Why plan a Destination Wedding? You are recently engaged and you are looking for fun and yet elegant places to host your wedding. Everything seems to be overly expensive or just not what you are into. The answer for you is – Destination Wedding!  A destination wedding is appealing for various and obvious reasons but to help you decide if this is the right fit for you, we’ve compiled a  list of our top 10 reasons to have a destination wedding.

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Top 10 Reasons to have a Destination Wedding

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1. Travel the World! If you are a traveler, you can literally get married anywhere! Choose any location in the world for your wedding and you are all set to go!  Don’t forget about sending Save The dates for Destination Weddings!

2. Budget Friendly. Many destination wedding venues include a wedding planner in their packages or you may choose to add one if they do not have one. Our recommendation is to choose an all-inclusive resort and spend a few thousand dollars on a week-long honeymoon package which includes flights, lodging, meals, and drinks versus spending over $35,000+ on a wedding back home. Yes, the costs can add up! Want a few more ideas on how to have an elegant wedding on a budget?

3. Save on Decor. You still want to make the place look as beautiful as you can! With a Destination wedding, you would typically have a small group as your wedding party and you wouldn’t necessarily be purchasing 10 large floral arrangements to add to all your tables. Because it is a small group, 3- 4 small arrangements would work beautifully on a plain white or ivory linen. Most of these venues have gorgeous natural backdrops and views that you won’t need to spend too much on added decor. Take advantage of the view and your surroundings! 

4. It’s a Great Combo Package.  You are basically combining a wedding, a honeymoon and a mini vacation all in one. Take an extra week and enjoy your honeymoon for just the two of you. It’s a win-win situation for all!

5. The whole affair is an Intimate one. If you are not for attention or maybe a big wedding is just not your style, then this is the perfect setting for you. It’s the perfect way to have a more intimate wedding with very close family and friends. Make it easy for your guests by keeping the date and location in mind when deciding on your location.

6. Casual attire for you and your guests. Who doesn’t love this? Are you sold yet? 

7. A great Excuse for a Reunion.  It’s the perfect excuse to have all your friends and family all together at the same time.  Having a destination wedding means spending several days together with them! Enjoy the extra quality time with your family!  

8. Picturesque wedding. No need to look for photo locations. You are in the perfect spot for photos, just look all around you!

9. Flexibility. Whether you want to get married on a Friday, Saturday or Sunday, your guests will be there for the whole week so perhaps you’ll choose a date that will save you some money. When you’re on vacation, every day is a Saturday, isn’t it?

10. Your wedding will be the wedding of the year! Yes, your friends back home may have an awesome wedding with a great 5-course meal, great DJ, and beautiful decor, but come one, 1 week in paradise with awesome weather and a great view? Nothing can beat that. 


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10 Reasons to have a Destination Wedding