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Best Destination Wedding Locations In The World

If you are looking for some of the best places to get married abroad or around the world, I should be able to help you out with that!

In the last post I did, a lot of couples really appreciated it.

We wrote about some of the best destination wedding locations in the Caribbean

Over the years, destination weddings have become increasingly more popular and desired by those preparing to spend the rest of their lives with each other!

The popularity of destination weddings is due to many reasons including the lower costs, the beautiful scenery, the ability to enjoy new surroundings and quality time with loved ones, and the overall convenience.

It also allows couples to start their honeymoon early.

Perhaps the most difficult part of planning a destination wedding is deciding where to go.

That’s why I really wanted to take a look at some of the best places to get married abroad! 

For those that want that destination wedding theme. 

Luckily, with the relatively recent surge of destination weddings, many places have begun to accommodate destination weddings due to the overwhelming amount of couples that have decided to visit these regions for that purpose.

If you are here looking for the best places to get married in the world, you are lucky. 

We will be looking at:

  • What are the best places to marry abroad?

  • What is the cheapest country to get married in?

  • What is the easiest place to get married abroad?

If you are dying to have a destination wedding, these locations might just work for your wedding. 

Whether you are looking for something unique or a destination wedding location that offers breathtaking views, we hope these locations listed below are worth exploring. 

Honestly, getting married abroad is definitely unique and brings a different perspective for you and your guests. 

Just take a look at this gorgeous wedding that took place in France – Issa Rae’s Wedding

Prettiest Places To Get Married Abroad

They are so many beautiful places that you can get married in around the world and we are super excited to share them with you.

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Here are the best places to get married abroad

If you are looking for unique places to get married, we have a beautiful list of destination wedding locations to look out for! The offer amazing views so you need little to decorate! #Destinationwedding #getmarried

1. Get Married In Jamaica

The Caribbean is definitely the easiest place to get married abroad.

Jamaica speaks love no matter where you go on the island.

If you are looking for the top places to get married, I would definitely look into Jamaica. 

As the birthplace of reggae and an island full of white sandy beaches, it truly creates the essence for a destination wedding.

Even the scenery from afar includes mountain ranges and waterfalls just waiting for you and your loved ones to explore them.

Not only does Jamaica have the perfect setting and rich culture for a wedding but it is more affordable than other countries that tend to be favoured by future newlyweds.

If you are looking for the best places to get married, definitely consider Jamaica!

2. Elope In Italy

I am going to be a bit biased with this one!

I sometimes think I am secretly Italian as I love their culture and don’t get us started on the food!

Italy is one of the best places to get married in the world for sure! 

A rich history, detailed architecture, beautiful timeless art, and delicious Italian cuisine make Italy one of the greatest countries for destination weddings.

Although it is more expensive to have a destination wedding in Italy, it will certainly exceed all your expectations.

The Mediterranean setting is one that has absolutely no comparison.

The gondolas in Venice and singing gondoliers are just an added bonus to anyone who comes to the country to wed. And don’t get us started on this gorgeous wedding in Rome!

3. Visit Costa Rica

Looking for the best place to get places to get married abroad?

With tons of wildlife, lush rain forests and desolate beaches, what’s not to love about Costa Rica?

It creates the best setting for a destination wedding.

This tropical paradise may be small but there is no shortage of things to do and admire.

Toucans, monkeys and other creatures scurry among the treetops as you walk around admiring the tropical plants and scenery, regardless of where you go.

Before and after the wedding you and your loved ones can lay peacefully on the white sandy beaches, surf, golf, and even explore the rain forests.

You definitely want to put Costa Rica on your top list as one of the best places to get married in the World.

4. Wedding In Bermuda

Thinking of having a wedding in Bermuda?

Blue-green waters and pink sandy beaches surrounded by quaint cottages and Old English pubs is something that many couples desire and seek for their future destination wedding.

Aside from serene beaches, you and your loved ones can explore limestone caves and majestic trails leading to cliffs where you can view the vast landscapes.

The accommodations provided by Bermuda are outstanding and they only continue to enhance the way they tend to those that come to the country to wed.

You will find a lot of amazing places to get married in Bermuda!

Locals even strongly encourage newlyweds to walk through moon gates for good luck. Moon gates are circular-shaped openings found throughout alluring garden walls.

5. A Guatemala wedding 

One of the best-kept secrets when it comes to finding a location fit for a destination wedding of your wildest dreams is Guatemala.

Just south of Mexico, Guatemala is full of breathtaking sites including volcanoes, beaches, rain forests and Mayan ruins.

The year-round moderate temperature makes it easier to plan your wedding and with all the outstanding hotel options, you’ll certainly find that you’re able to plan your destination wedding in Guatemala with very little effort.

And there you have it, a gorgeous list of the places to get married abroad!

Did we miss anything on the list? Tell us about some of your best places to get married? 

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The Best Places To Get Married Abroad Around The World!