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The Ultimate Bucket list ideas for married couples

Coming up with a bucket list for married couples was fun. 

I constantly look for romantic and adventurous things to do with my husband.

Once you get married, it doesn’t mean that you have to settle into this boring routine. 

Even with kids, my husband and I are always looking for things to do together as a couple to keep things fresh and exciting. 

If you haven’t read my list of romantic relationship goals for a marriage worth trying, you might want to read that first. 

For a happy and successful marriage, you must have relationship goals that work for both.

To ensure your marriage works, you need to work on it. 

And that’s why I came up with my own bucket list for married couples worth trying out this year. 

We buckled down and made a simple bucket list for married couples worth exploring. 

And if you were already searching for unique bucket list ideas for married couples, you will love this list.

Three things you will need to do:

When was the last time you and your partner made plans to do something fun, just the two of you?

Did you follow through? 

I have always wanted to go on an air balloon ride or skinny dipping. 

I have never flown first class, but it has always been my dream. 

Now that I am married and have kids, I always find excuses or have no time to do things. 

Life can get busy and hectic, but you must be intentional about your marriage and put that first. 

As you know, spending quality time with your partner is the best way to nurture intimacy and maintain a healthy romantic relationship.

Priorities your relationship by going on date nights, doing fun things, and reconnecting with your partner. 

Spending quality time together is one of the five love languages, so be sure to check out this list of the best bucket list for married couples and find a few activities you can do together.

The list below is packed with amazing cute couple things to do together.

We will be looking at the following:

  • Creative Newlywed Bucket List Ideas For New Couples

  • Fun Marriage Bucket List Ideas For Already Married Couples

  • Cute Married Couples Bucket List For Busy Schedules

Creating a bucket list for married couples is a great way to strengthen your relationship and create lasting memories.

It can help you both to focus on your shared goals and aspirations and to prioritize the things that are most important to you as a couple.

By creating a bucket list together, you can explore new activities and experiences you may not have considered before and challenge yourself to step outside of your comfort zones.

Ultimately, a bucket list can help you to make the most of your time together and build a more fulfilling and meaningful life as a couple.

Whether you create a relationship bucket list or something as simple as a fun list of experiences, we encourage you to do something. 

You can also use this bucket list for married couples to find date ideas for date nights. 

So what do most married couples do together?

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Remember to grab this printable bucket list to write down your plans. 

It’s perfect for couples just dating, newlyweds or those who have been married for a while.

I recommend it to friends who want to start their own bucket list ideas for husband and wife. 

The ultimate bucket list for brides and grooms. Check it out.

Should married couples make a bucket list?

The simple answer is yes!

Making a bucket list as a married couple can be a fun and rewarding experience.

Whether you have relationship goals or plans, I think married couples should set some realistic goals that they can work on.

Start by looking at what brings you together as a couple. 

Maybe it’s travel. 

In this case, create a travel bucket list. 

Don’t complicate it. 

A bucket list for married couples is supposed to be fun and is to plan. 

However, it is crucial for couples to communicate openly and honestly about their individual desires and limitations to ensure that their bucket list is realistic and achievable.

Overall, making a bucket list as a married couple can enhance the relationship and bring a sense of excitement and adventure to everyday life.

List of activities for married couples to do together:

Whether you are creating your “first year of marriage bucket list” or simply your very first marriage bucket list, this list should guide you. 

Engaging in enjoyable activities as a couple can increase feelings of intimacy and emotional connection, improving overall relationship satisfaction.

Creating this husband and wife bucket list was so fun, and I hope you love the ideas we came up with. 

An epic Bucket List for Married Couples! I decided to I decided to make a marriage bucket to help you reignite your married life. Click to check out married couples bucket list ideas

30 Married couple bucket list ideas

We came up with a quick list of romantic things to do and bucket list items you can experience as a married couple. 

If you are looking for new and exciting experiences to share with your spouse, here are some awesome bucket list ideas for married couples:

  • Go to a couples retreat (it could be a spa retreat)
  • Volunteer once a month – find a place that means a lot to both of you.
  • Get in shape together – staying healthy always has its benefit 
  • Plan a second honeymoon
  • Attend a music festival – make it a weekend thing
  • Plan a weekend getaway for just the two of you
  • Make a couple’s time capsule together and open it on your 10th wedding anniversary.
  • Go for therapy – this is not only for bad times. 
  • Go on a day trip – visit a few nearby cities and act like tourists for the day.
  • Get a couples massage to help relax and ease tension
  • Have wild sex – try different positions, initiate it, and be in charge 
  • Write each other love letters like when you were in high school
  • Recreate your first date to every detail 
  • Start a new hobby – pick something you both would love to do
  • Rewatch your wedding video
  • Binge watch a new Netflix tv show and talk about it
  • Travel to another country – My husband and I travelled to Mauritius and back to his childhood country, France
  • Create new memories for yourselves 
  • Start a new family tradition to carry on
  • Renew your wedding vows
  • Take a trip down memory lane by doing the things you used to love doing as a couple before getting married.
  • Learn a new language together and speak the language to each other every day for a year.
  • Attend a 10-Day silent meditation retreat – it’s good for your mental health.
  • Start a side hustle that makes $150 a day, such as becoming a proofreader or getting paid to write to pay for your new hobbies.
  • Meet your favourite celebrity – it could be at a concert, a movie premiere or an outing (I have gone to a Rihanna, Sean Paul and TLC concert and gone to see Trevor Noah & Russel Peters at their stand-up shows)!
  • Live abroad for 6 months to 1 year.
  • Plan an elegant and extravagant birthday party for each other – grab my party planning printable here.
  • Befriend another couple and go on a double date
  • Go on a couple’s retreat just the two of you or with other couple friends
  • Say “yes” to everything for a day
  • Become financially independent

There you have it, my very own marriage bucket list!

Go ahead and make your own list using a few of the ideas listed in this post. 

I hope you enjoyed our bucket list ideas for married couples designed to help you reignite your relationship to keep the spark alive. 

And if you need more ideas, check out the ultimate couples bucket list

We also have an epic list of romantic newlywed bucket lists worth doing. 

This one is great for those that just got married. 

If you feel like your long-term relationship or marriage is starting to flame out, these bucket list ideas will help revive your relationship, rekindle the romance, and make you fall in love all over again.

When we first fall in love, there’s excitement and passion.

As time passes, things begin to stale out, and in some cases, the excitement dries up. 

It’s essential to nurture your relationship, so I created this list. 

No more wondering about things married couples do together – we have a complete list of activities for married couples to do together!

Do you and your spouse have a couple’s list of activities and adventures you plan to do together?

If you do, what fantastic items do you have on it? 

Grab the bucket list printable to write down your bucket list. 

The ultimate bucket list for brides and grooms. Check it out.

I hope you enjoyed our simple bucket list ideas for couples! 

This is the best bucket list activity for married couples.

How many have you already accomplished as a couple? 

Do you have other fun bucket list experience ideas you would like to accomplish as a couple?

We love expanding our posts, and if you have other unique bucket list items for couples to do, we will be glad to add them.

Share with us in the comment section below. 

Now, go and make your list! 

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