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Delicious Cupcakes for Fall Weddings

If you are looking for ideas for some elegant fall wedding cupcakes, you have come to the right place. 

First, let me start by saying fall is just around the corner. 

And second, I love the fall season. 

It’s one of my favourite times of the year, especially for the wedding season, because we are just past the scorching summer months, and it’s just starting to cool down now but is not too cold yet, and you can still enjoy the outdoors because you are not sweating. 

Fall also means sweater season, pumpkin lattes and fall proposal time

The beautiful fall leaves are starting to change or have completely changed.

This makes it a lovely backdrop for stunning fall wedding photos. 

These fall cupcake ideas are a must if you are getting married in the fall season. 

Whether you have a modern-styled or rustic wedding, these fall wedding cupcakes will work perfectly with your wedding theme. 

Today will be sharing fall cupcake themes perfect for displaying at your wedding reception. 

But don’t let wedding themes restrict you from having the wedding cake or cupcakes of your dreams. 

Check out Instagram or TikTok, and if you look up the fall wedding cupcake ideas hashtag, you will be surprised at how many amazing cupcakes come up. 

This is your chance if you want to forgo traditional wedding cakes and serve lovely fall cupcakes. 

You can also have both. 

Whether you are looking for mini fall wedding cupcakes or fall wedding cupcakes with extravagant designs, you will love these fall-themed wedding cupcakes below. 

We always recommend you have a cake and cupcake wedding cake budget before visiting your cake artist.

They can run a few dollars quickly if you are not careful. 

It will depend on:

  • The number of guests
  • Your fall cupcake design & flavours
  • Cake supplies and setup elements

A quick wedding budget checklist will help you stay on budget.

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We have you covered if you want fall-decorated cupcakes or simple ideas for fall wedding cupcakes. 

You are here today because:

  • You are looking for fall-themed wedding cupcakes

  • You need cupcakes recipes for fall 

  • You need a list of the best cupcake flavours for fall

  • You want only the best fall cupcakes ideas

You can enjoy cupcakes any time of the year. 

They are tasty and a beautiful dessert. 

When the weather starts to cool down, and the leaves start to change, get your favourite cupcake dessert and add a fall spice twist on them.

It’s the easiest way to incorporate dessert into your fall wedding theme. 

We have plenty of delightful fall wedding cupcakes to share with your below. 

Take a look at these easy fall wedding cupcake ideas for inspiration…

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Best Wedding Fall Cupcakes Flavours 

With so many fall cupcake ideas to choose from and flavours, we made a list of what we thought were prevalent and delicious.

Remember that your cupcake is flavoured for fall, but in reality, you can have any flavour you want, including the colours inside your cupcake.

But here are a few flavours to consider for your fall wedding cupcakes:

  • Maple
  • Chocolate
  • Pecan
  • Pumpkin
  • Apple
  • Cinnamon
  • Carrot
  • Marshmallow
  • Caramel

These are the perfect cupcake flavours for fall. 

As you can see, your cake artist can have any of these flavours available to choose from and sometimes can combine flavours. 

Sometimes, you can mix and match your wedding cupcake flavours.

We are sharing some of the best fall cupcake recipes with you below so you can make them for your upcoming fall wedding. 

These easy fall cupcakes will take you no time to make. 

You can also share them with your cake artists if you are not a baker. 

Be sure to also look at these delicious fall wedding signature drink ideas if you are getting married in the fall season. 

Signature wedding cocktails are a fantastic way to add more of your personality to your wedding by serving your favourite drinks.

21 Mouthwatering Fall Cupcakes For Weddings

These easy-to-make fall wedding cupcakes are loaded with every fall-inspired flavour.

They are perfect for brides to serve at weddings or your bridal shower. 

Each cupcake is made using a combination of classic flavours that will remind you of cool days and falling leaves.

They are the perfect fall desserts to serve your guests if you are having a fall wedding. 

What’s better than serving cupcakes made with pumpkin, pecan, maple, warm spices, cinnamon, apple and more?

I am completely drooling over these succulent fall wedding cupcakes below.  

23 Tasty Fall Wedding Cupcakes ideas for couples having a fall wedding. Make sure your dessert looks as good as it tastes by recreating one of these unique fall wedding cupcakes ideas. These are the most Delicious Cupcakes for Fall Weddings!

1. Wedding Apple Pie Cupcake Recipe

The fall season is soon approaching.

If you are having a fall wedding and looking to fill your dessert table with delicious fall desserts, then you need this cupcake.

This Apple Pie cupcake recipe is easy to make, making it the best fall cupcake recipe for weddings. 

This fall cupcake recipe is quick and easy to make as no fancy ingredients are needed, and the cupcake comes together quickly. 

It’s the perfect choice if you want something quick and impressive for your wedding guests. 

These easy apple pie cupcakes need to make an appearance at your fall wedding. If you are having a fall wedding and require some fall desserts to go on your table, be sure to grab these amazing apple pie cupcake recipe.

2. Fall Coffee Wedding Cupcakes 

If you are looking for great cupcakes for wedding reception desserts, you have come to the right place.

This delicious coffee cupcake with coffee buttercream is a fantastic fall wedding dessert that can go on your dessert table. 

These Coffee-infused cupcakes are filled with whipped mocha ganache and topped with coffee buttercream frosting.

They are delicious and look perfect on your fall wedding dessert table or a stand-alone dessert to serve your guests. 

If you are looking for delicious fall wedding cupcakes, you can’t go wrong with this simple wedding coffee cupcake! 

Delicious Coffee cupcakes with coffee buttercream! It is the perfect fall wedding cupcake recipe for couples looking for easy-to make wedding cupcakes for their fall wedding. If you want a delicious fall wedding cupcake recipe, click right here.

3. Vegan Pecan Pie Cupcake Recipes

These delicious fluffy vegan pecan pie cupcakes are full of festive flavour and will match your fall wedding energy perfectly.

If you are looking for tasty cupcakes for fall weddings, these vegan pecan pie cupcake is what you need. 

I love that they are tender and moist.

The Vegan caramel cupcakes are stuffed with a gooey pecan pie filling and topped with eggless caramel Swiss meringue buttercream.

They make the perfect vegan for your fall wedding dessert.

If you are looking for tasty cupcakes for fall weddings, then try these Delicious vegan pecan pie cupcakes! We have over 20 10 Best Fall Cupcakes Try the very best fall cupcake recipes pumpkin cupcakes, pecan pie cupcakes, apple cupcakes, and more!

4. Apple Spiced Wedding Cupcakes

If you go apple picking in the fall, pick enough apples to make these apple-spiced cupcakes for your fall wedding. 

Made with buttercream frosting, they sure are my new fall favourite dessert!

A lovely spice cake with bits of fresh apple is topped with a spiced buttercream frosting to create the perfect bite.

These spiced cupcakes are full of warm fall spices, with pops of apple and caramel.

Your guests will love them. 

If you are looking for a delicious fall wedding cupcake, check out this apple spiced cupcake! Apple Spice Cupcakes - Classic spice cake with apples and topped with a cinnamon brown sugar frosting. The perfect apple cupcakes for fall!

5. Chocolate Caramel cupcakes

This super simple base chocolate cupcake recipe makes six wonderful tall bakery-style cupcakes.

The recipe can be doubled or halved easily to accommodate the number of wedding guests attending your big day.

These chocolate cupcakes with caramel filling are very well balanced in sweetness mainly due to the whipped caramel frosting used,

You can quickly turn them into salted caramel cupcakes by adding good-quality sea salt to the caramel sauce.

Easy Fall Chocolate Caramel cupcake recipe perfect for fall weddings. This Chocolate Caramel cupcake recipe is seriously the best cupcake ever with moist and tender chocolate muffin base that is filled with sticky and buttery home made caramel. If you have a wedding in the fall, this is The perfect, easy recipe for beginner bakers, made from scratch never from box cake. Learn how to make this easy chocolate muffin and home made caramel sauce today!

6. Chai Latte Wedding Cupcakes

If you are looking for amazingly delicious cupcake ideas for fall weddings, you can’t go wrong with these tasty fall-inspired wedding cupcakes. 

Be sure to let your cake artists know to keep your fall cupcake decorations simple. 

These easy, homemade chai latte cupcakes combine deliciously warm chai spices like cinnamon, cardamom, and ginger!

They are soft and fluffy, making them the perfect cupcakes for weddings.

Your fall cupcake decorations should be simple, using ingredients already used in the cupcake. 

Delicious chai latte cupcakes for weddings. Prepared with chai tea, chai spices, and whipped chai buttercream, these chai latte cupcakes taste exactly like your favorite coffeehouse drink! Your wedding guest will enjoy these delicious fall wedding cupcakes for your fall wedding.

7. Brown Butter Pumpkin Meringue Cupcakes

Those looking for simple wedding cupcake ideas for fall should consider these tasty pumpkin meringue cupcakes.

They are like pumpkin pie in a cupcake form!

You just need simple ingredients to make these brown butter pumpkin cupcakes!

They are topped with a toasted brown sugar swiss meringue making them the perfect fall wedding dessert!

We have shown you plenty of cupcake ideas for fall, but this one tops it, especially for those that love meringue desserts. 

If you are looking for the Best of Fall Wedding Cupcake Ideas, try out these Brown pumpkin cupcakes for fall weddings! These brown butter pumpkin cupcakes topped with toasted brown sugar swiss meringue are the perfect fall dessert! Pumpkin pie in cupcake form!

8. Wedding Chocolate Pumpkin Fall Cupcakes

These Chocolate Pumpkin Cupcakes are incredibly moist and packed full of fall flavours.

Anything that tastes and smells like fall gets an automatic A+ in my books.

These cupcakes are tasty and topped with a rich chocolate buttercream frosting and a cute pumpkin truffle to go with your fall wedding theme.

If you’re looking for a fun twist on a fall dessert, this chocolate pumpkin cupcake recipe is a must-try!

If you are looking for delicious fall cupcakes for weddings, we have you covered. These tasty cupcakes perfect for a fall wedding, should be featured on your fall dessert wedding table.

9. Caramel Pecan Carrot Cupcakes

If you love carrot cupcakes, you will love these delicious and moist caramel pecan carrot cupcakes.

The combination of cinnamon flavour and homemade caramel sauce makes a fancy fall wedding cupcake favourite. 

These cupcakes look fancy, but they are so easy to make.

I love simple wedding cupcake designs as it makes it easy for guests to eat on the go at a wedding. 

With a super moist cake and silky smooth cream cheese frosting, caramel pecan carrot cupcakes are more than a dream come true.

The perfect fall caramel pecan carrot cupcake for fall weddings. Caramel Pecan Carrot Cupcakes With a super moist cake and silky smooth cream cheese frosting, CARAMEL PECAN CARROT CUPCAKES are more than a dream come true.

10. Fall Candy Corn Pumpkin Cupcakes 

These soft and moist fall pumpkin cupcakes are cozied with warm spices and topped with a tangy cream cheese frosting that’s coloured to resemble candy corn.

Do you love candy corn?

These simple cupcake desserts will be a massive hit if you keep with a fall wedding theme.

These easy fall cupcake recipes are gluten-free and perfect for fall – especially for a Halloween wedding!

If you’re looking for an easy Halloween treat, these pumpkin spice cupcakes are it

If you’re looking for an easy Halloween treat, these pumpkin spice cupcakes are it. Click here to get these delicious fall Candy Corn Pumpkin Cupcakes. Super-soft gluten-free pumpkin cupcakes topped with a candy corn-inspired cream cheese frosting - a fun and easy to make Halloween dessert.

11. Rich Chocolate Espresso Cupcakes 

You will love the taste of these Chocolate Espresso Cupcakes with Chocolate Dipped Cherries.

Although these cupcakes are great for Valentine’s Day, I think they would also look perfect on a fall-inspired wedding dessert table. 

Try these cupcakes out if you want delicious chocolate desserts for your big day this fall. 

Simply delicious Rich Chocolate Espresso Cupcakes for fall weddings. Fill your fall dessert table table with these delicious treats.

12. Fall Wedding Pumpkin Cupcakes

These Pumpkin Cupcakes are made with a shortcut cake mix infused with warm spices and pumpkin puree, topped with a creamy and delicious cheesecake frosting for the best easy fall dessert!

You will enjoy this fall wedding treats if you are a big fan of all things pumpkin and pumpkin spice. 

It’s a delicious pumpkin cupcake with warm fall spices and creamy cheesecake frosting.

You can check out this fall cupcake recipe if you are interested in making this. 

Delicious Pumpkin Cupcakes with cheesecake frosting! This is the best ever easy fall dessert. If you are having a fall wedding, these pumpkin cupcakes would be the perfect fall dessert for you.

13. Dirty Chai Latte Cupcake

Dirty chai just means chai mixed with espresso. 

So it’s not dirty.

It’s just tasty and perfect for fall. 

These dirty chai cupcakes have a chai spiced brown butter cupcake base with an entire shot of brewed espresso. 

They are then topped with delicious brown butter chai spice buttercream frosting.

All the warming spices make them the perfect fall wedding cupcakes!

Try these amazing Dirty Chai Latte Cupcake this fall. Perfect for couples planning a fall wedding. Looking for fall dessert wedding ideas? These delicious chai latte cupcake is exactly what you need.

14. Brown Butter-Pumpkin Cupcakes

If you are looking for the best fall cupcake recipes, check out this pumpkin-inspired fall cupcake.

Can you tell that we love pumpkin and spiced lattes?

Well, this cupcake is soft, ultra moist and full of warm spice!

These brown butter-pumpkin cupcakes are filled with gooey, rich bourbon caramel for an extra decadent treat.

 A pumpkin cupcake is excellent, but then you add bourbon caramel frosting and filling?

You are left with the best cupcakes perfect for fall weddings.

Are you looking for a tasty pumpkin cupcake dessert recipe to serve your guests? Then try these brown pumpkin cupcakes today. A pumpkin cupcake is great, but then you add bourbon caramel frosting and filling? You have the perfect dessert for fall.

15. Pumpkin Spice Latte Cupcakes

There are so many delicious cupcake ideas for fall weddings out there. 

My personal fave fall cupcake flavour is pumpkin spice. 

And this trend is here to stay. 

These Pumpkin Spice Latte Cupcakes are an excellent dessert for fall weddings. 

The perfect cupcakes for fall weddings. These Pumpkin Spice Latte Cupcakes are tender and spiced with a hint of espresso! To top them off, stabilized whipped cream and a sprinkle of pumpkin spice!

16. Fall Apple Crisp Cupcakes

These are some of the best cupcakes for fall weddings. 

There is nothing that screams fall more than apples. 

These crisp apple cupcakes are made of a fluffy vanilla cupcake, apple pie filling, a caramel cream cheese frosting, and buttery cinnamon crumble.

These cupcakes should be served if you love fall and are having a fall wedding. 

If you are search for tasty Fall desserts, try these Fall Apple Crisp Cupcakes! They are simple to make and taste delicious. Check out this simple cupcake recipe today for your fall wedding.

17. Fall  Wedding Vegan Pumpkin Cupcakes

If you are looking for the best cupcake ideas for fall weddings, these vegan pumpkin desserts are it. 

They taste amazing and are sure to be a hit at your wedding. 

The vegan pumpkin cupcakes are fluffy and moist and topped with vegan cream cheese frosting, maple syrup, and pecans.

This easy-to-make fall-inspired wedding cupcake recipe is perfect as a dessert or snack served with tea or coffee at the end of the dinner service. 

If you are looking for a delightful fall desserts, then you have to try these Vegan Pumpkin Cupcakes. They are so easy to make. This easy to make fall-inspired recipe is perfect as a dessert or snack serve with a cup of tea or coffee.

18. Brown Butter Pecan Cupcakes

There is plenty of fall cupcake decorating ideas on the internet.

I suggest keeping it simple, like these brown butter pecan cupcakes!

Made with nutty brown butter and topped with toasted buttered pecans, I found these to be the best cupcake ideas for fall weddings!

You can easily display them on your wedding dessert table

If you have a party coming and you are looking for the perfect fall dessert to serve, then check out These brown butter pecan cupcakes are made with nutty brown butter and topped with toasted buttered pecans! They're the perfect fall dessert! They are perfectly loaded with toasted pecans!

19. S’mores Wedding Cupcake Recipe

You can either choose to set up a traditional s’mores bar or go big with some delicious s’mores wedding cupcakes for your fall wedding.

This S’mores Cupcake recipe gives you decadent yet easy-to-make s’mores cupcakes!

They will be a hit at your wedding.

I promise, no one will be disappointed!

Delicious S'mores Cupcakes! These S'mores Cupcakes are to die for! Super moist chocolate cupcakes perfect for fall.

20. Pumpkin Spice Cupcakes

If you are looking for other fall cupcake recipes that are gluten-free and with a vegan option, then this pumpkin spice fall dessert is for you. 

This secretly gluten-free Pumpkin Spice Cupcake is made with a delicious cream cheese frosting.

Each cupcake is generously frosted with the most delicious creamy cream cheese frosting and finished off with a sprinkling of cinnamon sugar.

These cupcakes are perfect for a Fall, Halloween, or even Thanksgiving wedding. 

Delicious Gluten Free Pumpkin Spice Cupcakes with a delicious Cream Cheese Frosting. Simple desserts that can be made from home.

21. Fall Applesauce Cupcakes

These applesauce treats are the best cupcakes for fall weddings.

They are tender and moist, with a soft apple flavour and a hint of cinnamon, topped with rich brown butter frosting, everything that represents fall.

You can grab the applesauce cupcake recipes right here.

An easy fall dessert to make from scratch.

Delicious Applesauce Cupcakes. These Applesauce cupcakes are an easy dessert to make from scratch. Soft, moist, and filled with fall flavor. Topped with a rich brown butter frosting!

22. Caramel Apple Cupcakes

I can bet you that you have never had caramel apple cupcakes quite like this one. 

Your wedding guests will enjoy every bite after this fall-inspired wedding cupcake and will want more.  

If you want a great wedding cupcake with all the tastes of Fall, this is it! 

It makes for a great dessert to serve to guests this fall. 

This caramel apple cupcake recipe combines yummy cupcakes with slices of tart green apple.

Mix that with a tiny amount of caramel, and you’ve got some of the best fall cupcakes.

If you are looking for Delicious fall cupcakes for weddings, you have come to the right place. Check this roundup of tasty wedding fall cupcake ideas you can serve at your fall wedding this year.

23. Dulce de Leche Pumpkin Cupcakes

These are the perfect cupcakes for sharing with your wedding guests. 

This is my new go-to fall cupcake recipe.

These cupcakes are full of pumpkin and yummy spices, and there’s also pumpkin right in the caramel frosting! 

And that caramel core is just too dreamy to resist.

Click here to find precisely how to make these yummy Dulce de Leche Pumpkin Cupcakes. 

The best fall cupcakes are these tasty Dulce de Leche Pumpkin Cupcakes! These Pumpkin Cupcakes are filled with Dulce de Leche, topped with a Pumpkin Dulce de Leche Russian Buttercream that is absolutely creamy and delicious!

There you have a list of fantastic fall ideas for wedding cupcakes! 

I hope you enjoyed these fall cupcake recipes.

For your fall wedding cupcakes, keep it as simple as you like or get as detailed and eccentric as you like.

Just speak with your cake artist and develop a cupcake design that works best for your wedding theme.

You can accessorize fall cupcakes with earth tones and natural accents or add a little burnt orange and gold detail.

You can add some figs, cinnamon sticks, and other natural elements for a beautiful winter or fall wedding. 

For more fall wedding ideas, I suggest using black fondant and matching it with burgundy, dark pink, and red flowers.

Complete the look with hints of gold leaves at the edges. 

The possibilities are endless.

Use your wedding planner printable to note which fall wedding cupcakes you like the most, what fall wedding cupcake design and fall wedding cupcake flavours you want to try out. 

This is a roundup of the best fall wedding cupcake ideas!

Which one is your favourite?

Tell us in the comments below. 

For those who prefer cakes, look at these delicious rustic wedding cake ideas perfect for a fall wedding. 

And you can’t go wrong with these elegant Halloween wedding cakes if you plan to host a Halloween-themed wedding this fall. 

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23 Elegant Fall Wedding Cupcakes Ideas For Fall Lovers