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Alternatives to a wedding guest book

Are you looking for cute wedding guest book alternatives to wow your guests?  

Planning a wedding can be highly stressful. 

I am sure you know that by now. 

So how do you have a good wedding day without losing your mind? 

My suggestion is to use an excellent wedding planning checklist like this one. 

It will help you stay organized during the planning process. 

Now, back to finding a good wedding guest book idea.

We researched and came up with unique ideas for wedding guests to sign on your big day. 

The best way to remember your loved ones from the big day is to have a wedding guest book for family and friends to sign.

But you don’t just want an average guest book that’s going to go on the shelf and gather dust; you want something that is both inventive and something that you will cherish for years to come.

So we have put together an epic list of unique wedding guest book alternatives ideas that you will love.

Wedding guest books do not need to be the old boring book and pen things used constantly at every wedding. 

Many couples have become highly creative with all the little details involved in their wedding.

And so are just not creative. 

There is nothing wrong with that.

That’s why we are here to help. 

When we started getting questions such as:

  • What is the best alternative guest book for weddings

  • How do I make my own wedding guest book?

  • Can we have examples of cheap wedding guest book ideas?

I knew I had to create this post. 

All of these are interesting questions, questions we are happy to answer today. 

Everyone wanted something different and desperately searched for creative guest book ideas for the wedding reception! 

If you keep up with all the wedding trends as we do, you will find many unique ideas for wedding guest book alternatives. 

Non-Traditional Wedding Guest Book Ideas

Alternative wedding guest books are great for couples who want unique, never-done ideas to be different!

When choosing a wedding guest book for your big day, we recommend thinking outside the box and choosing something meaningful for you as a couple.

The goal is to go with something that won’t sit in your home collecting dust.

So forget the traditional guest book and use something more creative. 

These fun guest book ideas can inspire creativity and help you develop an alternative idea for your big day. 

What can you do instead of a guestbook?

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Do you need a guest book at a wedding?

Everything you see and read about a wedding is a tradition and is considered something that is typically done.

So if you choose to skip this part, you are more than welcome to skip having a wedding guest book!

A guest book is designed to have your guest leave you loving messages that you can read after the big day!

They are plenty of other ways this can be done, but most couples find it easier to have a space for this.

Hence the wedding guest book!

So do you need a wedding guest book?

This is entirely up to you. 

It’s your wedding, and you can choose to stick to tradition or opt for non-traditional things. 

The simple answer is that you do not need a wedding guest book!

You can also opt for these alternatives to a wedding guest book should you wish to be different!

These might work if you are looking for DIY Signs to display your guest book!

Otherwise, we have a few wedding guest book sign ideas in our Wedding Printable Shop!

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Creative wedding guest book ideas

Ready to steal some unique guest book ideas that will wow your guests?

Whether you are looking for unique interactive guest book ideas or fun and creative guest book alternatives for weddings, we have some great ideas below.

These clever wedding guest book alternatives can be used to be displayed in your homes after the wedding. 

Non-traditional wedding guest book ideas for unique couples. Don't get us wrong, we love a guest book full of inspirational and encouraging messages from your guests, it's just sometimes it's nice to mix it up a little! So here's a few alternative ideas if you fancy something a little different!

1. Canvas Guestbook Print

If you are looking for cheap wedding guest book ideas, this one is it. 

Have a big canvas printed of you and your partner displayed for print.

Make sure to choose a picture with plenty of open space for your guests to sign and send messages.

Ideally, you want to use a photo you did for your engagement photos

If you do not have a good photo, feel free to use any of your many photos as a couple. 

Canvas wedding guest book alternative

Photo by Sugar and Soul Photography

2. Message in a jar wedding guest book

Decorate a simple jar like this one that matches your wedding theme, and instead of having guests write in a book, get them to write on a piece of paper and put it into a jar.

This is a bit more private for the guests, so who knows what advice you might get.

We love the idea of reading them on your first wedding anniversary

Message in a jar wedding guestbook idea

Photo by Amy Crafts Emporium

3. Shake it like a polaroid picture

Have a row of your guests’ names set up and have them find their name and replace it with a signed Polaroid photo

Guests will love the nostalgia of a Polaroid, and they are great for creating your photo album later.

A cute photo guest book like this can be cherished for years. 

This is one of my favourite wedding guest book alternatives. 

Polaroid wedding guestbook idea

Image Courtesy of Make Merry

4. Jenga wedding guest book

This is not only just a great kid’s game but can be used to create unforgettable memories for your big day.

The Jenga wedding guest book has become popular over the years. 

Have your wedding guests write a personal message on them, and you can have all sorts of keepsakes.

Jenga is a favourite for many people, and you can’t go wrong with them! 

This one works perfectly if you have an outdoor rustic wedding theme, as it would match your wedding decor perfectly.

Jenga wedding guest book idea.

5. Shadowbox wedding guest book

Have a shadow box wedding guest book with your name and wedding date on it, and have people sign a heart-shaped piece to drop it into the box.
It could be anything through a cork, pebbles or scrabble pieces.
Just whatever works for you best.
These are unique, and you can hang them in your home as added decor!
Shadow box alternative guest wedding book idea.

6. You mean the world to us wedding guest book idea

Have a globe for your wedding guests to sign.
It’s a great way to remember the wedding day; you can keep it and add it as part of your everyday decor at home.
This is one of the best wedding guest book alternative ideas have seen! 
Wedding globe guestbook book alternative ideas

Globe guest book idea: Kelly Benton via Ruffled

7. Wedding guest book tree print

Have a bare tree printed on a canvas like this one with an ink pad to the side, and have your guests put a thumbprint to create the illusion of leaves.

This one could work if you are looking for a wooden guest book.

Perfect for couples having a rustic-themed wedding.

Have different coloured inks available for your guest to mix it up a little.

You can also use your wedding colours to keep it all themed and coordinated beautifully!

This is a beautiful wedding guest book alternative to the regular standard guest book we typically see at weddings.

Wedding tree guestbook ideas

8. Musically themed guest book 

A guest book for weddings is an excellent way for your guests to share a special loving message with you as a newlywed couple. 
Ensure you have something you can keep forever to remember them by. 
If you are having a music-themed wedding, have guests sign vinyl records with a white sharpie.
You can get record covers made up with your name and the date, or you can even have a couple of guitars set out for guests to sign.

Vinyl guestbook wedding ideas


9. Besides the sea

Following the music wedding theme above, if you have a beach-themed wedding, bring a surfboard to have your guests write messages on!

This is perfect for destination weddings or events taking place by the sea.

Have an old glass bottle to put messages in if you need something smaller.

surf board guest book weddingPhoto by Sara Richardson Photography

10. Film a message wedding guest book

It’s always great to look at home videos years after they were filmed, so why not keep that spirit in mind and have a camcorder available for guests to film short messages?

Not everyone loves being on film, so make sure to have another option available.

This is another way to collect messages and an alternative to a wedding guest book. 

Film a message wedding guestbook ideaPHOTO: COURTESY OF ALI HARPER/BRIDAL GUIDE.

11. Bucket List Guest Book Idea 

If you are looking for non-traditional guest book ideas, how great and unique are these guest book wedding alternatives suggestions?

This idea is perfect for couples that like to adventure or travel often. 

I am an extensive traveller and have a giant bucket list I would like to complete soon, including this one too!

If you are looking for unique wedding guest books that show you love to travel as a couple, this is it!

Here is cute wedding bucket list signage to go with it. 

Are you looking for Unique alternative wedding guest book ideas for all kinds of couples. Are you looking for an alternative wedding guest book idea? An idea that's different to all the other weddings you've been to and will get guests involved, then you have come to the right place.

Photography: Andrew & Elisha | Venue: The Currituck Club | Event Coordination: Corina Alex Events | Florals: Flower Girls OBX

12. Audio phone guest book

If you are looking for a unique wedding guest book, you should consider this one right here. 

It’s perfect for couples looking for alternative wedding guest book ideas.

This unique phone wedding guest book idea is epic and creative. 

Instead of a traditional guest book, this couple had their wedding guests “leave a message after the tone”!

The couple will be able to play back their wedding guests’ memories and wedding well-wishes for years to come! 

Phone Wedding Guest Book Instead of a traditional guest book, this Avenir couple had guests "leave a message after the tone"! The couple will be able to play back their wedding guests' memories and well wishes for years to come! Photography: Coral Compass Co.

Photography: Coral Compass Co. Via Saphire Event Group

13. Puzzle guest book

Coming up with original wedding guest book ideas can be difficult.

Hopefully, with our list of unique guest book ideas today, you can find something customized to you as a couple. 

This puzzle guest book is an excellent idea for couples that love doing puzzles. 

If you’re looking for unique wedding guest book ideas, I recommend using the puzzle guest book idea.

It’s fun and quirky; it will amuse all your wedding guests.

Wedding Guest Book Guestbook Custom Puzzle Jigsaw Rustic Guest! Sign our puzzle guest book!

14. Typewriter Guest Book Alternative

Consider this typewriter idea if you are looking for alternative wedding guest book ideas. 

It’s interactive, which is what you want. 

If you can find an old vintage typewriter, then do it. 

And at your wedding reception, ask your guests to punch out a love note or encouraging words to the couple. 

Check out this Vintage typewriter guest book! Don't get us wrong, we love a guest book full of inspirational and encouraging messages from your guests, it's just sometimes it's nice to mix it up a little! So here's a few alternative ideas if you fancy something a little different!

15. Postcard Wedding Guest Book Idea

Here is another unique and creative wedding guest book alternative for couples that enjoy travelling. 

These postcard guest book ideas will work perfectly for you. 

Put together a display of postcards and have your wedding guests write a love note on their favourite card.

To make it even more unique, add a custom mailbox, and you will have some that are fun and creative to do at your reception.

Postcard Wedding Guest Book Idea! Check out this list of Unique alternative wedding guest book ideas for all kinds of couples. Postcard Guest Book Post Card Wedding Guest Book.

Photographer: Ruth Eileen Photography

16. Wedding Guest Book Quilt

I love the quilt idea as an alternative to guest book. 

Instead of a book, your guests can sign and write you a message on a functional, cozy keepsake quilt. 

The quilt is made with natural ingredients and is handmade in the US.

The fabrics are completely customizable by you.

Go ahead and grab this quilt guest book right now. 

Have you seen this cute quilt guest book idea? It's the perfect alternative to a regular wedding guest book! Grab this today.

17. Last Name Wedding Sign

I love this wedding guest book idea, especially for couples changing their last names. 

You can customize it to your new last name and add your wedding date. 

Your guests can then sign around it. 

After your big day, hang it up in your home. 

Grab this last name sign here

Last Name Wedding Sign - Guestbook Alternative! It's the perfect wedding sign for couples looking for alternative ideas.

18. Wedding Date Guest Book

Instead of a last name, have a wedding date guest book as the focal point. 

Have one of these date signs made for your wedding date!

It’s beautiful and unique. 

Your name and last name are also incorporated in the design. 

The entire design is printed on canvas. 

Go ahead and check it out here

Wedding Date Guest Book! Looking for alternative ideas for a fun guestbook? Look no further than this list.

19. Wooden Wedding Memory Guest Box

Cherish all your memories and loving messages from your guests with this fun alternative wooden wedding memory guest box.

It is the perfect keepsake for your wedding.

The keepsake box contains 5 subdividers with fun and inspirational questions to be filled out by your wedding guests.

Each section holds 15 sheets of card, a perfect amount to ensure everyone at your wedding can leave a message.

This is a beautiful alternative to the more traditional guest books.

Go ahead and grab this Wooden Wedding Memory Box.

Grab this wedding memory box as an alternative to a wedding guest book! It's fun and unique. It is the perfect keepsake for your wedding.

20. Wedding Guest Book Photo

This is a beautiful personalized photo book.

You can use your engagement photo and have them draw the illustration for you. 

Once your guests sign it, take it home and hang it up. 

It makes for an excellent home decor piece. 

Get yourself one of these here

Wedding photo guest book. The perfect idea for a guest book for brides looking for alternative ideas.

There you go, a list of epic guest book alternatives for weddings!

We have given you plenty of fantastic creative wedding guest book alternatives. 

As a couple, personalize little details such as this one to ensure they align with you.

Doing something fun and interactive at your wedding will ensure your guests enjoy themselves.

You want your guest book idea to eventually be displayed somewhere in your home as a decorative piece you can see daily. 

It should be a daily reminder of your one big day and those there to witness your love. 

Which of these alternative wedding guest book ideas will you try?

Tell us in the comments below.

They are all cute ideas. 

Whether you make your wedding guest book or purchase some, we adore unique wedding guest book ideas that are non-traditional. 

Fun guest book alternatives like the ideas we share today can also double as an activity for your guests, especially during cocktail hour while you are away doing photos. 

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20 Wedding Guest Book Alternatives – Ideas For Your Wedding