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Wedding in your backyard

If you are planning an outdoor wedding, you need to read this today. We are sharing simple mistakes that most brides or couples make when planning a backyard wedding.

Most of us dream about our weddings from when we start to truly understand the meaning of getting hitched.

At least, I know I did. 

So, it’s important to us that the day unfolds the way we’ve been visualizing it in our mind, if not better.

If you just got engaged and you’re planning on having a backyard wedding, you might need to slow down and read this blog.

Planning a backyard wedding or an outdoor wedding is not as easy as most people think. 

A backyard wedding requires a lot of planning, logistics that need to be put in place, and in some cases a backup plan of the plan. 

And if you don’t have a backyard wedding planning checklist, it’s time to grab one before any planning can take place. 

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This post includes common mistakes that brides, grooms and most people, in general, make when planning a backyard wedding so that you can avoid them and have the best wedding yet! 

Get ready, because we sharing only the best tips. 

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Mistakes to Avoid When Planning a Backyard Wedding

The Complete Guide to Planning a Backyard Wedding! Here our best tips for planning a backyard wedding! This guide provides logistics advice, space planning tips, and decor inspiration to help you create the backyard wedding of your dreams. The Ultimate Guide to Planning a Backyard Wedding with Culture Wedding! A backyard wedding is a beautiful way for couples who love the outdoors and want their wedding in a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere. The sentimental factor, budget-friendliness makes this wedding truly unique. Here is everything you need to know to plan a beautiful backyard wedding.

1.Setting Aside a Limited Budget

There is a common misconception that backyard weddings are cheap and easy to do.

But while they may not be as high-priced as other weddings, they still need a lot of work to be successful.

And if you are not sure what to expect, it can end up costing you a lot more than you think. 

Unless you’re going for a total plan to host a downsized minimony, (which is absolutely fine), you need to hire tents, professional florists, a dance floor, etc., to transform your backyard into something remarkable.

If you’re having a backyard wedding to save money, consider comparing the cost of a backyard wedding with other alternative wedding ideas first.

Once you have 2 to 3 solid wedding quotes, then you can make your decision on which one to go with. 

Don’t forget to grab our free simple budget planner right here to get started. 

2.Not Having a Plan B

I’m an optimist, but I also believe in viewing the glass half empty in some circumstances.

I mean, no one wants to have a rainy wedding day or even think about it.

But the fact is, nature can be very unpredictable.

I had an outdoor wedding last year and it poured during the entire ceremony. 

So it’s important to consider the options you have in case it rains during your backyard wedding.

Do you have a location to host all your guests in case it starts to pour?

Can you set it up for your reception? If not, then get a tent as a security backup plan.

Your guests won’t enjoy having their makeup being ruined or their hair get all damp.

And I’m sure you don’t want to say ‘I Do’ all soaked up.

3.Forgetting the Law Requirements

Planning a backyard wedding requires you to pay attention to all the little details.

And they are the big details such as the law.

This is probably one of the most frustrating mistakes of them all made by most couples when it comes to planning a backyard wedding.

It’s easy to assume that just because the wedding is in your home, no one will care what you’re doing.

I mean, your home, your rules. Right? Wrong.

Unfortunately, some brides only realize this mistake when it’s too late and they’re dealing with hefty penalties or ridiculous damage costs brought on by their wedding event.

Ensure you have wedding insurance in case one something (or someone!) gets damaged during the ceremony.

You will always want to protect yourself in regards to these things.

Also, check the laws governing noise and other services your vendors will be providing.

Choosing vendors with the correct permits makes the work much easier.

You might also want to read about wedding expenses most people don’t plan on. 

It will definitely help when planning your backyard wedding!

4.Forgetting the Food Setup

When it comes to setting food, you’ve got quite a lot to do.

For example, you need to consider the type of food you will serve depending on the temperatures.

This is especially true when the catering company has to work without a kitchen, which calls for an adaptive menu.

Many brides forget to inform the chefs on this upfront and end up with wasted food.

Also, consider all other extras such as where the catering group will keep their food and equipment before and during the wedding itself.

If the house is off-limits, you may need to buy umbrellas to provide shade for the food and staff.

Planning a backyard wedding does require a lot of logistics. 

So be prepared to ensure all the logistics for the planning is in place and work well with all involved. 

5. Not Renting a Generator

If you are planning a DIY backyard wedding, you need to think about renting a generator for all your electrical needs. 

The home power system is designed for limited uses and users, but when you’re having a wedding, there will be DJs, kids who need to charge their phones, and other vendors who need the power.

This can put a strain on your power, putting the wedding at a standstill.

Although investing in a generator may seem costly, it’s a necessity for all those planning a backyard wedding.

You will definitely need to grab this free wedding checklist to ensure you are booking and planning your event using a logistical timeline. 

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6. Forgetting About Lights

If you’re planning on having a reception and an after-party in your backyard, it’s important to remember that the sun will go down eventually.

This may seem like a no-brainer, but trust me, many brides only remember they need lights when it’s already dark and cold.

I know the sun usually sets at past 8 pm and sometimes past 9 pm, but you will need light to keep the party going and to keep the wedding party safe. 

It’s important to install lights and a heater because you don’t know how late your wedding guests may end staying.

Lighting can also give your wedding the ambiance it needs for it to look good. 

Think of it as extra wedding decor. 

Here are a few examples of wedding outdoor lighting you can grab from Amazon: 

7. Not Thinking About the Restroom

Obviously, there are many great benefits to planning a backyard wedding–including cost and convenience–but with those benefits come a few extra details you need to keep in mind and situations you need to plan for.

This is another mistake that can end up being so frustrating.

You don’t want your guests dealing with unflushed washrooms.

It’s literally the worst experience and memory of your wedding you can possibly have.

Waaay worse than an Acapella presentation by drunk uncle Ed.

When planning a backyard wedding, little details like these definitely need to be considered way in advance. 

Plan in advance, for example, ensure you’re on city water instead of a well since the latter can’t sustain all that flushing.

And if you don’t want people coming in and out of your house, you can hire portable toilets.

For portable toilets, I would recommend looking into a supplier as soon as you have locked down your wedding date to ensure there is availability. 

8. Not Considering the Neighbors

I know it’s your home, and no one can question what you do in your own home, especially not on your wedding day.

But it’s common courtesy to inform your neighbours early in advance that there will be a wedding taking place, and it may be noisier than usual.

In fact, even after informing them, it’s best to remind them a week prior to the wedding to avoid any grudges or unnecessary confrontation.

You don’t want a neighbour making a noise complaint on your wedding night.

Yeah, you may also need to have a noise permit on-site in case the cops show up, and the whole thing may go away.

But we agree it’s a huge turn-off if you don’t let them know.

9. Forgetting to Deal with the Bugs

This is another dreadful mistake that many brides make when planning a backyard wedding.

Forgetting the bugs. 

My daughter has severe allergy reactions to bugs in general, so I am always moving around with some sort of bug spray repellant. 

But for weddings, you might need a little more love. 

Depending on your location, you may need to spray for pests and other mosquitoes in advance.

You can spray the day before the wedding and on the wedding day.

Otherwise, the only dance people will be dancing is the ‘mosquito dance.’

And watching you and your guests scratching yourself all night isn’t the best scene on a wedding tape.

PS: You can create your own cute bug spray wedding favours!

Simply grab these cute spray bottles and fill them with bug spray!

And don’t forget this cute signage to go with it

Be Smitten Not Bitten Bug Spray Wedding Decor Sign! This is the cutest bug spray wedding sign for your outdoor wedding. Be Smitten Not Bitten Sign Bug Spray Sign Outdoor Wedding!

10. Forgetting to Make Parking Plans

Sure, 35 guests may seem manageable, but if each one of them drives themselves to the wedding, you’ll have 35 cars to deal with for your backyard wedding.

Where are you expecting all those cars to be parked?

To avoid any commotion or frustration with your guest, ensure you sort this out by either using a hotel shuttle service or hiring a parking space for your guests.

If you decide to park along the pathway, inform your neighbours the roads will be busier than usual.

And there you go, a list of things most couples forget when planning a backyard wedding! 

Check this

Here our best tips for planning a backyard wedding! This guide provides logistics advice, space planning tips, and decor inspiration to help you create the backyard wedding of your dreams. The Ultimate Guide to Planning a Backyard Wedding with Culture Wedding! A backyard wedding is a beautiful way for couples who love the outdoors and want their wedding in a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere. The sentimental factor, budget-friendliness makes this wedding truly unique. Here is everything you need to know to plan a beautiful backyard wedding.

Other things to consider when planning a backyard wedding:

  • Hire a pro to help (professional wedding planners)
  • Rent all your items ahead of time (tables, chairs, table cloths, tents, etc.) 
  • Don’t forget speakers for sound
  • Always have a plan B

Is it cheaper to have a backyard wedding?

If you are going the total DIY route with your backyard wedding, you might be able to save a few dollars here and there (go ahead and grab this FREE Wedding Budget Checklist Printable).  

But the cost of renting other things such as tents (as a backup), equipments, big fans etc., can quickly add up.

The cost will definitely vary for those thinking of planning a backyard wedding and like all weddings, this will depend on your wedding count, your backyard wedding set up and how much you need to bring in.

Mistakes Brides Make When Planning a Backyard Wedding (Final Words)

Wedding planning can be very stressful, there is so much that needs to be done, and it has to be perfect.

And in the process of trying to ensure the big things such as the wedding dress, the rings, etc., are perfect, you can miss out on other critical areas.

I hope this list reminded you of some of the minor issues that may turn out to be a disaster if forgotten.

What do you consider the most stressful part of planning a backyard wedding?

Backyard wedding planning checklist printable

Don’t forget to grab this free DIY backyard wedding checklist for your big day!

I created this simple wedding planning backyard checklist for those that are doing their own weddings and need a little help. 

A few backyard wedding supplies you might need:

  • Furniture
  • Lighting
  • Toilet 
  • Garbage areas
  • Signage 
  • Electricals
  • Bug spray 

So go ahead and grab this free checklist for backyard wedding planning!

This way, you don’t forget important details. 

Check out this backyard wedding checklist for brides planning an outdoor wedding this year!

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10 Mistakes that Brides Make When Planning a Backyard Wedding