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Cheap wedding ideas for fall 2024

If you are looking for creative fall wedding ideas on a budget, you have come to the right place.

Planning a fall wedding is exciting.

Lucky for you, we have so many unique cheap wedding ideas for fall! 

Do you want to know how to have a cheap fall wedding?

We have details, so grab a pen and paper. 

I love the fall. 

I mean, who doesn’t love fall? 

This is the time of the year when it’s not too hot, but it’s not winter just yet. 

Your guests will appreciate that they won’t sweat in the humid heat. 

Fall weddings have become popular over the years. 

The fall is full of warm colours and visually rich backdrops, perfect for those photos you plan to take.

If planning a cozy fall wedding has always been your dream, you will love all our inexpensive wedding ideas. 

Whether you are looking to host a fall backyard wedding on a budget or simply planning a rustic wedding in a barn, we have fantastic ideas to get you started planning your fall wedding. 

As the fall season sets in, so do all the beautiful changes.

From leaves changing colours to weather changes, the fall season is romantic. 

These changes, especially the trees, are perfect for couples and wedding photos

The fall months are just the perfect time to have your wedding if fall is your favourite time.

We encourage you to plan a fall wedding on a budget using our favourite tips below. 

Fall weddings are just as popular as summer weddings. 

The demand is high, so finding ways to reduce wedding costs is essential. 

You can pull off a gorgeous, budget-friendly fall wedding with little effort. 

We have plenty of fall wedding inspiration ideas for you to pick from. 

Following these fall wedding tips can help you create a wow factor even while planning a low-budget wedding.

We will ensure you have the perfect day using all our frugal wedding tips.

You are here because you are looking for:

  • Inexpensive wedding ideas for fall

  • Simple fall wedding ideas to save 

  • Romantic fall-themed wedding ideas

  • Budget fall wedding ideas to save more

We have plenty of fantastic fall wedding tips for you today. 

Rest assured, we will answer all your fall wedding questions. 

Fall weddings can be booked relatively quickly due to the popularity of this wedding season. 

More couples are turning to this wedding season to say their I do’s because it’s much easier to plan. 

You must be careful with your wedding expenses because things can be as pricey as summer weddings. 

It doesn’t matter if you are scrolling the internet or Pinterest to find DIY fall wedding ideas to save or if you plan to have everything for cheap; the cost does add up depending on your plan. 

But do not worry; these things can be prevented by creating a master wedding plan that is infallible.

You will have your fall-themed wedding, whether the orange, dusty pink or rich purple wedding colours you choose or an intimate wedding in a barn; we have fantastic fall wedding ideas on a budget you can follow to save money.

Savvy couples know that planning any low-cost fall wedding requires an operating budget.  

A quick wedding budget checklist such as this one will help determine if you can afford a fall wedding on a budget, but at the end of the day, I recommend our Ultimate Wedding Budget bundle.

Grab this wedding budget spreadsheet printable to help meet all your wedding planning needs. Here's how to make a wedding budget that's perfect for you, without skimping on the fun stuff. Check our printable Wedding Budget Templates!

It’s designed to meet all your wedding planning needs and ensure you cover all your wedding expenses, leaving little to no surprises. 

Making a budget for your romantic fall wedding can also help you avoid spending more than planned.

Keep reading this post to learn more about using these perfect fall wedding ideas on a budget.

Here are our best tips for planning a fall wedding on a budget 2024

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Here are a few reasons why you should consider a fall wedding

With so many fun wedding ideas for fall on a budget, it’s hard not to choose this season for your big day. 

It’s the next popular season after summer. 

Summer weddings are popular but can cost you an arm and a leg for one day. 

Let me ease your mind if you are thinking about whether you should consider planning a fall-themed wedding. 

And for couples looking for cheap wedding ideas for fall, you will love all our tips. 

So why does everyone have a fall wedding?

The fall season is known as a transitional season. 

It is the perfect time to have a wedding, especially if you are considering the weather. 

As you know, summer weddings can be extremely hot and humid. 

It can also be expensive. 

And right after fall, you have the winter.

Winter weddings are magical and can save you thousands of dollars, but the weather can also be unpredictable. 

But fall weddings offer you the flexibility to plan anything you want. 

You can also score beautiful fall flowers that make your wedding look magazine-worthy.

Let’s not forget delicious fall wedding menus that your guests will love. 

Incorporating seasonal flavours like pumpkin, pears, figs and root vegetables into your dinner menu will perfectly complete your fall wedding theme. 

And for this reason, fall weddings have slowly become the most popular wedding season. 

With the leaves changing into oranges and reds and falling onto the ground, the fall is the most beautiful time to have an outdoor wedding ceremony.

The stunning foliage presents the most romantic setting for gorgeous fall wedding photos. 

Whether you are looking for intimate, small wedding ideas for fall or planning something special and need elegant fall wedding ideas, we have budget tips for stretching your dollars. 

For more reasons and inspiration for planning a fall wedding, check out our fall wedding ideas below, including the best fall colour trends to follow and some affordable fall wedding tips that won’t break the bank! 

We will share some of our best fall wedding ideas on a budget below. 

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Simple Fall Wedding Tips On A Budget:

Read the post below to find excellent, unique, affordable fall wedding ideas that will help you save money for your dream wedding without spending thousands.  

After reading this, you will love fall weddings just like everyone else. 

And if you already love fall as much as we do, you’ll want to showcase the particular time of year and your big day in several ways.

Our fall wedding ideas will help you accomplish that.

Go ahead and try out these simple fall wedding ideas:

Here 15 epic ways to have a fall frugal wedding on a budget. If you are looking for fall wedding ideas on a budget, you have come to the right place. Fall weddings are popular right now and are insanely beautiful. If you are planning on having a fall on a budget and are looking for creative ways to cut cost, you have come to right place. Best tips for planning a fall wedding on a tight budget.

1. Fall Wedding Venue Ideas

Your wedding venue, especially the reception location, is where you will spend the majority of your time as well as a big chunk of your wedding budget.

Make sure you choose a great venue to compliment your wedding fall theme.

I  have plenty of wedding reception ideas on a budget on the blog, so be sure to read those. 

It will help you develop excellent fall wedding ideas on your desired budget. 

Before choosing your wedding venue or booking any wedding vendor, grab our vendor payment tracker today!

Planning a fall wedding on a budget will require you to stick to your wedding budget as much as possible, and tracking it will ensure you are not overspending. 

A $ 10,000 wedding budget for your simple fall wedding can quickly disappear if you are not careful. 

Before you book your wedding venue, I suggest visiting a few places to find the right location to accommodate your theme.

Ideally, finding a venue that matches your wedding theme for fall will mean you will not spend much money purchasing extra decor needed to recreate the look. 

The venue will speak for itself. 

To save even more money on your wedding venue, I recommend booking only one platform if you are on a tight budget. 

More often than not, wedding ceremonies and receptions are held separately.

So, if you can, try to host your ceremony and reception venue in one place; it will save money, especially on transportation costs.

Doing this would also be more convenient for your guests who may have difficulty transferring locations, such as the older generation and persons with different abilities.

Another thing to consider when booking your wedding venue for your fall wedding is to consider decorations. 

If your venue is already fall-inspired, you will spend less money on fall decorations! 

Grand lodges or rustic wedding venues would be the best options. 

These typically make for suitable fall venues.

But you can choose any wedding venue and incorporate simple fall wedding decorations to achieve a wedding theme for fall.

Fall wedding venue outdoor ideas:

  • Farms
  • Vineyards
  • Campgrounds
  • Ranches
  • Distilleries
  • Gardens
  • The forest 
  • Orchard
  • Sunflower field

Fall wedding venue indoor ideas

  • Lodges
  • Ranches
  • Barns
  • Farms
  • Community halls
  • Airbnb
  • Rustic banquet halls
  • Cabins
  • Cottages
  • Private properties

Don’t hesitate to look at unconventional or alternative wedding venues to help bring your fall wedding vision to life. 

Back in the day, you had limited options in terms of places you could get married. 

These days, couples are looking into unique places to get married, which can save them money. 

 the more unique your wedding is, the more memorable it will be…

Think outside the box, and I am sure you will find a venue that suits your needs and matches your budget. 


Rustic chic wedding venue idea for fall weddings. If you are looking for the perfect fall wedding venue, this elegant farmhouse idea might work. Look around your area to see if they are any farmhouse wedding venues.

Farmhouse wedding venue / Rancho Dos Pueblos / Photo Christy Johnson

2. Fall Wedding Attire

It could be warm or chilly when you host your fall wedding. 

Dressing accordingly should be a priority if it’s a little cooler. 

Everybody wants to look their best on their wedding day.

But comfort should always be your priority.

Nothing will look more awkward than photos with a freezing bride and bridesmaids.

You will love this section if you need cute fall wedding ideas for clothing. 

Wedding attire is a great way to bring your wedding theme full circle. 

Wear sleeves with your wedding dress, or get a long-sleeved wedding dress.

It is an elegant style and, more importantly, will be a little warmer. 

Get creative with faux fur wraps perfect for fall and weddings, if anything, and fancy footwear.

You can also choose a beautiful wedding dress that has sleeves. 

Fall weddings are generally considered from mid-September to the end of November. 

The exact dates will differ from year to year scientifically. 

Consider this when deciding on your fall wedding ideas on a budget. 

You do not need to sacrifice either fashion or comfort when choosing your wedding attire.

If the temperature is colder, you can put tights or leggings underneath the dress.

This goes for your maid of honour and bridesmaids if they also wear a long dress.

Your wedding party should also dress warmly to avoid getting sick.

You can find beautiful bridesmaid dresses perfect for fall over at Azazie

For fall weddings, mix-and-match bridesmaids’ dresses always look beautiful. 

Let’s talk money. 

The average amount of money spent on a wedding gown is around $1,600, according to The Knot.

Here is where to find fall wedding gowns on a budget :

You can opt for off-the-rack wedding dresses at your local store or pre-owned ones!

Long sleeve Bohemian Wedding Dress perfect for a fall wedding. If you are having a fall wedding, it's best to wear a long-sleeved wedding dress. Lace Wedding Dress, Low Back Wedding Dress, Hippie Wedding Dress, Beach Wedding Dress, Vintage Wedding Dress, Organic Wedding Dress, Boho Wedding dress.

Get this beauty right here.

Bridesmaid’s Dresses in Fall Colors

Fall colours are fantastic for bridesmaids’ dresses. 

I love the look of earth-tone colours, such as mustard, rust and neutral tones. 

Champagne, gold and dark greens make for incredible fall pallets. 

Here’s a little inspiration for you:

Mix and match bridesmaids dress perfect for fall wedding. These bridesmaids dresses are just perfect for a fall wedding. You can grab the rust and orange bridesmaid dresses for your bridal party.

Source: Peyton Byford /Dress: Vera Wang /Similar bridesmaids’ dresses on Azazie

Fall bridesmaid dress wedding colour. I love these Moody dusty rose bridesmaid dresses with satin & velvet textures.

Source: Victoria Selman Photographer // Bridal Gown // Martina Liana Bridesmaid’s Attire // Shop Revelry

Fall bohemian velvet jewel tone bridesmaid dresses. Perfect couples having a fall wedding. Check out these gorgeous bridesmaids.

Source: Sara Fitz Co //Dresses: Bella Bridesmaids

Infinity champagne bridesmaids dresses for fall weddings. For a fall wedding, these infinity bridesmaids dresses are just perfect.

Infinity champagne bridesmaids dress for fall weddings!

Groom & Groomsmen Fall attires

There are so many great fall suits for the men in your lives. 

When planning a fall wedding on a budget, it is important to consider the quality of the clothing you pick. 

I love this affordable wool mix suit jacket in stone herringbone

And you can’t go wrong with this gorgeous attire or this camel crosshatch wedding suit

Are you planning a fall wedding? Then you are going to love these fall grooms attire for fall weddings.

Source: Rebecca Carpenter Photography via Whimsical Wonderland Wedding

Fall wedding attire ideas for the groom. Are you planning a fall wedding? Then you are going to love these fall grooms attire for fall weddings.

Source: Dakota Lynn Photography

Stunning fall suit for a fall wedding.Fall wedding attire ideas for the groom. Are you planning a fall wedding? Then you are going to love these fall grooms attire for fall weddings.

Source: Hello May

3. Have an Intimate Fall Wedding

Consider an elegant and intimate fall wedding to save money. 

Just because you are on a budget, it doesn’t mean you can’t look at elegant fall wedding ideas. 

If you are on a budget, only invite those that matter. 

Doing this will have the most significant impact on your wedding budget. 

Cutting your guest list will reduce your spending on your big day.

The more guests you add to your list, the more money you spend to cater to everyone. 

Keeping the guest list small is the best and fastest way to minimize your wedding cost.

You will have fewer mouths to feed, fewer tables (so fewer decorations), and less of everything. 

And the more people you have attending your special day, the more stressed you will be before and during your wedding planning process.

Spending thousands of dollars to be stressed out is honestly not worth it.

I love the idea of keeping weddings in a more intimate setting, hence the popularity of micro weddings. 

This may not be an option for most couples, especially if you have a big family, but sometimes, you must make sacrifices when things are tight. 

You want to invite family or friends that you are close to and those who have been involved in your relationship. 

If you haven’t spoken to Uncle Jack or Aunt Betty in over 10 years, I don’t think your wedding is the right time to plan a family reunion. 

Your high school friends or friends on Facebook or Instagram should not be invited to the wedding either. 

As I mentioned, weddings are costly.

Those who love you and are part of your day-to-day life should witness your blessing. 

Use this guest list planner to create a wedding list for your upcoming fall wedding. 

You can find many unique, small, intimate fall wedding ideas online to help you plan your perfect day. 

You must be creative if you are looking for budget fall wedding ideas. 

With the help of technology, you can live-stream your wedding to include other guests. 

This will allow those who could not attend to participate and still be part of your big day. 

So go ahead and cut down your wedding list and host an intimate one. 

It will save you the most money in the long run. 

4. RSVPs + Fall Wedding Invitation Designs

I typically recommend that my couples notify their wedding guests about their upcoming big day as soon as they have a date.

This is extremely important if you plan to host your wedding around big holidays such as Thanksgiving, Labour Day weekend or any other prominent holidays. 

The holiday season is a hectic time of year for many people. 

If that is the case, you should let your guests know as early as possible about your plan to host a holiday wedding. 

But you should be fine if it’s just a wedding in the fall. 

You can send save-the-date cards or your fall wedding invitations earlier than usual. 

Although I recommend you have a smaller guest list to save money, you don’t want any guests not to RSVP to your big day. 

The same goes for your wedding vendors who might already have holiday plans; you want to book early. 

Here is a vendor wedding timeline and checklist on when you should be booking vendors.

Follow the guide whether you are looking for small fall wedding ideas or planning an extravagant fall wedding affair.

As a fall bride, you’ll want wedding invitations that reflect the season and your big-day wedding theme.

You can find all the fall-themed wedding invite designs you could ever dream of on Minted

With Minted, you can get 10 free samples to ensure you love your invitations. 

When designing your invites for your fall weddings, consider incorporating seasonal colours to keep everything in a theme.

Choosing fall wedding palettes such as burgundy, russet and golden tones or adding botanical details will give you a cohesive look to match all your fall wedding theme ideas. 

Warmer colours and jewel tones work best for fall weddings. 

If you use fall-inspired wedding invitations with fall colour palettes, your guests will quickly understand you are having a fall wedding. 

With Minted, you can pick your invitations based on season, theme and colour. 

If you intend on planning a fall wedding, I suggest cuddling up by the fire with a blanket, sipping some hot cider, and browsing through the fall collection on Minted

Minted offers fantastic discount codes throughout the year, so if you are considering planning a fall wedding on a budget, keep an eye out for those codes. 

“Harvest” Fall Wedding Invitation

Extremely gorgeous fall wedding invitations for budget brides. Here a few fall wedding invitations that scream fall season for fall weddings. If you are having a fall wedding, you might want to look at these fall wedding invitations.

Grab this fall-inspired wedding invitation right here

Cute fall wedding invitation for fall weddings! Extremely gorgeous fall wedding invitations for budget brides.

Grab this fall-inspired wedding invitation right here

Here are a few affordable wedding invitations budget! Or maybe you are still looking for an Ideas of Wedding invitations online ? here we are! The ideas for Custom Wedding invitations are here! On our website you will find plenty of Beautiful wedding invitations , from rustic Unique wedding invitations to giltter glamor Modern Wedding invitations or boho style Wedding invitations custom.

Grab this fall-inspired wedding invitation right here

You will find plenty of unique and affordable wedding invitations on Minted.  

They will fit perfectly with all your DIY fall wedding ideas. 

5. Best Fall Wedding Theme Ideas

Couples looking for creative fall wedding ideas on a budget should consider working with themes that match the season so they do not need to splurge on extra decor. 

Decorations are usually the one thing most couples want to plan. 

It’s exciting coming up with all the little ideas to set the tone for your big day. 

But costs can quickly creep up with just about anything related to weddings. 

Whether you plan to DIY your fall wedding ideas or are looking for wedding themes, we have a few tips. 

To keep things within budget, picking a venue that will set the tone for your big is always recommended. 

This will ensure you work with what you have instead of purchasing more items to make your wedding look fall-themed. 

If you love bronze, orange, deep purples, reds and greens, you will love planning a wedding in the fall. 

Metallic colours like copper, gold and bronze also work beautifully for fall weddings.

The rich fall colours are perfect when choosing the palette for your fall wedding decorations.

Here are the fall wedding colours for 2024:

  • Rust red + Gold
  • Moody Dusty Rose + Gold
  • Copper toned + Burnt orange
  • Dusty blue + White + Green
  • Teal + Tangerine
  • Dusty Rose + Burgundy 
  • Wine + Gold
  • Rust + Orange
  • Rust + Terracotta

If you are looking for unique wedding colours, be inspired by this colour combination. Rust and Terracotta! Rust or Terracotta is still the hottest color for fall weddings.

Photo Credits: June Bug Weddings

This terracotta-inspired wedding theme is simply gorgeous. 

I love all the dusty rose wedding themes I have seen on Pinterest lately.

More often than not, fall wedding colour palettes have darker, richer hues. 

Think about all the pretty fall wedding colours and how you can incorporate them into your theme. 

Fall weddings using foliage and natural and organic elements can easily stick to a reasonable budget. 

When coming up with simple fall wedding ideas, you must consider the wedding theme you want to incorporate.

A few fall-themed ideas you can incorporate into your wedding include but are not limited to pumpkins, harvest, gourds, hay bales, dried leaves, corn, apples or maize. 

These seasonal elements can be used to decorate your fall wedding on a budget. 

A few wedding themes for fall include:

Use all these fall-themed wedding ideas to create and design a unique fall wedding inspired by your taste and style. 

Ideas for your fall wedding decorations on a budget could be anything you want, from placing your flowers in hollowed-out pumpkins instead of vases to decorating your wedding aisle with pretty pumpkins.   

6. Fall Wedding Decoration Ideas on a Budget

If you are here looking for cheap fall wedding decorations, I am glad you are here.

Finding creative fall wedding ideas that won’t do a number on your wallets is what we strive to share with you.

It’s time to look at fall wedding decoration ideas on a budget that will make your dream wedding feel and look magical. 

You can check out our DIY wedding decor from the dollar store right here to help you save more for your fall wedding.

You will be surprised at what you can make, especially if you want a few DIY fall wedding ideas to get your creative juices flowing. 

And for tips on setting up your tables, check out these elegant wedding tablescape ideas.

My articles on cheap wedding decorations on a budget and unique wedding reception ideas are also helpful.

They will help you get some ideas for your fall wedding.

Remember to check with your venue and see what is already provided when looking for unique wedding reception ideas. 

Use what is already available to you. 

Everything else you can try to DIY or purchase. 

DIY fall wedding decorations are easy to do if you are creative. 

An example would be these apple tea light votives in My Garden Life.

They are an excellent idea for those not looking to spend a lot of money but want creative fall-themed wedding ideas. 

The tea light candles are available very inexpensively at the dollar store or on Amazon. 

Other fall wedding DIY ideas to consider: 

Consider decorating your fall wedding using rich and warm tones of red, burgundy, deep purples, gold, bronze, deep purples, and greens.

Using earth tone colours such as browns and tans are great accent wedding colours. 

Use what you have available from the venue to avoid spending more. 

Your job will be to enhance it and make it feel magical. 

For example, you can use fall leaves and branches for wedding decorations. 

Have a few handy to decorate your wedding tablescapes. 

These simple fall wedding decorations match the theme and save you money. 

You can use these dried phalaris brown grass, pampas grass and these elegant ceramic vases to create simple fall centrepieces for your wedding reception.

You can also use these assorted fall-inspired stubby vases or these ceramic vases and drop a single flower or a bunch of pampas grass. 

Use branches carefully in your vases with some pampas grass.

Include pillar candles to add a warm ambiance to your tables. 

Sprinkle some fall leaves around your centrepieces to give them a complete fall-themed feel. 

Don’t forget details such as place cards and unique fall gift favours such as cute cozy blankets, coffee grounds, custom mugs, wedding ornaments or seasonal lip balm. 

As you can see, you can save money on your fall wedding decor by using things given to us by nature, such as leaves and branches.

Here are a few more examples of ways to decorate your fall wedding:

fall wedding reception decor ideas. Use pumpkins to decorate your wedding reception hall. Fall wedding theme decorating ideas for fall lovers.

Source: Gina Paulson planning: Holcomb Events venue: Kelley Farm florist: Paisley Petals rentals: Meaningful DetailsVintage Ambiance

Fall aisle ideas for weddings. Gorgeous Leaf Ideas for a Fall Wedding

Image source: Belle Magazine via Rebecca Ellison Photography 

Simple diy fall wedding decorations for your wedding. Fall centerpieces with pampas grass.

Pampas Grass Centerpieces via Hey Wedding Lady

Set up a fall cocktail area for your guests. I am loving this fall wedding lounge your guests can sit during cocktail hour to get to know each other. Fall weddings is about coziness.

Cozy fall wedding lounge area / Designed by Shannon Wellington – furniture courtesy of Maggpie.

Check out this cute DIY fall pumpkin wedding card box. If you are having a fall wedding, you might want to check out this Wedding Card Box Idea You Can DIY. Wedding card boxes are a great wedding decor item you can DIY to create the perfect day. Fall in love with these unique wedding card box ideas that you can include in your wedding decor planning.

Fall wedding card box you can DIY – Tutorial on Something Turquoise!

Don’t forget to check Amazon for affordable wedding decorations. 

Amazon wedding decorations are cheap and quick to set up. 

I hope you enjoyed these simple fall wedding decoration ideas on a budget.

Fall wedding tablescape ideas:

The most popular wedding styles for fall lovers are the farmhouse style or a romantic rustic fall wedding. 

The theme should be apparent with the use of your wedding decorations. 

 Orange, rust, burgundy, emerald, gold, mustard or a palette of warm, earthy tones is famous now for fall wedding colours. 

Use wooden lanterns and leaves to give a fall wedding its rustic theme. 

Creating fall-inspired wedding tablescapes ideas. Top Amazing Fall Wedding Table Decor Ideas to Inspire. We have rounded up some of the most FABULOUS and classy ideas to add seasonal fall touches to your wedding with out it looking like an autumnal theme.

Via Daisie and Pearls

Rust and blush wedding inspiration. moody fall wedding inspiration with shades of blush and rust.

Rust and Blush Wedding Via Junebug Wedding /Photography – Dawn Charles

7. Fall Wedding Flower Ideas and Arrangements

Fall wedding ideas on a budget can be simplified if you stick to things available during the fall season. 

Sticking to flowers and plants in the season is best to maximize your wedding savings. 

Your fall-inspired wedding flowers can be found in your fall colour palettes of orange, red, yellow, purple, and even brown hues.

Fall flowers include garden roses, Amaranthus, pampas grass, succulents, dahlias, Chrysanthemums, calla lilies, and my favourite, Cymbidium orchids can be found in various colours.

These make it the perfect bloom to use in your wedding flower arrangements.

I love cute fall wedding bouquets with sunflowers

And you can never go wrong with having a fall-inspired wedding with pampas grass as the main decor element. 

Don’t forget to ask your wedding florist for cheap fall wedding ideas for your flowers.

They are more knowledgeable. 

When working with your florist, stick to these flowers or other in-season florals as they make them a budget-friendly option for your elegant fall wedding on a budget. 

If you are planning a fall wedding, trust me when I say your blooms will look amazing.

Your fall wedding bouquets will be gorgeous if you use in-season flowers. 

And the more greenery you can add to your bouquets, centrepieces and floral arrangements, the more money you can save. 

This will also give the added complete look you might need. 

A gorgeous fall wedding bouquet is a must-have, so don’t skimp.

For simple fall wedding ideas, stick to our recommendations to save money. 

Gorgeous wedding bouquet for rustic weddings. Winter wedding is the next to fall/autumn wedding season. Check out these amazing wedding floral bouquet ideas.

Source: Intimate weddings / Photography: Wild Love Photography / Florists: Copper & Birch

8. Fall Wedding Food Ideas On A Budget

If you are looking for affordable fall-themed wedding food ideas, this is your section. 

We have plenty of cheap fall wedding food ideas if you are tight on money. 

Because you are planning a fall wedding on a budget, you must devise a menu you can afford while keeping guests in mind. 

Warm drinks and food are always rewarding as guests enter your reception hall to warm up. 

Fall weather is always unpredictable. 

It could be warm or a little chilly. 

Serve your guests a mix of cold and hot canapés as they arrive indoors to warm up.

Hors d’oeuvres or stationed buffets help get your wedding guest talking, so do not skimp on these. 

They are a great idea as your guests start to mix and mingle while sipping cocktails and sampling a wide variety of foods. 

So, what are some examples of cold or hot appetizers for fall?

Examples of cheap hot wedding canapes include:

  • Saucy mini meatballs on skewers
  • Tomato soup shooters topped with a wedge of grilled cheese
  • Seared sea scallops and mozzarella/tomato bites

Examples of cheap cold wedding canapes include:

  • Wild mushroom and tarragon tarts
  • Bruschetta with caramelized red onions in balsamic and thyme, crispy pancetta and shavings of parmesan

Easy Fall Appetizer for weddings. Check out this delicious Fig and Pumpkin Seed Bruschetta is an easy fall recipe for a wedding appetizers.

Fig and Pumpkin Seed Bruschetta from City Farm House

You can also choose a charcuterie bar with assorted cheeses and fruits. 

Honestly, as long as they are at least warm and filling, your wedding guests will love these tasty treats.

Then, you can serve up your main dishes, desserts and late-night snacks. 

Read this next post if you want cheap wedding reception food ideas and this one for affordable wedding reception buffet menu ideas

It’s packed with many excellent tips you can use for your fall wedding ideas on a budget when it comes to food.

9. Fall Wedding Drink Ideas

Fall is a season full of vibrant colours and chilled weather, so your guests will enjoy sipping delicious fall cocktails!

Add a few cinnamon sticks to your drink, and your cocktail is complete. 

Those looking for creative fall wedding ideas on a budget should offer simple drinks that don’t cost an arm and a leg.

There is nothing wrong with offering your guests wine and beer for your wedding. 

I would make sure the drinks are fall-inspired. 

Pair this with his and her fall wedding signature drinks, and you will have planned a day for you and your guests. 

Signature cocktails tend to get overlooked during the wedding planning process. 

But they can save you money if you can negotiate a price. 

Not only are they fun, but they are a great idea for showing your personality throughout your wedding day. 

My favourite fall wedding cocktails include a red wine cocktail, caramel apple mimosa and an apple whiskey smash.

You can view all the recipes right here

A well-planned romantic fall wedding is a beautiful blend of great style, personal touches and contemporary festive styling. 

For more Cheap fall wedding ideas, I recommend adding a tasty punch that can be refilled. 

This can be non-alcoholic or alcoholic. 

A hot apple cider punch is also an excellent item to serve at your fall wedding reception. 

Not sure what to serve your guest for your wedding, check out these delicious fall signature wedding drinks perfect to warm up your guests this fall.

10. Fall Wedding Cake Ideas

There is nothing yummier than serving great cake at your wedding. 

I’m not fond of cake, but everything differs during fall.

I think it’s all the delicious fall flavours. 

You can never go wrong with fall flavours, from pumpkin to cinnamon to apple spice. 

Wedding cakes can get expensive quickly.  

Whether you are looking for fall wedding cakes with simple or extravagant designs, we always recommend you have a cake and cupcake wedding cake budget before visiting your cake artist.

A wedding cake can run a few dollars quickly if you are not careful. 

It will depend on the following:

  • The number of guests
  • Your fall cake design & flavours
  • Cake supplies and setup elements

A quick wedding budget checklist will help you stay on budget.

For inexpensive wedding ideas for fall, you want to ensure your dollars work for you. 

Instead of buying a large fall wedding cake, maybe have a simple single-tiered cake for the cutting and serve your guests inexpensive fall wedding cupcakes

Another simple fall wedding idea you could use when it comes to cake is to ask your caters if they could remove their cake from the dinner package and allow you to serve your wedding cake or cheap cake from Costco. 

Do this only if they reduce your dinner menu costs.

Or you can offer to use the otherwise cake funds to get more food, such as a late-night snack. 

We have a few fall wedding cake ideas and flavours if you need a few.

There are a variety of seasonal cake flavours that are perfect for any fall wedding.

I suggest trying to stick to these flavours if you want to stay on theme with fall weddings:

  • Maple
  • Pecan
  • Pumpkin
  • Apple
  • Cinnamon
  • Marshmallow
  • Caramel
  • Gingerbread, pear
  • Chai spice
  • Chocolate or hazelnut
  • Cinnamon
  • Spiced carrot
  • Salted Caramel Banana
  • Coffee Buttercream 
  • Maple Buttercream

These are all the delicious and different cake flavours you can choose for a fall wedding.

Add some figs, cinnamon sticks, mini pumpkins and other natural elements for a beautiful winter or fall wedding. 

Check out these classy Halloween-themed wedding cakes or elegant black ones for ideas and inspiration. 

And my personal favourite is this excellent list of rustic fall wedding cake ideas.

Warm & Rustic Fall Wedding Styled Shoot. The cake is gorgeous and perfect for a fall wedding. Fall wedding cake ideas worth saving.

Via Pretty Little Vintage // Photographer: Tracy Jade Photography

11. Keeping your guest cozy

Fall is the officially relaxing month.

This means the weather can get a bit colder than it is usually. 

And even though you are looking for simple fall wedding ideas that won’t cost you much, it is crucial to consider your guests. 

It can be cold or manageable depending on when you plan to host your fall wedding. 

It is crucial that your guests feel warm and comfortable on your big day.

You are responsible for them and don’t want anyone catching a nasty cold.

As much as they can dress warmly, ensuring your guests feel warm is vital. 

We have already provided warm food and drinks (warm apple cider), but what else can you do to ensure your wedding guests stay warm on your big day?

There are plenty of ways to keep your guests warm and comfortable during your big day so they focus on celebrating the happy couple! 

Cute fall wedding blankets to warm yup your guests on their wedding day this fall.

12. Fall Wedding Favours Ideas On A Budget

If you are on a tight budget and looking for good ideas for fall weddings on a budget, then skip the wedding favours. 

This is usually on my list of unnecessary wedding expenses worth not purchasing. 

The internet is full of elegant fall wedding ideas, and many can feel overwhelming. 

 If you are on a budget, you can skip out on having wedding favours

Wedding favours are small gifts given as a gesture of appreciation or gratitude to guests from the bride and groom during the wedding ceremony or reception.

For simple wedding ideas for fall, skip this section if your budget is tight. 

This wedding tradition is not dying anytime soon, so if you do decide it fits into your wedding budget, then here are a few fall wedding favours that might work:

Fall wedding favour ideas for guests. This cute jam jar wedding favour is perfect for gifting your wedding party if you are having a fall wedding. Jars of homemade jelly for wedding guest gifts. Cute personalized mason jars with wax seals and jute twine. Wedding favours for lake weddings and decor ideas for log cabin weddings.

Jam jar wedding favours// Via Copper Blue Photography & Designs

13. Outdoor Fall Wedding 

Fall weddings are quickly replacing summer as the go-to wedding season of the year.

Don’t let the crisp air stop you from enjoying a romantic outdoor wedding in the fall. 

And if you can, avoid these backyard wedding planning mistakes

Decoration won’t be an issue as the seasonal backdrop of fall foliage and changing leaves make outdoor celebrations magical. 

If you’re hosting a fall wedding at an outdoor venue, you can incorporate plenty of seasonal touches into your wedding ceremony and reception that are budget-friendly.

Fall is the perfect time to add cozy elements to your wedding day.

Especially since temperatures will start to cool. 

Don’t forget to have some warm blankets to help keep your guests warm. 

As with any outdoor event, you will want a backup plan for your outdoor fall wedding if the weather doesn’t cooperate. 

Consider tent rentals with a few heat warmers or a wedding venue offering indoor options so the rain won’t spoil your day.

Stunning outdoor wedding venue for fall weddings. This cozy warmth of a farmhouse meets this industrial chic venue.

Cozy farmhouse wedding venue for fall – via Wedding Chicks

14. Best Time To Have A Fall Wedding

If you are looking for perfect fall wedding dates to save money, this section is for you.

It’s important to understand that this will differ for everyone, depending on your location. 

Finding a suitable month to get married in any season can be tricky. 

I suggest avoiding any long weekends during the fall if you are thinking of planning a fall wedding on a budget. 

Holidays and long weekends are great as most people will party longer, but they also have downfalls. 

Planning a wedding during a holiday or long weekend is expensive as most establishments will charge exclusive pricing for even having people work during the holidays. 

Long weekends to avoid during fall:

  • Labour Day long weekend
  • Columbus Day weekend
  • Thanksgiving Holiday

October is also a great month to get married because it is between all the popular holidays and right before winter.

Even though fall is the most popular wedding season, November is among the least popular months to get married.

Only about six percent of weddings take place in November.

So, if you are considering having a fall wedding on a budget, I suggest aiming for one in November. 

Fall weddings in November are gorgeous. 

As most wedding venues and vendors would be slow, you might get away with asking for additional discounts. 

If you follow all our cheap wedding ideas today, you can have a perfectly planned fall wedding on a budget this year. 

Gorgeous custom fall wedding sign. Custom last name sign for your sweetheart table decor or wedding backdrop sign.

Custom Wedding Sign From Etsy

15. Cozy Fall Wedding Photos

If you’re planning a wedding between late September and November, you can take full advantage of the beautiful scenery of the fall season. 

But remember that the fall season has a few challenges, especially concerning the weather. 

The weather can be unpredictable, and daylight savings makes for a shorter period to get your desired photos.

As the temperature starts to cool down during fall, you must be prepared for last-minute changes in the weather.

Be sure to schedule your fall wedding photoshoot in the morning if possible. 

This could mean that you end up doing a first look. 

While the fall daylights tend to be perfect for outdoor shoots, the days are shorter.

Make a shot list of all your desired photos before the wedding, such as detail shots or the treasured dress reveal and share this with your photographer.

If it works with your wedding schedule, try to shoot during the golden hour, about an hour before sunset.

And lastly, embrace the fall colours. 

Your wedding photos will be gorgeous. 

If it works with your wedding schedule, try to shoot during the golden hour, about an hour before sunset.

And that is it for ideas for fall weddings on a budget!

Romantic Golden hour sunset bridal portraits. If you are having a fall wedding, consider asking your photographer for a golden hour wedding shoot.

Photographer: Elsa Eileen Photography

More wedding ideas for fall on a budget

If fall is your favourite season, you will love these fall-inspired wedding photos to help plan your big day.  

Make your fall wedding unique by featuring your favourite go-to fall items such as foods, drinks and decorations. 

This post has plenty of cheap fall wedding ideas and inspiration. 

Pick a few ideas you resonate with to plan your dream fall wedding

Are you having a fall wedding? Consider Serving pie for dessert on your wedding

Pie wedding station //Photo source: Angie Wilson

Check out this cute Apple Cider Bar and Donut Bar from a fall farm wedding. If you are looking for ideas on what to serve your guests this fall, click here now!

Apple Cider and Donut Station // Featured on Red Barn

Apple cider punch for weddings. Click here to get inspired by this gorgeous fall wedding. If you are looking for inspiration for your fall wedding, you will love this post.

Via Rustic Wedding Chic

An Intimate outdoor fall wedding ceremony. Romantic bohemian wedding ceremony in the fall. Groom in a green detailed suit and bride in boho lace dress l hair accessories.

A bohemian outdoor fall wedding ceremony // Photography by Laura Williams Photography // via M. Fiore Events

Stunning Fall Wedding Flower Bouquets for fall lovers.Fall is an absolutely stunning time of year, and one of the best times to get married. fall brides is that they have the best of all blooms to choose from.

Gorgeous fall bridal bouquet via Rosemary & Finch Floral Design //Photography: Haley George

Elegant fall wedding ideas. Bohemian-inspired fall wedding idea on a farm perfect for fall lovers!

Elegant Boho Terracotta Inspired farm wedding // Source: Krysten Ashlay Photography.

Creating fall-inspired wedding tablescapes ideas. Top Amazing Fall Wedding Table Decor Ideas to Inspire. We have rounded up some of the most FABULOUS and classy ideas to add seasonal fall touches to your wedding with out it looking like an autumnal theme.

Source: Samantha Taylor Photography

Fall wedding centerpieces are an amazing way to celebration with warmth and burst of colors of this romantic season. See the latest arrangement ideas to make the big-day perfect.


Cute fall photobooth idea that can first be used for ceremony if you are on a tight budget. DIY photobooth ideas for budget-friendly brides or couples.

DIY Fall Photobooth idea – can be used as ceremony first – via Whimsical Wonderland Weddings

Are Fall Weddings Cheap?

Following these easy tips can save you a lot of money when planning a fall wedding. 

Even though they are growing in popularity, fall weddings are generally cheaper than planning during peak season.

Peak wedding season, including summer weddings, usually runs from late May to early fall. 

Fall can bring down the cost of your wedding as vendors typically drop their prices to help incentivize brides to book them during that time. 

If you love a particular wedding vendor, don’t hesitate to negotiate further and get a better price for your fall wedding. 

This alone is an excellent reason to plan a wedding in the fall. 

As you can see from all the fall wedding ideas and pictures shared today, you can easily plan a small, intimate wedding and save a ton of money. 

If you do not have a wedding planner to help negotiate wedding vendor rates, I suggest grabbing this wedding planner printable to simplify your wedding plans. 

It will save you a lot of headaches in the long run. 

We all know how stressful wedding planning can get. 

If you want more wedding day tips and tricks, check out other posts on the blog. 

Which of these fall wedding tips do you resonate with the most?

We have provided a lot of fantastic wedding ideas for the fall. 

Please don’t feel pressured to use them all. 

Plan a wedding that resonates with your budget. 

If you have any other fall wedding tips you would like to follow, please share them below.

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15 Best Fall Wedding Ideas On A Budget For Fall Lovers