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Sending Out Wedding invitations

When to send out wedding invitations, let’s take the guess work out of it!

You’ve got the wedding venue booked, the dates set but when do you let everyone know?

You don’t want to send them too late in case people have prior engagements.

You don’t want to send them too early so people forget about it. And who should get the invites first? When should the RSVP date be until? Uh, it’s an invitation minefield.

Don’t worry we’ve got you covered.

Our top tips will keep you right and well on your way to getting those wedding invitations out in the post without any worries.

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Here are best tips on when to send out wedding invitations to your guests. Want to know when to send out your save the dates for your wedding, read this #weddinginvitations #diyweddinginvites #weddinginvites

Who gets an invite

First thing is who gets an invite.

Paper costs money, it doesn’t just grow on trees (oh…wait).

So if your trying to keep costs down as well as your wedding expenses, be clever with your invitations.

Your sisters’ boyfriend doesn’t need his own invitation, just include him as her guest or put both their names on there if it’s a serious relationship.

Same with distant family.

Include the whole family (aunts, uncles and cousins) in the same invitation.

Who gets invites first

It’s really up to you on this one.

Most people will send out their wedding invitations all at the same time to all of their guests.

But if you want to let your parents or immediate family be the first ones to see the invitations then send them out first.

Or better yet hand deliver them if possible.

Just make sure to let them know that if they say they got their invitation to the family friend let them know that that there’s is on its way to save any worry.

When to send out Wedding Invitations

The biggest question brides-to-be ask is when to send out their invitations.

And the answer is between 6 and 8 weeks before the wedding.

This will give your guests plenty of time to make any arrangements that they might have to make without letting it slip too far from their mind.

If you are having an adult’s only wedding, send out invitations by the full 8 weeks beforehand to make sure that guests with children have enough time to make arrangements with babysitters.

What Included in a Traditional Wedding Invitation Suite?

Typically when you send out your wedding invitations, you send out as much details as possible for guests to make an informed decision.

Most traditional wedding invitation suites include include:

  • The actual main wedding invitation
  • Reception Card – optional
  • Hotel booking information – optional 
  • Wedding website card – optional

When to Set RSVP by Date

RSVP’s should be made by two to three weeks before the wedding.

That gives you enough time to give the final head count to caterers including plus ones and guests.

Put the RSVP by date clearly on your invitations so that guests don’t forget to do this or miss out on the celebrations. If you have a wedding website where guests can RSVP really easily make sure to put the information on there as well.

Destination Wedding Invitations

If you are having a destination wedding then all the information that you need to send is the same (maybe include flight and hotel information to it) but you will need to think about sending invitations four to six months in advance.

This gives guests enough notice for booking time off work if need be as well as make flights and hotels reservations.

Now that you know when to send out wedding invitations, when will send yours? And if you want to know more about when to send your bridal shower invitations, you might want to check this out

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