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Fun Bachelorette Party Cocktails

You have come to the right place if you are looking for the best bachelorette party drinks.

Whether you are hosting your bachelorette party or your bridal squad is planning the most epic party, you will need delicious drinks.

We created a fantastic list of easy drinks for a bachelorette party that any bartender can make. 

This list has something to please everyone. 

From fantastic bachelorette party ideas to cute bachelorette favours and games, bachelorette gatherings are fun to attend and plan. 

The most successful bachelorette parties should ultimately focus on what the bride loves most and what she would like to do.

Remember that this party is to celebrate her last few months, weeks, or days as a single woman.

Party the night away at the swankiest club you can find, or have a relaxing glamping trip with her best friends.

Just be sure to celebrate this special day in her favourite way!

You will need these bachelorette party drinks to have tipsy fun at the party or getaway. 

Grab your wedding journal, and scribble some of our classy bachelorette party drink ideas and tips below to make the process easier. 

Wedding planning in your bullet journal - grab yours today. Bullet Journal Spreads To Inspire Your Wedding Planning | Weddingbells This is the craze that's about to take the wedding world by storm.

The journal is perfect for those that enjoy doodling, taking notes or want the flexibility to write down things quickly. 

Once you grab it, make a list of your favourite bachelorette party signature drink that you would like to make, taste and pass on to the person in charge of bartending.

My favourite bachelorette party cocktails are the dirty Shirley Temple drink, The Island Time Cocktail, The Blue Lagoon cocktail and the Mango Jalapeño Margarita! 

These are to name a few. 

And once you try out some of these recipes, you will see why we love them. 

Trust us; we rounded up some of the best bachelorette party cocktails below. 

You don’t need to stress; choose from the list of easy bachelorette cocktails. 

What are good bachelorette party drinks?

You will love our list if you are looking for the best drinks to make for a bachelorette party. 

Bachelorette party cocktails should be as fun and robust as your wedding party. 

Throw the bride-to-be the best bachelorette party of the century with these wild cocktails and naughty drinks.

She deserves a party as crazy and fantastic as she is. 

So you want to celebrate her final party as a single woman with everything you’ve got!

We have plenty of drink ideas for a bachelorette party on this list. 

Don’t stick to one. 

Make a few or all of them if you are up to the challenge. 

Or have the bride-to-be pick a bachelorette party signature drink you can serve all night at a bar. 

Just give the bartender the recipe. 

We are going to share the following:

  • A list of bachelorette party drink ideas

  • Easy recipes to make bachelorette party cocktails

  • Creative and colourful bachelorette cocktails

And so much more. 

Bachelorette party weekends are the best times to enjoy a few easy bachelorette cocktails that you can have your bartender whip up for your guests.

Themed cocktails are one of the top highlights of any party!

Use these bachelorettes drink ideas to create a few unique drinks for your party. 

Here is my list of easy bachelorette party drinks

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18 delicious Signature Bachelorette Party Drinks

When we compiled our list of the best refreshing signature drinks for summer, we knew we had to create another post for the best bachelorette party drinks. 

And so, if you are looking for easy drinks for a bachelorette party, this post is packed with great ideas. 

At the end of the day, plan a bachelorette party with the bride’s interest in mind.

The more you can incorporate the bride’s unique interests and hobbies, the better it will be.

Make it a night the bride will never forget with these fun but tasty bachelorette party signature drinks. 

Easy cocktail ideas for a bachelorette party. e 18 signature bachelorette party drinks that are sure to impress your girls! Bachelorette party cocktails should be as fun and strong as your wedding party.

1. Classic Bachelorette Cosmopolitan

This classic cosmopolitan might be a hit at your event if you want easy drinks for a bachelorette party. 

You only need a few easy-to-find ingredients, and you’ll have the perfect cosmopolitan in hand!

A Cosmopolitan Drink is perfect for serving a classy cocktail with some sweetness and colour!

Triple sec orange liqueur, shaken, not stirred, with cranberry juice, fresh lime and vodka… ah, what could be better?

Grab this amazing classy cosmopolitan for your bachelorette party.

2. Fresh Watermelon Mojitos!

For refreshing bachelorette party cocktails, consider this tasty watermelon mojito!

Sweet juicy watermelon, tangy lime and garden fresh mint create the perfect blend for sipping at a backyard bachelorette party somewhere hot!

Whether entertaining your friends at an Airbnb or spending an afternoon outdoors, you can’t pass up a pitcher (or three) of these refreshing bachelorette beverages!

You need to serve these deliciously fresh watermelon mojitos! 

Refreshing watermelon mojito! Serve this at any party and your guests will thank you!

3. Frozen Pink Panties Cocktail 

We have made it easy to find the perfect bachelorette cocktails.

Just choose from this list of terrific cocktails perfect for starting the party. 

This frozen pink panties cocktail is luscious, cool and refreshing!

It’s a cheesy name perfect for a bachelorette party drink, but a delightful drink!

Perfect for a sunny day by the pool,

This frozen Pink Panties Cocktail is luscious, cool and refreshing!

This frozen Pink Panties Cocktail is luscious, cool and refreshing! It's perfect for summer parties.

4. Rose Lemonade Bachelorette Party Drinks

Like this rose lemonade, your bachelorette party cocktails should be fun and straightforward. 

It’s perfect for a summer party or special occasion.

And it is easy to make! 

This beautiful rose lemonade is simple to make and stunning to look at!

This delicious drink balances floral notes and tart lemon flavours with dried rose petals and fresh lemon.

Delicious Check out this cute girly cocktail wedding recipe perfect for bridal parties. for summer parties. Book your event now.

5. Pink Moscato Wine Slushie 

The Moscato wine slushie is perfect for those looking for a tasty bachelorette party signature drink. 

This Pink Moscato Wine Slushie Recipe might be the perfect adult treat to end the day.

These wine slushies are easy to make with only one ingredient and are the perfect summer drinks.

It’s honestly the perfect bachelorette party signature drink. 

The perfect Pink Moscato Wine Slushie for adult parties. A great recipe Recipe for your summer parties and barbecues and turn your favorite childhood drink into a summer cocktail!

6.  Sunny Orange Margarita 

This Sunny Orange Margarita is excellent, slightly sweet, a little tart and VERY refreshing!

Using fresh lime juice (and orange juice if possible) only takes an extra 30 seconds and sets this drink apart from the rest!

If you are looking for a good refreshing cocktail or margarita to get your big bachelorette party going, you are at the right place. 

Sunny Orange Margarita for adult parties. Adult drinks for parties.

9. Pink Grapefruit Cocktail With Rosemary

Pink grapefruit cocktail is a great bachelorette cocktail for those who love the rosemary taste.

It is tart with a tinge of sweetness, a liquor shot, and a rosemary hint.

If you are hesitant about adding the rosemary, don’t be! It adds such a depth of flavour to this grapefruit cocktail!

This pink grapefruit cocktail is one of the best things you will ever drink.

This pink grapefruit cocktail is literally one of the best things you will ever drink at a bachelorette party. Give this easy bachelorette cocktail a try.

10. Caribbean Rum Punch Party Drink

Whether you plan to take your bachelorette party down to the Caribbean or stay locally, this punch must be featured at your party.

Created with InBooze’s Caribbean Rum Punch Alcohol Infusion Kit, these Caribbean Rum Punch Spritzers are sweet, tangy, and bubbly!

Finish them with fresh berries, lime, and mint for a refreshing drink.

I can confidently say this is one of the best bachelorette party drinks!

Spice up your bachelorette party with this classic Caribbean Rum Punch cocktail with bold taste.

This Caribbean Rum Punch recipe is bursting with flavour and is so easy to make that you will sip this fun drink throughout the night.

If you are looking for Easy drinks for a bachelorette party, then you have to try out this Caribbean rum punch! Using the Caribbean Rum Punch Alcohol Infusion Kit, I created these delicious Caribbean Rum Punch Spritzers.

11. Blue Lagoon Cocktail

This Blue Lagoon is the perfect beverage if you are looking for easy drinks for a bachelorette party. 

With colourful layers like ocean waves and tropical fruit flavours, this Blue Lagoon Cocktail is as refreshing as a summer breeze!

And they will go perfectly with any of these tropical-themed cupcakes

You will love this recipe if you love the blue Lagoon as much as I do. 

The instructions are so easy to follow. 

Refreshing Summer Blue Lagoon Cocktail! This is the perfect bachelorette party signature drink! Give it a try right now.

12. Easy Watermelon Shooters

This is one of the best bachelorette party shots! 

This easy watermelon shooters recipe makes the best watermelon shots you’ve tasted.

If you like those sweet watermelon sugar gummy candies, try this watermelon shooter.

It tastes just like those candies in liquid form.

Made with fresh watermelon, rum, and peach schnapps, they taste like watermelon sugar gummy candies.

Extremely easy watermelon shooter recipes perfect for a bachelorette party theme. Check out these amazing bachelorette cocktail ideas to whip up at your own party.

13. Island Time cocktail!

This drink is easy to mix up in advance and serve from a picture.

Super easy, with just two ingredients!

Make this Island Time Cocktail for your party today. 

This Island Time cocktail is for you if:

  • You love the beach
  • You like anything tropical
  • You like a drink that’s as pretty as it is tasty,
  • Or you are planning a grand bachelorette party.

It’s great for those looking for drinks to make for a bachelorette party. 

This Island Time cocktail is for you if: You’re craving sand between your toes, warm sunshine on your face and hammocks strung up beside the ocean shore You love pineapples You like a drink that’s a pretty as it is tasty, or you planning a grande bachelorette party.

14. Aperol Tequila Twist

Those looking for bachelorette tequila drinks will love the Aperal tequila cocktail. 

Bursting with zesty flavours, the Aperol Tequila Twist is a cocktail that can be savoured throughout the year.

It’s mellow and bitter enough for winter but delightfully refreshing on a warm summer’s day.

We wanted to share a few easy drinks for a bachelorette party that anyone can make, and this one is it.

The Aperol Tequila Twist! A tasty cocktail for a bachelorette party this summer. Having a party this summer, try out this delicious cocktail today.

15. Corona Sunrise Cocktail

This is a fun new twist on a classic Tequila Sunrise that’s citrusy, sweet, and easy to make! 

This Corona Sunrise Cocktail is a fun, easy drink recipe made right in the bottle with beer, tequila, orange juice, grenadine, and lime juice, and it is perfect for summer!

This is a TikTok-inspired cocktail. 

It’s a delicious and perfect bachelorette cocktail beverage.

TikTok recipes are taking the world by storm, and this Corona Sunrise Drink is as refreshing and delicious as it gets!

Fruity, strong, and simple to prepare.

Easy drinks for a bachelorette party! Check out this simple Corona Sunrise Cocktail! It's not hard to put together.

16. Grapefruit Crush Vodka Cocktail 

These are the perfect batch of cocktails for a bachelorette party!

This grapefruit crush vodka cocktail is a tasty and refreshing summer drink.

Freshly squeezed grapefruit juice with both lemon and lime juices.

Balanced with sweet thyme, simple syrup and a dash of triple sec.

A tasty grapefruit crush vodka cocktail! If you are looking for creative drinks for your bachelorette party, you will love this grapefruit cocktail made with vodka.

17. Dirty Shirley Temple Bachelorette Cocktail

Consider this cocktail classic with a twist if you want dirty bachelorette drinks. 

You will love this classic twist if you love the original Shirley Temple mocktail. 

Dirty Shirley Temple Drink is a simple 4-ingredient cocktail made with vodka, triple sec, grenadine, and soda!

It’s a grown-up version of everyone’s favourite bubbly mocktail!

Check out this delicious bachelorette party cocktail drink - the Dirty Shirley Temple Drink! It’s a grown up version of everyone’s favorite bubbly mocktail!

18. Watermelon Mint Vodka Cocktail 

Made with sweet pureed watermelon, fresh mint and chilled vodka, this summery bachelorette cocktail is the perfect drink to enjoy poolside or on a patio if that is where you are hosting your party. 

An epic bachelorette party would not be complete without this signature cocktail.

Try this delicious Watermelon Mint Vodka Cocktail today. 

 Watermelon Mint Vodka Cocktail - One of the best signature bachelorette party drinks! fun wedding cocktail ideas and perfect for a bachelorette party!

And there you go, here’s a great list of our recommended bachelorette drinks ideas!

You can also grab cute wine tumblers, perfect for serving these bachelorette party cocktails. 

Everyone loves cute wine tumblers, especially when personalized for the person!

These cups from Etsy come with insulation, a lid, and reusable straw.

Your cocktails will stay cold throughout the entire bachelorette party!

Don’t forget to grab these cute hangover kit tote bags that double as party favours. 

What’s a better bachelorette party favour other than a hangover kit after the festivities?

These custom tote bags are such a cute idea – and your girls will be so thankful come morning!

Fill them with goodies to cure a hangover, such as these cute sunglasses, cute eye masks, headache tablets, mints, gum, coffee card, hair ties, lip balm, make-up wipes, and mini toothbrushes.

Tie these tote bags around a water bottle and hand them to your guests.

Funny bachelorette cocktail names

You don’t have to stick with original cocktail names. 

You can come up with funny bachelorette drink names for your signature cocktails.

Here are a few ideas you might love:

  • Tall and Handsome
  • Drunk In Love
  • Wedding Bells
  • The Big I Do
  • Mint-to-Be Mojito
  • Main-Squeeze Margarita
  • Love Potion
  • Something Old-Fashioned
  • Something Blue
  • Blushing Bride-To-Be
  • The Apple Ever After
  • Wedding Bellini

Here is another epic list of funny bachelorette cocktail names you might enjoy. 

Did you love our list of bachelorette cocktails?

Leave a comment below. 

We would love to know which one you love the best. 

And if you have other suggestions for bachelorette drink ideas, please share them below. 

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18 Creative & Tasty Bachelorette Party Drinks For Party Girls