Save the date cards for weddings

Wondering if you should be sending out save the date cards?

The question has been popped, the date is set and the venue booked!

Now comes the exciting bit, letting everyone know.

Save the date cards are the perfect way to let all your friends and family know that they will be a part of your wedding and gives them the opportunity to set your wedding day in their calendars.

But what exactly are save the date cards and when should they be sent out?

Don’t worry, we have all the answers for you here!

And if you are wondering when a good time to send out wedding invitations is, we have that covered too.

What Are Save the Date Cards

Save the date cards are your first way of telling your wedding guests that you are getting married and that they are invited to celebrate the big day with you.

They are traditionally used for longer engagements or for destination weddings to give guests plenty of time to make arrangements and book accommodation if need be.

So save the date cards are basically exactly what they say they are, a card letting all your wedding guests know to save that date for your big day.

And now that my own wedding is coming up, I will definitely be using Minted to send out my own save the date cards!

With this in mind, I wanted to share with you my best tips for when I think you should send out your save the date cards for your wedding!

As well as some wedding invitation etiquette you should be aware of. 

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When To Send Out Save the Date Cards

Do you already have a wedding guest list done up?

You will need to have a general idea of who you are absolutely inviting to the wedding especially if you are considering sending save the dates!

If you are having a local wedding, and most of your wedding guests are also close by, you want to send out your save the date cards between 4 and 6 months before the wedding date.

Then, after they have been sent out, you want to follow up with your formal wedding invitation with all the details of the big day.

I highly suggest using Minted for your wedding invitations as well!

I know for my wedding invitations, I will be using their wedding save the dates to let my guests from far away know of our wedding plans!

If you are having a destination wedding then you want to give at least 8 months and up to 12 months so guests can make the proper arrangements to make sure that they can attend on the day.

Save the date cards for destination weddings not only let your guests know when your wedding is happening but also where.

It’ll be exciting for your guests to find out exactly where they will be going to help celebrate your wedding day.

When to send wedding save dates for out of town guests

For out of town guests, I think sending them as soon as you can is always advisable. 

You can start to send wedding save the dates for out of town guests approximately six to eight months prior to the wedding ceremony! And for destination weddings or a wedding that falls on a holiday, even earlier.

This will give your wedding guests a lot of time and leeway to make and book their travels, it will give them enough time to save money and as well as to ask for time off work!

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What To Include On Your Save the Date Card for your wedding

Unlike wedding invitations, the save the dates don’t have to hold too much information.

They just need a place and a date along with you and your partner’s name.

You can include a note saying that their invitation will be following shortly.

Or, if you are having a wedding website, you can include the website address on there too.

What Design To Choose

There are so many designs you can choose through with a range of layouts and fonts that you and your guests will fall in love with.

From simple and elegant to fun and offbeat you will find something that will fit in perfectly with you and your partner’s personality.

This is also a great time to show off your engagement photos by adding them into your save the date cards and giving that extra personal touch.

Gorgeous Save The Dates From

We highly recommend for your wedding stationery!

Expect to find gorgeous save the dates from Minted! is the best place to source out affordable wedding invitations.

Expect to only find top quality wedding invitations from them!

Here are a few that we totally love! 

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What’s The Difference between Save The Dates and Invitations?

Most couples confuse this! 

Save the dates cards are usually sent out much earlier than the wedding invitations (as early as 4-6 months before your big day)!

If you are having a long engagement or destination wedding it is also ideal to send this as it just informally lets your guests know that you are engaged and are planning a wedding in the near future. 

Closer to your wedding date, you can then proceed to send out your formal wedding invitation which will include in detail everything your guests will need to know about the wedding such as the wedding venue address and timings. 

Here Is What To Include On Your Save The Date Card

Now that you are familiar about when to send the save dates for your wedding, we want to give a bit more detail on what to include! 

Ideally these items should always be on your save the dates:

  • The actually wedding date – This should be clearly indicated to let your guests know so they can start to plan around this. 
  • Your names  – It’s obvious, but you definitely need to clearly indicate who is getting married. If you only include the first names, it makes the event less formal. 
  • Where you are getting married – If you do not a wedding venue or location yet, at least indicate what city, province, or country you are getting married in. Your wedding guests can automatically start making travel arrangements. 
  • Formal Wedding Invitations – Let your guests know that your formal wedding invitations will be coming soon with all the wedding details. 
  • When website and accommodation information – This is not necessary and it is definitely optional. But if you have this information, try to add it to your save the date cards.

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When To Send Save The Date Cards: All You Need To Know