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Destination wedding pros and cons

There are so many amazing reasons to have a destination wedding.

In fact, so many couples are now choosing to have a destination wedding over a traditional local venue for several reasons. 

Whether you are dreaming of a beach wedding or planning an elegant wedding escape to Europe, destination weddings are known for how fun and memorable they can be.

But I know plenty of couples who are constantly on the fence about whether to book a destination wedding or not.

So why plan a Destination Wedding?

I wanted to take the time to discuss the pros and cons of destination weddings. 

If you are recently engaged and looking for a fun yet elegant place to host your destination wedding, we have plenty of ideas on the blog for you. 

Weddings are expensive in general.

Who wants to go into a marriage carrying thousands of dollars in wedding debts?

When things seem to be overly expensive, or you are just not finding a wedding venue that meets your needs, then we have an answer for you:

Plan a Destination Wedding! 

There are many ways to plan a destination wedding on a small budget.

A destination wedding is appealing for various and obvious reasons.

To help you decide if this is the right fit for you, we’ve compiled a list of our top 10 reasons to have a destination wedding.

If you are looking for justifiable reasons to have a destination wedding, you have come to the right place. 

So how do you decide if you should have a destination wedding?

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What is a destination wedding?

A destination wedding is a wedding ceremony and celebration that takes place away from the couple’s hometown and, in most cases, requires travel for the wedding party and guests.

If you have to travel more than two hours from your home/town, I consider that a destination wedding. 

There are so many types of destination weddings. 

You can choose to elope as a couple on some island, or you could have an intimate group of just very close friends and family, or you can even choose to go back to your hometown to have a full-blown affair. 

The options are limitless. 

Whether you are having an at-home or a destination wedding, the key to having a good time is choosing and planning a wedding that speaks to you and your significant other.

So are destination weddings worth it?

Read below to find out. 

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Destination Wedding vs Local Wedding

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1. To see the world

Should you have a destination wedding?

If you are a traveller, you know how exciting it is to travel.

You can choose this opportunity to travel and get married simultaneously. 

You can get married anywhere!

Travelling allows you to experience new places, cultures, food and people. 

You can create an amazing wedding experience at a unique or exotic location of your choosing. 

Choose any location worldwide for your wedding, and you are all set to go!

Don’t forget about sending out your save the dates for your beach wedding.

2. Destination weddings are budget-friendly

Even with air travel and hotel prices, the cost of a destination wedding is usually less expensive than hosting a wedding at home.

Many airlines and hotels will make special offers to book with a certain number of guests.

Shop around and try to get a package deal. 

You will also find that many destination wedding venues include a wedding planner in their packages, or you may choose to add one if they do not have one.

We recommend choosing an all-inclusive resort or destination location to make the planning as stress-free as possible. 

You can then combine your destination wedding and honeymoon.

Spending a few thousand dollars on a week-long wedding & honeymoon package that includes flights, lodging, meals, and drinks versus spending over $35,000+ on a wedding back home makes more sense.

Yes, wedding costs can quickly add up!

But with the right wedding budget and planning, you can have your dream beach wedding this year. 

Want a few more ideas on how to have an elegant wedding on a budget?

3. Save on wedding decorations

Couples tend to spend a lot of money on decorations.

Floral arrangements can cost an arm and a leg.

With a destination wedding, you will save money on wedding decorations. 

You still want to make the place look as beautiful as you can!

But other than that, you can use the natural setting of your venue as added decor. 

With a destination wedding, you typically have smaller groups as part of your wedding party, so you wouldn’t necessarily be purchasing ten large floral arrangements to add to all your wedding reception tablescapes.

Because it is a small group, 3- 4 small arrangements would work beautifully on simple white or ivory linen.

Most of these venues have gorgeous natural backdrops and views.

You do not need to spend too much money on the added decorations.

Take advantage of the view and your surroundings! 

4. It’s a great combo package

When looking at the pros and cons of destination weddings, you want to look at the overall picture.

Think of:

  • Your wedding guests
  • Your wedding budget
  • Your feelings about the wedding
  • Your needs & wants 

A destination wedding will allow you to combine a wedding, a honeymoon and a mini vacation all together.

Take an extra week and enjoy your honeymoon for just the two of you.

You will be saving money in the long run.

It’s a win-win situation for all!

I recommend you look at the big picture when considering having a destination wedding. 

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5. The whole affair is an intimate one

If you are not someone who craves attention, or maybe a big wedding is just not your style, this is the perfect setting.

A destination wedding is a perfect opportunity to host an intimate wedding celebration.

It’s the perfect way to have a more intimate wedding with just very close family and friends.

This is the number one reason I truly love destination weddings!

With a smaller invitation list, you can avoid inviting those you didn’t want to invite. 

A smaller guest list also means a much cheaper wedding

Make it easy for your wedding guests by keeping the date and location in mind when deciding on your location.

As we mentioned, intimate wedding affairs are good for couples who want to keep their wedding low-key and on a budget.

The pros and cons of destination weddings depend on the couple’s needs. 

If you want to save money and prefer going the cheaper route, then a destination might be for you. 

Hosting a wedding in some distant location makes you invite only those you feel close to; in turn, you will save a lot of money.

6. Casual attire

Because destination weddings are more intimate, you can choose to have a more informal wedding.

Ensure you plan for casual attire for you and your guests.

Who doesn’t love this?

Destination weddings are just so relaxing, and your guests will feel that. 

Everyone is excited about being on holiday, away from the stresses of life. 

I would plan to make the whole event as relaxed as possible.

Are you sold yet? 

7. A great excuse for a reunion

One of my top reasons for having a destination wedding is for an excuse to spend time with close friends and family.

You and your guests will feel like you are on vacation from when you arrive at your chosen location until they leave.

This alone will contribute to an overall amazing wedding experience.

Having a destination wedding is the perfect excuse to have all your friends and family together simultaneously.

It also means spending several days together with them!

Being on a beach is way better than sitting in a banquet hall. 

Your wedding guest will be so excited to attend your wedding.

People get extremely excited about going on vacation.

The fact that you are getting married will make the trip even so much more special.

Take this time to enjoy the extra quality time with your family!  

8. Picturesque wedding

No need to look for photo locations.

You are in the perfect spot for photos; just look all around you!

Have you always felt particularly at home when you go to the mountains, the desert, or the ocean?

Just imagine the various beautiful background scenery options you will have if you choose to have a beach wedding or even a mountain wedding.

The scenery around your local banquet hall can be pretty limiting, and in most cases, you will need to travel to a separate location just to capture beautiful wedding photos

With a destination wedding, you are assured of having drop-dead gorgeous wedding photos no matter where you are.

We recommend working with a local wedding photographer who is familiar with the area and can help you find the best locations.

If not, you are more than welcome to take your wedding photographer – just make sure they are familiar with the location. 

9. Flexibility

Whether you want to get married on a Friday, Saturday or Sunday, your guests will be there for the whole week, so perhaps you’ll choose a date that will save you some money.

When you’re on vacation, every day is a Saturday, isn’t it?

If you are trying to compare a destination wedding to a traditional one, I would say that a destination wedding wins. 

You can technically get married with any date in mind locally, it just makes it hard for your guests to take time off on a Monday or a Wednesday.

But if they book a one-week vacation time off, they wouldn’t have to worry about taking any time during the week to attend your wedding.

And not to mention going back to work the following day. 

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10. Your wedding will be the wedding of the year

Yes, your friends back home may have an awesome wedding with a great 5-course meal, great DJ, and beautiful decor, but come one week in paradise with awesome weather and a great view.

Nothing can beat that. 

Unlike a traditional wedding, destination weddings aren’t just a one-day event.

You planning an experience for both yourselves and your wedding guests.

Travelling for your wedding means you can hang out with your loved ones before, during and after the wedding while creating unforgettable memories. 


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Check put this gorgeous destination wedding in aspen. This romantic trip to the mountains at this stunning venue that will take your breath away. If you are looking for a gorgeous destination wedding location, consider having your wedding in Aspen.

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Cons of having a destination wedding

I have given you a lot of amazing reasons to have a destination wedding. 

But a destination wedding can also have a few downfalls to them.

For example, not everyone you love can afford to travel and therefore will miss out on the most important time of your life. 

Here are a few more cons of having a destination wedding:

  • They are not always cheaper depending on your location
  • Fewer guests – people you love might not attend
  • You might be stuck with an all-inclusive that might not meet all your needs or style
  • You might have to jump hoops in terms of making things legal
  • Planning may be difficult without the help of a destination wedding planner

By exploring the pros and cons of having a destination wedding, you can better decide what’s right for you as a couple in terms of your wedding plans. 

There you go, my top reasons to have a destination wedding!

Tell us your thoughts below. 

Don’t forget to create your wedding budget and stick to it as much as possible. 

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