedding venue ideas you might just like. 

Whatever wedding venue you want you can get (within reason, don’t turn bridezilla on us) and these unconventional wedding venues come in many different shapes and sizes often awe-inspiring.

If you are looking for unconventional wedding venues or something different, we have you covered today!

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What are the advantages of non-traditional wedding venues?

As a wedding planner, I have had the privilege of marrying many of my couples in unique and unconventional wedding venues. 

Depending on where you are located, I am sure you can alternative wedding venues to meet the vision you have for your big day. 

Unlike the more traditional wedding venues, non-traditional ones tend to be more flexible, when it comes to your wedding timeline and they also offer stunning photo opportunities. 

This is a win in my books. 

The great thing is that the space you choose to say “I Do” can reflect you and your partner’s personality and style making the big day even more special. 

We’ve had a look through some amazing unconventional or alternative wedding venues and put together our ultimate guide below for you to follow.

Here is a list of the best alternative wedding venue ideas

If you are looking for a list of Unique Non-Traditional Wedding Venue Ideas, then click here. Your one-of-a-kind wedding deserves a unique non-traditional wedding venue! Here is a list of ideas for unexpected wedding venues. And other considerations. Alternative wedding venues for the unconventional bride that dares to be different. If you are looking for the perfect wedding venue, check this post.

Museums Wedding Venues

Museums are a great venue not only because the buildings are normally spectacular but because there are so many different options to choose from.

Think art, natural history, aviation, and science. The backdrop to your wedding photos will be completely unique. 

You’ll not see many brides posing with a magnificent dinosaur skeleton making this just one of the reasons why a museum wedding would be awesome.

No matter where you are in the world, your town or the nearest town should have a museum that is able to host events such as weddings.

Do a quick search online and find your dream wedding venue today. 

Museum of Nature in Canada Ottawa. unconventional wedding venue ideas every bride must check out. If you are looking for unique wedding venues, then click here for a list of non traditional wedding venues for your big day. How to find the best wedding venues #weddingplanning #uniqueweddingvenues #weddingvenue #bridetobe

The Canadian Museum of Nature – Photo Nicole Amanda

Offshore Wedding Venues

If you are looking for unique places to get married, consider offshore wedding venues.

Take to the sea to say your wedding vows on a boat, yacht or riverboat.

Guests will love being taken offshore in this unconventional wedding venue option and if you tend to get a bit seasick don’t write this venue off just yet.

There are many decommissioned military vessels or historical ships that remain firmly docked but still offer the feeling of being off the land.

This is a unique and amazing way to wow your wedding guests.

It’s the perfect solution for your alternative wedding venues option and ideas to go with.

If you were dreaming of hosting your wedding by the river and you are looking for something different, then this is the best way of achieving just that. 

Wedding on a boat. Have a boat wedding for your unique wedding venue. unconventional wedding venue ideas every bride must check out. If you are looking for unique wedding venues, then click here for a list of non traditional wedding venues for your big day. How to find the best wedding venues #weddingplanning #uniqueweddingvenues #weddingvenue #bridetobeSource: Vogue

Treehouse Wedding Venues

If you are looking for truly unique alternative wedding venues, then I must admit our inner child squealed a little bit when we saw this one. 

But these aren’t your typical backyard treehouses that could fall down at any minute, these are jaw-dropping designs with intricate canopy walkways.

With amazing lush green backdrops and being high in the air, the treehouse venue will make for some kick-ass wedding pictures.

Tree house wedding venue ideas. unconventional wedding venue ideas every bride must check out. If you are looking for unique wedding venues, then click here for a list of non traditional wedding venues for your big day. How to find the best wedding venues #weddingplanning #uniqueweddingvenues #weddingvenue #bridetobe

Check full wedding on Junebug Weddings / Photographer: Vic Bonvicini Photography 

National Park Unconventional Wedding Venue

Whether it’s a place that is special to the two of you or you just love, the outstanding scenery a national park can bring, they can be the perfect wedding venue to add an extra special touch to an outdoor wedding.

I personally love parks and choosing to have your wedding or even just the ceremony will make it all the more special. 

Parks are great for those that are looking to have a relaxed wedding but also want to have that wow factor and again the wedding pictures are going to look amazing.

After all, with natural settings like these, you don’t really need much more when it comes to the ceremony or venue décor. 

National parks definitely offer a stunning location for your big day.

Zion National park wedding! Planning a wedding can be overwhelming, but planning a wedding in one of the best national parks wedding venues can be packed with adventure! Everything you need to know to plan your wedding in the best national parks in the country.

Stunning wedding By Talented Hazel and Lace

Get Married In A Villa 

This intimate alternative wedding venue idea is perfect for those looking for a small gathering with close friends and family.

It’s perfect if you want to have a destination wedding too.

With villas available to hire all around the globe you have no end of choice as to where to have your big day.

A lot of Villa’s also have wedding packages available with little extra perks for the lucky couple.

We totally love villas in St Lucia.

St Lucia is full of gorgeous wedding venues to inspire your wedding looks and style. This luxurious Akasha Villa is located in St Lucia.

You can check out a full review of the Akasha Villa in St Lucia here. 

Luxurious Akasha Villa in St Lucia for weddings. unconventional wedding venue ideas every bride must check out. If you are looking for unique wedding venues, then click here for a list of non traditional wedding venues for your big day. How to find the best wedding venues #weddingplanning #uniqueweddingvenues #weddingvenue #bridetobe

An Aquarium or Zoo Wedding location

Aquariums and zoos are becoming ever more popular for wedding venues now and no wonder.

With an amazing backdrop and the chance to see some exotic animals photobomb your wedding pics they really are a fun and exciting place for your wedding.

This chic and creative garden wedding took place on the grounds of the Alexandria, at a petting zoo.

Two words – Creative Bride!

I fell in love with every detail of this unique wedding which could be found on Junebug Weddings Blog

Chic wedding at a zoo. unconventional wedding venue ideas every bride must check out. If you are looking for unique wedding venues, then click here for a list of non traditional wedding venues for your big day. How to find the best wedding venues #weddingplanning #uniqueweddingvenues #weddingvenue #bridetobe

Source: JuneBug Weddings /Photography – Olguin Photography

Distilleries and Breweries Wedding Venue

For those looking for non-traditional wedding venues, look no other than a brewery or a distillery. 

When it comes to unique wedding venues, you might think you’ve considered every possible option, but have you ever thought of getting married in a brewery?

Wineries and breweries can be really fun, unique and make for a casual wedding venue setting.

If your goal is to have a relaxed wedding setting, then this option can work out for you perfectly. 

They are the perfect wedding venue for the couple whose dream Saturday is hanging out at your favourite local spot with some good friends.

Go ahead and find your favourite brewery or distillery and book your wedding today. 

Winery and vineyard wedding! If you are looking for Alternative wedding reception ideas, then check out vineyard, breweries and wineries today! Winery Wedding Ideas for Anyone Getting Married at a Vineyard

Photo: Alicia Mink / Ponte Winery & Vineyard Inn 

Airbnb Wedding Venues

Airbnb is perfect for small weddings, micro weddings and even elopements. 

Before the pandemic, I was considering renting an Airbnb for my own wedding. 

An Airbnb wedding is definitely the best option for couples who want that an at-home feel without having to host their wedding in their own home. 

If you’re looking for a unique experience for your intimate elopement or intimate wedding, Airbnb properties can definitely meet your needs and even BLOW your mind!!!

Unconventional wedding venues like Airbnb do require a lot more planning than the traditional venue. 

Be sure to plan ahead and ensure all details are taken care of. 

A wedding planning guide like this one can definitely help a little. 

The Most Amazing Airbnb Wedding Venues! These Airbnb wedding venues are perfect for couples planning a destination wedding or those who want a unique, affordable venue. Check out this cute Airbnb wedding venue today!

Photo by Charlotte Francis Photo

And there you have it, a list of the best alternative wedding venues you can choose for your own big day. 

Make it as unique as possible as long as it reflects you as a couple. 

Did you like our list of unconventional wedding venues?

Tell us in the comments below.

We would love to hear your ideas. 

What’s the most unique wedding venue you have ever come across? 

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The Ultimate Guide to Unconventional and Alternative Wedding Venues