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Fall wedding signature drinks

If you are getting married this fall, you want to try these simple fall wedding signature drinks. 

I am excited about the fall wedding season

One of my favourite times of the year and one of the best times to get married. 

Fall is right around the corner, and I suggest you start getting your wedding menu squared up. 

This includes your wedding signature drinks.

What is the point of a signature cocktail? 

Signature wedding cocktails are a fantastic way to add more of your personality to your wedding by serving your favourite drinks.

If you are having a fall wedding, I suggest sticking with the theme and serving your guests some of these delicious fall signature wedding cocktails! 

Signature cocktails are trending worldwide, and they will add to your wedding.

Creating a signature drink with a sweet name will give your wedding that extra detail that will make it even more special. 

The fall season means cooler temperatures.

Serving warm cocktails is a great idea to warm up your guests.

And even if you serve something cold, I am sure the alcohol will quickly warm up your guests.

With that in mind, you must ensure that your wedding serves the best fall signature drinks during cocktail hour to help warm up your guests. 

This list includes unique signature cocktail ideas for fall weddings that your guests will love.

So if you need a few excellent signature cocktail ideas for your fall wedding, grab your wedding journal and scribble some of these ideas right on there. 

This list includes fantastic fall wedding signature drinks perfect for your fall wedding.

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Once you grab it, you can make a list of some simple fall wedding drink ideas for your wedding that you would like to make, taste, and pass on to your caterer or bar service vendor. 

Some of my favourite fall signature drinks are apple martinis, apple cider rum and skinny keto margarita!

Add some cider to your sangria or pumpkin spice to your boozy hot chocolate drink!

Either or, they make for the perfect fall beverage at any wedding.

For my summer couples, check out these tasty summer signature cocktail ideas, and for my Halloween couples, these spooky Halloween wedding cocktails will work for you. 

And if you are planning a bachelorette party, check out these tasty bachelorette cocktail ideas!

How do you pick the perfect fall wedding signature drinks?

Choosing your wedding signature drink shouldn’t be complicated or take time.

We completely understand how stressful weddings are, so this one task shouldn’t add to your already busy wedding planning step. 

You can pick your cocktail from our list of fall wedding drink ideas below. 

Before you choose your signature drink for your fall wedding, keep this in mind:

  • Make sure the cocktail is easy and quick to make
  • The fall cocktail drink needs to be something you enjoy drinking
  • Keep the season in mind 
  • Pick something you enjoy drinking in the fall
  • Consider doing his and her cocktails

These are good guidelines to follow, especially if you are having a fall wedding. 

You must ensure your signature fall wedding drinks stand out and taste delicious. 

Don’t forget to try out a recipe or two. 

Do not serve your guests fall signature drinks that are simply too bitter to drink.

This usually happens when mixing too many fall flavours. 

Today I will be looking at:

  • Easy fall signature drinks that can be made quickly

  • A well-rounded list of signature cocktail ideas for fall weddings

  • Fall signature wedding cocktails that can easily be substituted

  • Easy fall wedding cocktails with a variety of fall flavours

And so much more. 

Fall is a season full of vibrant colours and chilled weather, so I enjoy sipping these fall cocktails!

Add a few cinnamon sticks to your drink, and your cocktail is complete. 

These drinks feature all of the best parts of the season, from apple mimosas to pumpkin martinis.

I included easy fall signature drinks if, for whatever reason, a friend steps in as a bartender. 

Anyone can make these fall wedding cocktails in minutes. 

So what are the best signature drinks for fall weddings?

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25 Signature cocktails for fall weddings

We are excited to share some of the best signature drinks for fall weddings. 

So if you are on the hunt for delicious drinks for wedding season this year, I am glad you are here. 

I love that they infuse fall flavours into these cocktails.

Unique flavours such as apples, pumpkin, cinnamon, and nutmeg add warmth and coziness to any boozy drink.

This collection of fall wedding cocktails will make your wedding reception a huge hit.

They are a breeze to make but so tasty that it’s hard to pick a fave.

Expect your guests to compliment you for your choice of cocktail drinks by the night’s end.

These fall cocktails will make your fall parties more fun and exciting.

Are you looking for the perfect Signature fall cocktail wedding drinks? Here are 25 delicious Signature Cocktails Perfect for Your Fall Wedding Drinks like mulled wine, hot toddies, and spiced cider will help your guests feel warm and cozy throughout the night.

1. Mezcal cocktails

This is one of the most popular fall drinks for weddings this year. 

You will love this smoky mezcal cocktail with delicious apple cider and maple syrup.

Perfect on chilly nights, this is one cocktail your guests will enjoy over and over.

This is a favourite winter drink which can be enjoyed at any fall wedding. 

signature drink ideas for fall wedding! If you are looking for a delicious cocktail to serve your guests during your fall wedding, this is it.

2. Fall Spiced Old Fashioned Cocktail

Are you looking for the perfect signature cocktails for fall weddings?

This warm and smoky Fall Spiced Old Fashioned is the cocktail you will need to be sipping at your wedding or next event.

Prepping the simple syrup ahead of time makes it perfect for easy entertaining.

If you are getting married this fall, you want to try these simple fall wedding signature drinks. Easy Fall Spiced Old Fashioned Cocktail perfect for fall weddings. Here's an Old Fashioned cocktail that's ready for fall! Maple syrup plus infused bourbon brings warming fall spices—cloves, star anise, and cinnamon—to this spin on the classic cocktail.

3. Fall Red Wine Sangria Cocktail

I am calling all my sangria lovers.

With this red sangria cocktail, we are making your choice of fall signature wedding cocktails easy to make. 

While sangria is a great drink to enjoy year-round, this fall red wine sangria recipe brings unique hints of autumn to your cocktail experience.

The perfect batch cocktail for fall weddings and gatherings of all kinds!

Fall Red Wine Sangria Cocktail for fall weddings. This fall sangria recipe is the perfect fall cocktail recipe! Apple cider, apples, and cinnamon bring special hints of autumn to your cocktail experience. Not only is sangria an easy cocktail to make, it is great for gatherings. Save this recipe to make this fall red wine sangria to serve at your wedding.

4. Apple Cider Wedding Cocktail Recipe

If you are looking for a simple fall recipe, this apple cider cocktail should be on your list of fall cocktails.

Add this fall wedding signature drink to your reception menu

Loaded with sparkling apple flavours spiced up with a dash of bourbon, the cinnamon-sugar rim perfectly tops it off and makes this a complete apple pie in a glass.

Not only do I love the idea that it is a festive fall cocktail, but it tastes like an apple pie in a glass, thanks to the cinnamon-sugar rim. 

Simple Apple cider cocktail with bourbon. This cozy cocktail is made with fresh apple cider and bold smokey bourbon. It's the perfect drink for a fall wedding. Each sip is full of crispy sweetness paired with a little charred toasty flavors. If you're looking for a warm & cozy libation, this bourbon apple cider cocktail is it!

5. Apple Cider Whiskey Sour

This Apple Cider Whiskey Sour is the perfect chilly weather cocktail for fall weddings.

This is the cocktail if you want the perfect fall signature wedding cocktail to warm up your guest.

Warm cinnamon spice, whiskey and lemon juice get added to this beautiful apple cider cocktail to make it a delicious hit.

Your wedding guests will enjoy this one.

A simple fall signature wedding drink, this Apple Cider Whiskey Sour will be loved by your guests. Fall is definitely in the air post Labor Day, and that means it’s time to celebrate our seasonal transition with a strong drink. I love when the weather is crisp and just starting to turn, making it the perfect time to celebrate fall’s flavors.

6. Fall Pumpkin Punch

A fun way to enjoy the pumpkin spice frenzy is a glass of this Fall Pumpkin Party Punch.

Punch is wildly popular at weddings. 

It’s perfect for serving in batches. 

That’s I  love the idea of this fall pumpkin punch. 

It contains pure pumpkin, spiced rum, orange liqueur and more!

Delicious Fall Pumpkin Party Punch A unique way to enjoy the pumpkin spice frenzy this season is a glass of Fall Pumpkin Party Punch. It contains REAL pumpkin, not simply a flavored syrup (although I do enjoy any and all forms of pumpkin spice flavor), spiced rum, orange liqueur and more!

7. Caramel Apple Mimosa

Easy fall signature drinks such as mimosas make for the perfect cocktails. 

This caramel apple mimosa is the best fall-themed and perfect for fall weddings.

Caramel syrup, apple juice and champagne are served in a glass with a cinnamon brown sugar rim.

And even though they are easy to make, they still impress guests and taste deliciously good.

These sinfully delicious fall-inspired mimosas will be a hit at your fall wedding. These are the best signature cocktail ideas for fall wedding.

8. Cranberry Moscow Mule

Festive drinks during the holiday season are simply the best. 

And that goes for all the fall wedding cocktails on this list. 

This easy cranberry Moscow mule is a fun twist on a classic that is perfect for the holidays.

Flavoured with cranberry juice and lime and finished with fizzy ginger beer, this cocktail can easily be made for your wedding crowd!

Tasty cranberry moscow mule for fall weddings, Sweet, tart, and boozy, this Cranberry Moscow Mule is a delicious twist on a traditional cocktail, perfect for the fall season.

9. Apple Whiskey Smash

This apple whiskey smash is the best mix for couples looking for simple fall wedding signature drinks. 

Apple and sage come together for a unique take on the classic whiskey smash cocktail.

The homemade cinnamon syrup adds a light sweetness.

It’s simply delicious. 

Apple Whiskey Smash - Easy Fall Cocktail for fall weddings. The perfect Whiskey drink for Fall! Apple and cinnamon whiskey smash with apple cider and sage is a new take on the classic cocktail.

10. Pear and Gin Prosecco Cocktail

When October comes around, I love enjoying a nice warm or cold cocktail beverage. 

I am always recommending these delicious fall signature wedding cocktails to my couples. 

This refreshing and light Pear and Gin Prosecco Cocktail is excellent for weddings.

It’s fizzy, sweet, and has a unique flavour, thanks to the homemade pear puree!

Check out this fall cocktail. Pear and Gin Prosecco Cocktail! Toast the holiday season with this refreshingly light Pear and Gin Prosecco Cocktail. Made with homemade pear puree, gin, and prosecco, it’s a bubbly treat with just a hint of sweetness and zest.

11. Spiced Cranberry Old Fashioned

This favourite bourbon cocktail gets a fall makeover with this spiced cranberry old-fashioned.

Prepared with fresh cranberry-spice simple syrup and citrusy orange bitters, this holiday old-fashioned is filled with the best flavours of the season and couldn’t be easier to make.

This fall cocktail drink is perfect for sipping on a chilly wedding day night, prepared with a spiced cranberry simple syrup.

You can go here to check out the full spiced cranberry old-fashioned cocktail.

Spiced Cranberry Old Fashioned! This spiced cranberry bourbon old fashioned is the perfect a fall wedding cocktail! The simple syrup is made with fresh cranberries, star anise, cinnamon & clove!

12.  Cranberry Maple Bourbon Cocktail

I love cranberries. 

This is your drink if you are looking for fall wedding drinks with a hint of cranberries. 

It has a lot of excellent nutrients and antioxidant content.

Cranberries are known to lower the risk of urinary tract infection (UTI), prevent certain types of cancer, improve immune function, and decrease blood pressure.

That’s why every chance I get, I drink or eat cranberries. 

If you looking for a great fall wedding drink idea, you might want to try this one out. 

This Cranberry Maple Bourbon Cocktail has the right balance of sweet and tart, with the warmth of bourbon and subtle orange tones.

Cranberry Maple Bourbon Cocktail The right balance of sweet and tart, with the warmth of bourbon and subtle orange tones. This Cranberry Maple Bourbon Cocktail is bright, delicious, and perfect for fall wedding season!

13. Apple Cinnamon Bourbon cocktail 

This Apple Cinnamon Bourbon Cocktail is a delicious way to enter the fall spirit!

If you are having a fall wedding, consider adding this tasty apple cinnamon bourbon cocktail to your wedding menu.

Fresh apple cider is the perfect pairing with bourbon, and a baked apple slice makes a beautiful seasonal garnish.

Using a crisp baked apple slice as a garnish gives it a beautiful rustic look for those planning a rustic wedding.

Fall Apple Cinnamon Bourbon Cocktail for fall weddings. If you are looking for a signature fall cocktail wedding drink, this is it, Apple cider mixes beautifully with bourbon and an apple-cinnamon infusion in this refreshing cocktail.

14. Pumpkin Pie Martini

The martini is one of the most iconic cocktails of all time. 

Chocolate martini, French martini or the Lemon Drop martini, I love them all. 

The Raspberry Martini and this Pumpkin Pie Martini are my two favourites. 

If you are looking for an excellent martini cocktail to serve during your upcoming fall wedding, you must try the Pumpkin Pie Martini!

This martini is made with Rumchata and is creamy, not too sweet, and perfectly strong.

It’s perfect for serving guests at your fall wedding or any fall holiday party this year!

Check out this fall signature wedding cocktails! This Pumpkin Pie Martini is made with Rumchata!

15. Fall Gin & Tonic Cocktail

This simple and delicious Fall Gin & Tonic is the perfect autumn cocktail for the season!

Fall couples should add this to their wedding menu.

Elevating the classic gin and tonic with apple cider and spices, you will make this delightful drink throughout the reception night. 

23. Candy Corn Martinis

Consider serving this delicious candy corn martini if you are looking for fun and easy fall wedding drink ideas. 

With the colours of fall and a classic Halloween treat, this Candy Corn Martini is a must-have vodka cocktail at any fall wedding.

It’s sweet, gorgeous, fun, & topped with whipped cream – no way to resist this one.

We hope this candy corn martini makes it into your wedding cocktail menu.

Candy Corn Cocktail perfect for Fall weddings. Perfect for fall weddings easy to make Candy Corn Cocktail Recipe! This recipe looks amazing and everyone will love how fun it is for fall!!

24. Fall Spiced Pear Gin Fizz Cocktail

Those looking for simple fall wedding signature drinks should consider the Spiced Pear Gin Fizz.

The holiday seasons typically call for unique cocktails and fruity drinks.

This Spiced Pear Gin Fizz is a refreshing cocktail!

It uses pear juice and warm spices like cinnamon and star anise to add delicious flavour to the classic fall drink!

Fall Spiced Pear Gin Fizz a cocktail drink perfect for chilly fall wedding. If you are looking for tasty fall wedding cocktail, check this recipe out.

25. Brandy Apple Snap Fall Cocktail

A delicious fall wedding cocktail should have those classic crisp flavours of the season!

And just because it’s fall and chilly doesn’t mean your fall wedding cocktails should be heavy or warm. 

That’s why this Brandy Apple Snap fall cocktail is a crisp cold refreshing drink that tastes like a Fall harvest.

Check out this recipe and watch how easy it is to make this drink.

Brandy Apple Snap Fall Cocktail! Check out this amazing cocktail today. Perfect for the fall season.

And there you have it, delicious fall signature drinks for weddings!

We hope you enjoyed this list of signature cocktail ideas for fall weddings! 

Weddings are beautiful no matter the time of year it takes place, but there’s just something magical and romantic about celebrating nuptials in the fall.

When the air turns crisp, and the leaves start to change, you know it is the perfect time of year to get married.

Are you planning your wedding during the late, cold months of fall?

Think about serving your wedding guests any of these fall signature wedding cocktails. 

We have given you a lot of fantastic signature drink ideas for fall weddings you can use to come up with a drink menu. 

We hope you enjoyed our epic list of wedding signature drink ideas perfect for fall weddings!

Which of these fall cocktails was your favourite?

We would love to hear from you in the comment section below.

Tell us what your best fall wedding signature cocktails are.

And remember that your unique fall signature wedding cocktails should not be limited to only your reception cocktail hour. 

These delicious mixed drinks can also be used at your bachelorette and bachelor parties, engagement parties, bridal showers, wedding receptions, and more!

And there you have it, our top fall signature wedding drinks worth trying!

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25 Delicious Simple Fall Wedding Signature Drinks For Fall Couples