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Wedding Registry Ideas

We did a whole post about opening up a wedding registry with Bed, Bath and Beyond!

But if you are not sure what to include in your wedding re

Traditional dining sets and cutlery are losing favor with wedding registries, as couples are now seeing the value of adding unique items and experiences that can benefit both themselves, and their marriage.

Create a wedding gift wish list that will truly live up to what you and your future spouse want from your future together. 

What Is A Wedding Registry? 

A wedding registry is typically an online service that certain stores and even some wedding websites offer gift items that couples can choose from to help their wedding guests in deciding what they might want.

Most people congratulate the newly weds by offering gifts. It really make it easy to find gifts for the bride and the groom or couples in general. 

You go to the store or use an online service to choose gifts that you might want. This list is then made available to your wedding guests to choose and purchase items for you. 

Do You Need A Wedding Registry?

As we all know, in these modern times, most couples typically live together and for the most part already have everything.

And even though you might want cash only, trust me, people will also bring a gift! And for the older generation, they will always to gift you with something physical.

There is no getting around this. Be sure to let your wedding venue to set up a gift table even though you ask for cash only. 

So do you need a wedding registry? In my whole humble opinion, I believe that you do.

It will just make it easier for those that wish to bring gifts, unless you are okay with having multiple items of the same thing. 

When Should You Start Your Wedding Registry?

Although your wedding invitations are sent out about about 2 months prior to your wedding, you can register with your wedding registry well ahead of this.

A good time to register is typically 7 to 8 months before the wedding. This will just ensure that those that want to plan early have access and can go ahead and purchase gifts. 

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What should be on your wedding registry?

Here are eight things you should add to your wedding registry that you never thought of:

Not sure what to add to your wedding registry? We have a list of amazing things you can add to your wedding registry! What should be on your wedding registry? Find out now #weddingseason #weddingregistry #weddinggifts

1// Be adventurous

Travel is one of the things on most people’s bucket lists. Nearly everyone would like to discover a new and exciting corner of the world.

Adding adventure gear to your wedding registry list is one way of investing in your future adventures together.

Whether it’s quality backpacks, below zero tents and sleeping bags for that trip to the arctic you’ve talked about or even luggage, adding this to your gift registry could set you both up for the adventure of a lifetime.

2// Time away together

While it’s not uncommon to ask for help towards a honeymoon, what about when you get back?

Weekends away, concert tickets and new experiences will help strengthen your connection with your partner for years to come.

If you have the honeymoon covered, asking for concert tickets or hotel package weekends away for your first anniversary is a great idea, and something to look forward to even after the wedding bells ring.

3// Sleep Soundly

Some of your wedding guests will still want to get you lasting items rather than helping you make new memories together.

Adding items such as quality sheets, divine duvets and gorgeous pillows to your wedding registry is a great idea.

Quality bed linen supports a great night’s sleep and couples who sleep well report higher rates of satisfaction with their relationships.

4// Home Improvement

While you might have everything you need to turn a house into a home, having the right tools for home repairs may well be another issue.

Consider taking a break from adding new home decor, or crystal bowls.

Sears and Amazon will have everything you need to add these to your wedding registry for all of those inevitable home improvements you’ll have to do in the future.

5// Learn A New Skill

If you’ve ever fancied making your own beer, learning to keep bees, or how to make homemade sushi rolls?

Consider adding a couples class on your wedding registry, to learn a new skill.

Who knows, you might even spark a new hobby or the beginnings of a new business venture for married life!

6// For The Kitchen

While quality cookware and flatware are nice, if you’re a foodie, pasta making kit could be more your style.

This luxury pasta making kit comes with all the tools you need to make your own pasta, including instructions to make enough of any recipe for two.

Make your own ravioli, tagliatelle and gnocchi and impress your dinner guests, or just your new spouse.

7// Wine

If you love a glass of vino after a long day at work, adding a wine club subscription to your wedding registry is the thing for you!

Winc and other services will deliver a batch of wine right to your doorstep each month and even provide recommendations for new varietals as they get to know your palate based on your feedback.

8// Dining in

If you and your spouse love to have romantic alfresco dinners together, consider adding new patio furniture to your wedding registry!

This is a great item for not only you and your spouse, but if you plan on hosting outdoor BBQs or dinners with your friends.

Tell us below, will be setting up a wedding registry? Who will you register with?

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