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Signs of a proposal coming…

What are some signs that he bought an engagement ring and he is going to propose? 

It’s finally Fall! 

And with the season, you will see many fantastic fall weddings and gorgeous fall engagement shoots happening left, right and centre. 

With the cold weather soon approaching, you will start seeing many proposals in your social media feeds. 

Winter proposals are definitely on the rise this year as well. 

Over the holidays, I saw at least 5 Christmas wedding proposals on my social media feed daily! 

Are you waiting for your significant other to propose?

You’ve been in a relationship for some time now, and you’re tired of avoiding the questions about getting married. 

If you are looking for clear signs, know when your boyfriend will propose because you have been in a relationship for a while now, and we hear you. 

If all your friends seem to be getting engaged or walking down the aisle, it’s only about time you will start getting the dread questions:

  • “When will he propose?”

  • “Is he going to propose soon?”

  • “What is he waiting for, and when will he propose?”

Yuck, I hate when this happens.

Believe it; I was with my boyfriend for 13 years before he proposed. 

Yes, you read that right – over 13 years.

I even had a little girl with him.

I played house with him for a little longer than I should have. 

So I am very well aware of all the “When is he going to propose?” questions. 

And even though we do not want to admit it, I know we all want that ring. 

You alternately wish to know that things are serious and heading in the right direction. 

With all this messing with your head, you want some signs he bought an engagement ring and will soon propose.

You might even be wondering, will he ever propose?

Today I will be looking at and answering the following:

  • Top marriage proposal signs to watch out for

  • Signs that he bought an engagement ring but looking for ways to propose

  • Obvious signs of a proposal coming soon to prepare

  • How long do guys wait to propose after buying a ring?

You have come to the right place for those looking for signs he’s going to propose, as I have a few ideas up my sleeves. 

Guys are known for showing weird signs they will propose, especially in how he starts to act. 

If you have been dreaming about your wedding day forever, this could be your turn. 

With the excitement of such a big day possibly being on the horizon, it can be easy to get caught up. 

And you might even start to get anxious about whether or not he will propose any time soon. 

We are here to ease your mind and give you a little peace. 

So what are the obvious signs he bought an engagement ring?

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The obvious signs he will propose

When is he going to propose? 

I am sure he is happy he found you and is only waiting for the perfect time and moment to propose. 

A time that feels just right. 

If part of your relationship goals and plans was to get married, then I am sure it’s in the works. 

Spending a life together for eternity with your partner is a huge deal. 

Now that this discussion is out of the way, I am sure you are looking for signs he has bought an engagement ring. 

Paying attention to what he is doing and saying might help you determine this. 

I am sure he will be dropping hints left, right and centre. 

Here are some signs he bought an engagement ring

Here are 15 undeniable signs that he bought an engagement ring and he is about to propose! If you are looking for clear signs, know when your boyfriend will propose because you have been in a relationship for a while now, and we hear you. These signs are the best way to tell that your partner will propose soon!

1. He is actively planning for the future

A guy actively planning and discussing the future is probably looking to propose soon.

When he suddenly starts talking about saving money, planning for the future or even buying a house, it means he is ready to commit to you. 

These are significant signs that he is going to propose naturally soon. 

Depending on the topic, he might even have already bought the engagement ring to propose. 

If you are having serious conversations about the future, such as:

  • Where do you see yourself in 5-10 years?
  • Do you see a future with me?
  • Where do you see us settling down?
  • What did you think of your friend’s wedding?
  • Should we move to be closer to family?

These are all signs of someone who might propose and is looking to settle down. 

He might be actively looking for a ring right now!

It’s good that he is asking deep questions about your relationship to gauge where everything is heading. 

2. He is spending more time with family

If you find that your man is starting to hang out around family more, he may be up to something. 

The occasional holiday events are nothing to call home about, but if he just randomly wants to hang out around yours or his family constantly, these are possible signs that he will propose soon.

If you notice that your boyfriend is suddenly spending more time with your parents and, more specifically, your dad, these are probably signs he bought an engagement ring. 

He might be old-fashioned and wants to ask your hand in marriage. 

Little tell-tell signs like these should indicate that a proposal is in the works. 

He might even be asking about having kids someday. 

If your partner starts talking about having kids or wants to spend time around kids and family, he might already be planning a proposal. 

Talking about spending a future together is a big sign of a proposal. 

3. He is suddenly acting odd 

If he starts acting differently, he might be planning something.

Most guys find it extremely hard to hide a secret. 

Primarily a secret that involves you in any way.

So how do you tell if he’s going to propose soon?

If you are looking for signs your boyfriend is about to propose; this one is a pretty big sign.

When the guy you have known for a while suddenly starts to act nervous or weird around you, you should have your guard up regarding that approaching proposal.

Don’t accuse him or scare him with strange questions.

You will most likely be treated with vague answers, or he might even dismiss your questions and concerns altogether.

If you have a good and robust relationship, give him the time to plan out this proposal without accusing him of suspicion. 

4. He is talking about marriage & kids

If you are looking for serious and specific signs your boyfriend will propose, I think his mentioning marriage and kids should be enough. 

For example, he might ask what your thoughts are on marriages.

Or how many kids do you think you should have?

His actively talking and engaging in conversations about marriage is a great sign he is thinking of proposing soon.

Most men ready to marry you won’t shy away from wedding conversations or doing things related to weddings.

This is a good sign and a great conversation before you get engaged. 

5. He is obsessed with your hands

He might need to know your ring size to get the perfect ring for you.

He might suddenly be interested in your hands by looking at them.

He might even start to show interest in your jewelry collection suddenly.

And if he starts to ask you innocent questions about rings and styles, he is ready to propose and is looking for the perfect ring. 

He might not have bought an engagement ring at this point, but we should know he could be shopping for one. 

One of the best ways to find a ring size is to ask one of your friends.

Be wary if you suddenly see your friends asking you about rings or ring sizes nonchalantly.

Oh, and if your favourite ring happens to go missing, then these are signs he will propose as soon as he finds the perfect engagement ring.

He will be dropping on one knee anytime soon. 

6. He is looking at rings online

If you require signs that he is going to propose, this one could be the one big sign you need. 

Is your boyfriend looking at engagement rings online? 

His researching how to find the perfect engagement ring BEFORE he buys is a sign that he is getting ready to purchase an engagement ring. 

He might get a little secretive when looking for the perfect engagement rings online. 

He might hide his phone more or even delete his browsing history.

This could seem suspicious, and you might even take it wrong. 

But if you trust your partner and want to marry him, trust that he might just be working on a special surprise or even planning a proposal. 

The fact that he is doing some research online about potentially purchasing an engagement ring could be a sign he’s searching for an engagement ring and doesn’t want you to see it.

Avoid being suspicious, and give him the space to shop for engagement rings!

7. Most of his friends are getting married

If most of his friends are married or leaping getting married, he might be next. 

You might even notice his friends joking with him, asking when he will be next to propose.

I would pay attention to his responses. 

He might tell you if he has bought an engagement ring or is planning to do so shortly.

8. He is showing signs of commitment

Usually, a man will commit when he feels a deep connection with a woman that he doesn’t feel with anyone else!

He expresses himself to you freely and may even start telling you how much you mean to him.

These are signs that he may be ready to commit and propose to you. 

A man will make time for things that matter the most to him.

If you matter enough to marry, he will act accordingly and see your wildest dreams come true.

If you start to notice that he’s showing more dedication and commitment to your relationship, something may be brewing.

Especially if it is more than usual, this could be a sign he’s about to propose.

Maybe it’s talking about the future or telling you that he sees you in his future.

That’s him subtly showing hints he’s about to drop a proposal soon! 

9. His savings are growing

While you might not know WHEN a proposal will happen, I am sure you can feel it is close on the horizon since you have both discussed certain aspects of marriage and starting a family.

If you notice that your man seems budget conscious and is managing money, it could be a sign he is getting ready to make a big purchase. 

It could be for an engagement ring. 

He might want to lower some debt, move his finances around, and even budget for an upcoming colossal expense. 

You might notice that he is starting to take a massive interest in cutting back on the usual expenses that he typically does. 

Engagement rings are costly. 

10. He starts to call you wifey 

When will he propose?

He is suddenly using pet names such as wifey, your highness, lady boss, etc. 

These cute names that come out of nowhere could indicate possible signs he bought an engagement ring and could be waiting for the perfect time to propose. 

These are signs he bought an engagement ring.

Because my now-husband and I had been together for over 13 years before he proposed, I automatically called him hubby. 

If he starts to refer to you as his wife or introduces you as his wife, chances are that he will propose soon. 

11. He’s talking to your friends more

Before my husband proposed, I was constantly looking for signs of a proposal. 

Constantly digging around for various signs he bought an engagement ring, especially after he planned a romantic trip to Paris one day. 

But the one obvious sign I had that he had bought an engagement ring was the increased secrecy between him and my best friends. 

After the proposal, my best friend told me she was relieved because holding a secret from me for so long was exhausting. 

And I told her I sensed something. 

I was right. 

We window-shopped around casually for rings, and she asked me many questions about what I loved and wanted. 

My rose gold ring is beautiful. 

12. He is anxious about the special day approaches 

This is an obvious sign that he bought an engagement ring and is about to propose to you. 

If there is a big holiday, like Thanksgiving, Valentine’s Day, Christmas, New Year’s Eve or even an anniversary, he could start to get nervous. 

I know a lot of men that have looked up Halloween wedding proposals

So, if you of a Holiday coming up, this could be it. 

I would give it some time for anxious women wondering when he will propose. 

He could be waiting for a specific moment, a birthday, or even a trip. 

Do you have any of those coming up?

Most men will propose a month to 6 months after getting the ring.

It’s closer to 3 months. 

But sometimes, he might be waiting to propose because he was waiting for that special day to come around. 

Here 15 undeniable strong signs he bought an Engagement Ring! Do you want to know the signs he bought an engagement ring? Read the article below to find out. Did he buy an engagement ring? Is it time to start planning the wedding yet?

13. He bought the ring now he is planning a surprise trip or outing

I mentioned earlier that my partner once planned a romantic trip for my 30th birthday to Paris, complete with a boat ride and dinner on the River Seine below the Eiffel Tower. 

It was romantic and beautiful, and I was sure he was showing signs that he had bought an engagement ring and was about to propose. 

But unfortunately, that was not my time. 

And I think he finally understood that I wanted that engagement ring. 

If your partner is suddenly planning a romantic trip somewhere special, he might be getting ready to propose. 

This is even real if you usually do not travel. 

And if you do travel frequently and he insists on planning this trip, he might be up to something special. 

14. You have a gut feeling he will propose

This is it if you are looking for obvious signs that he bought you an engagement ring. 

You know your man well enough, especially if you have been dating for a while now. 

If you feel it, then it’s on the horizon, and it’s meant to be. 

Trusting your gut instinct is the way to go, as it has probably never let you down. 

We all have that sixth sense going on in us. 

A man that is ready to propose will start to show you even more love as time approaches. 

He might:

  • Leave little love notes  around or loving text messages
  • Speak your love languages even more
  • Shower you with random, meaningful gifts

No, he is not cheating – he is just anxious and close to proposing to you. 

All of these are just subtle signs he will propose soon enough. 

15. He bought an engagement ring now he is planning something big

Is he planning something big?

He might be planning the proposal. 

It could be a trip, a family gathering with friends, or a photo shoot. 

My husband is a huge planner and is consistently surprising me. 

It is sometimes hard to know if he is planning anything unusual. 

But not every guy is like that. 

Some leave all the planning to their partners, and it is usually not them making any particular arrangements. 

If this is the case, and it feels unusual, or you have a gut feeling, he might have bought an engagement ring and is planning that unique proposal. 

Watch out. 

And there you have it, a solid list of signs he bought an engagement ring!

Here are 15 undeniable signs that he bought an engagement ring and he is about to propose! If you are looking for clear signs, know when your boyfriend will propose because you have been in a relationship for a while now, and we hear you. These signs are the best way to tell that your partner will propose soon!

He has the ring; when will he propose?

Typically if a guy has bought an engagement ring, he has close intentions of proposing soon. 

I can’t think of a guy that holds on to a ring just because. 

Except in romantic wedding movies where guys seem to have all the money to spend on a ring and randomly hold on to them for the “right time”!

Don’t get me wrong, I have heard of guys holding on to rings from mom or grandma (heirloom). 

In this case, they held on to propose until they met the right woman. 

Engagement rings are expensive, and taking a chance of losing them is not ideal. 

So how long after buying the ring will he propose?

Most men will purchase the ring 3 months before proposing. 

This means they have the ring on hand. 

This is usually recommended to them by the jeweller.  

Are you engaged?

Did you know he was going to propose?

What were some signs that he bought an engagement ring?

Share your thoughts below!

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15 Undeniable Signs He Bought An Engagement Ring & Will Propose