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Getting Married At The Courthouse

Courthouse weddings seem to get a bad rep in the wedding world.

But they can be just as romantic and fun-filled as at a huge wedding venue and actually have a lot going for them.

Sure if you’ve dreamed of having a big wedding with a fairy tale romantic setting then maybe a courthouse isn’t the right choice for you.

But if you’re looking for simplicity, intimacy and of course budget friendly ideas for your venue, then here are our 7 reasons why you should consider a courthouse wedding.

What Do You Have To Do To Get Married At  A Courthouse? 

If you are seriously considering a courthouse wedding, we can totally  help you get started! 

All you have to do it to go to your local courthouse and apply for a marriage license.  There is typically a fee associated with one.

The cost of the marriage license will really depend on where you are located. You will also need a few documents in order to get your marriage license!

Once you have everything, you can go ahead and fill out the necessary paper work. The paper work can be found at your local courthouse or online.

Then go ahead and submit the paper work, documents and pay your fees!

From here you can proceed with booking your courthouse wedding!

They are so many reasons why we love and are fully for courthouse weddings! 

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7 Reasons To Get Married At A Courthouse

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1. The cost of A Courthouse Wedding

Usually, the number 1 reason for couples opting to have a courthouse wedding is the cost and expenses associated with planning a wedding.

And no wonder.

With many wedding venues charging into the thousands, a courthouse wedding can start from as little as $75!

Depending on the number of guests you have attending and the individual courthouse the prices will differ but you can always be guaranteed a budget-friendly option.

2. Intimate Courthouse Weddings

If being the center of attention isn’t your thing and all you want is to get married to the person you love without a big show then a courthouse wedding can provide that intimate environment for you.

It can be just the two of you and only a handful of guests if any at all and what can really be more romantic than that.

If you love the idea of a small wedding, there is nothing better than a courthouse wedding. 

3. Courthouse Weddings Are Stress-Free

Well maybe not completely stress-free, it’s still a wedding.

But with a smaller affair comes less stress making an overall more enjoyable experience for the two of you.

Not having to worry about seating arrangements or wedding decorations or any of those types of things means that you can concentrate more on you and your partner on the day where it is all about you two.

4. Enjoy The Beautiful buildings

With courthouse weddings being held, for the most part, in city halls, you can just about count on a rich and historical venue.

This also makes for great wedding photographs with beautiful architecture and character in the background.

Thinking about wedding pictures, with city halls being in generally built-up areas you can get some really cool urban wedding pics that aren’t going to be what everyone else has.

5. Short engagement with A Courthouse Wedding

Why wait?

You’ve met the man of your dreams and you want to get married as soon as possible.

And you can with a courthouse wedding! Without the long waiting lists typical with wedding venues you can get hitched as quickly as you want.

This means less time planning and budgeting for a long wedding. 

6. Relaxed feel

The great thing about a courthouse wedding is how relaxed you can feel.

You don’t even have to get all dressed up in a big white gown (although you can if you really want to). I know some brides that have even held a wedding bouquet! 

It’s your wedding, do as you please. 

For my wedding, I will hire a professional wedding photographer even if it is for two hours. 

7. You can still have a party

Just because you’re not having a big lavish wedding doesn’t mean you miss out on the celebrations.

After you have said you I Do’s and had your moment as a couple, invite everyone round to the pub next door and have a good ol’ time with all your friends and family.

Party it up as you normally would! 

It might not be for everyone but it is no less of a wedding expense.

In fact, some might say that it takes the idea of marriage back to its simplest form. It’s not about how big the wedding dress is or how many people are coming it’s only about you and your partner.

And isn’t that what marriage is all about.

Examples of Weddings At A Courthouse

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This is a gorgeous courthouse wedding! Take a look at how relax the bride is! #courthousewedding

Grand Rapids wedding photographer / found on Miranda Schroeder’s Blog

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Here is how to get married in court in style. This stylish couple knows how to plan a great wedding for two!

Patriotic Courthouse Wedding, Green Wedding Shoes (Image credit: Trenholm Photo)

This is an intimate wedding for two in Paris!

Intimate Weddings / Photographer: French Grey Photography

Are you having a courthouse wedding? Tell us about it below! 

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Courthouse wedding: 7 Reasons Why You Should Consider It