DIY Wedding Ideas On A Budget

You have come to the right place if you are looking for amazing DIY wedding reception ideas for a budget wedding.

You got through the I Do’s without a hitch.

Aunt Sally was crying tears of happiness, the best man didn’t drop the rings, it went off without a hitch (mini fist bump, yes)!

Now the best part.

The Party!

Now we know you want to throw the biggest baddest party EVER, but you also aren’t wanting to blow the budget.

There is no point in spending your life spending on something that will only take place once. 

But you also want to enjoy it as it is the one time you will ever have a wedding. 

I get it. 

So many of you have questions. 

Here is one I got from a bride-to-be:

How can I make a cheap wedding look expensive?

We’ve put together a few ways to make your wedding reception ideas a unique experience for you and your guests without spending so much money.

6 Unique Beautiful DIY Wedding Reception Ideas on a Budget. 

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Wedding reception ideas on a budget

Planning a wedding in itself is really difficult.

Coming with unique wedding reception ideas that fit within your wedding budget is something else.

That is why we decided to feature this post full of unique and awesome budget-friendly DIY wedding reception ideas you can use to save money. 

Before you can start with your wedding plans, you definitely need a wedding budget. 

A wedding budget will ensure that you do not spend the money that you may or may not have on your big day. 

To find a good working budget, I suggest you grab this one. 

And if you haven’t started saving for your DIY wedding yet, then you absolutely need these wedding saving trackers

RSVP A Wedding Song 

Before the day has even come around, get your guests involved in the celebrations by asking them to request a wedding song for the night’s playlist on their RSVP invitations.

It will make your guests feel like they have been able to contribute to the night and get excited when they hear their song gets played on the night.

Like other DIY Wedding reception ideas like this, works well if you are using your own iPod or music system.

Use this App to request songs.

And these DIY wedding signage are perfect to get guests on the dance floor. 

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Wedding Hashtags

If you want fun DIY wedding ideas that cost little to no money, then this is it.

Have a board at the entrance to your reception with a hashtag for guests to use on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

It’s a great way to connect with everyone and find all the pictures taken the next day. Think about creating a Snapchat filter too.

There are a number of apps that allow you to create personal filters for Snapchat. 

Your guests will love being able to use it on the night of your big day.

You just have to be creative when coming up with DIY wedding reception ideas. 

Stuck on coming up with unique Hashtags for your day? 

Use this wedding hashtag generator right now. 

They are completely free to use. 

Photo opportunities

Ensure to have places set up around the venue for people to take pictures.

Photo booths are a great idea but hiring them can be a bit pricey so stick to easier options. 

Making them at home will cost you nothing but time.

Like hanging a large polaroid frame with your name and the wedding date from a tree outside, made from just a stiff piece of card and a sharpie!

Places to get DIY photobooth Props and accessories for all your DIY Wedding reception ideas:

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Kids Area

Kiddies are just balls of energy and unless you channel their energy into something fun that they can do, they will get bored easily.

Coming up with unique wedding receptions ideas for kids can be a little difficult.

But we have a few in mind. 

Provide an outdoor games section set out just for them and a buffet with more kid-friendly snacks.

They will love being able to have a dance on the dance floor with the adults but also to go and have fun by themselves with the activities set out, and all the parents will love you for it.

You can find plenty of kid games on Amazon to go with your DIY wedding reception ideas. 

Mr & Mrs. Wedding Edition 

Now, this is a great way to have a bit of fun and keep everyone entertained and save a lot of money on additional entertainment.

It will fit right in with your DIY Wedding Reception Ideas that rock.

Have chairs placed back to back for the Bride and Groom to sit in and use your shoes to give the answers?

Get your guests even more involved by asking them to put their own questions into the mix as well.

This is sure to have everyone crying with laughter by the end of the game if not by the first question!

Don’t worry, we have an amazing list of great questions for the newlywed game that you can read here

If you can find more unique wedding reception activities that don’t involve spending any money, then you will save thousands. 

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Wedding Image



If you are looking for ideas to make your wedding unique, consider using sparklers.

Celebrate the end of the night with sparklers for everyone.

This is one of the most popular wedding receptions ideas out there.

Have personalized matchboxes made for lighting them and they can be something for your guests to take home as a memento.

They also make for great photo opportunities as well, for both the guests taking pictures and for more professional photos too, and who doesn’t love sparklers!

And there you have it! 

Did you love our DIY wedding reception ideas?

If we missed any other cool and unique DIY wedding receptions ideas, be sure to share them below. 

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6 Unique Beautiful DIY Wedding Reception Ideas On A Budget