Top Diamond Engagement Ring Trends that are here to stay. Unlike fashion trends that change each season, jewelry trends tend to stick a little while longer especially when it comes to diamond engagement rings. With engagement rings, there’s no such thing as out of style, as vintage engagement rings were very popular last year.

Still, there have been some interesting and innovative engagement ring trends in 2017, which will no doubt be the case with this year as well. Here are our predictions of the trends that are going to be the talk of all the bridal magazines in 2018!

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Stackable Rings                       

When you say stackable jewelry you probably think about bracelets or necklaces. But stackable diamond engagement rings are the craze in the wedding world. These rings feature thin bands with a smaller center stone, and they look absolutely gorgeous. As the diamonds are smaller, they also make for an affordable yet fashionable engagement ring choice.

Concealed Halo

The halo setting has been the favorite choice of many couples for a long time. Not only does it look amazing, it uses small diamonds to make the central one look bigger at a more affordable price. Concealed halo setting builds up on this trend, but adds an extra layer of small stones around the center, giving it a bulkier look. You can only glimpse the stones peaking underneath the ring, but the size of the ring is considerably bigger.

Oval Diamond Cuts

Oval-shape diamonds have grown in popularity during the last couple of years. This stone is gorgeously brilliant, similar to a round diamond. Oval cut brilliantly reflects the light and adds extra sparkle. The cut is ideal for brides who look for a brilliant but unique diamond cut.

Rose Gold Rings

The primary choice for a diamond engagement ring is usually either platinum or white gold. But rose gold has become very popular with brides, especially during the past year. It’s warm, soft glow makes the ring very romantic and provides a great contrast to the brilliant diamond.

Three-Stone Setting

This set features a central stone surrounded by two or four stones. The stones could be larger or smaller than the center one, depending on the design. This setting was considered too bulky for a time, but modern three-stone designs are perfected to look absolutely stunning. The diamonds can complement each other in different ways. The side stones could either blend with the main one or contrast it, depending on your preferences.

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Pear Cut Diamonds

Another unusual and increasingly popular diamond cut is the pear shape. This elongated cut can do wonders to make a small stone appear larger and fits well into most settings. Paired with a thin band, the pear shape can make the engagement ring stand out.

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Diamond engagement ring trends for 2018.