Before we provide you with our FREE detailed check list of what we carry in our Wedding Emergency kit, we created over 10 wedding templates for wedding planners to use for your business and you can get your copy below. Thank you to everyone that have gotten their copy already and I am hearing nothing but amazing feedback! Get yours now: 

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Weddings are never perfect no matter how well you plan it. Something is always bound to go wrong. A bridesmaid might rip her dress, a flower girl might stain her dress or a it might just rain a little on the day. A successful wedding planner will always have a back plan and a well equipped emergency kit with her at all times. We have prepared a downloadable check list you can use for your emergency kit below. The downloadable check list is FREE. Get your copy below! 

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The Perfect Emergency Kit for Wedding Planners

The Perfect Emergency Kit for Wedding Planners

Every wedding planner should have an emergency kit handy on the day of any event. As a wedding planner, I never leave my house without it. I sometimes take it for consultation and show clients what I have in it. Most brides are blown away by this and it acts a selling tool. You need to be prepared for anything to happen, big or small at any event. Remember your emergency kit will grow as you get more experience. I have had to get mini speakers myself because one ceremony I was planning, our DJ did not show up on time. The show had to go on and we needed music. 

Wedding umbrellas props

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Wedding umbrellas are something that I always carry in the back of my car in case it rains. I have two or three in my car and at times we use them as wedding photo props. You need to be prepared at all times. These umbrellas can be used as wedding decor props if you are doing a style shoot. Duo purpose! 

Having a great emergency bag that will last a while is essential.  Find a bag that is organized and will work as your Wedding Emergency Kit with organized compartments. Your kit should be well organized so that you can find anything you need as soon as you open it up!

So what is in your Wedding Emergency Kit?

The Perfect Emergency Kit for Wedding Planners should have as much things in them as possible. If you’re planning on making your own emergency kit, here’s a list of essentials (and some optional) items to pack.

Find out what we carry in our emergency kit by downloading our checklist! (Click the picture below)! 

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