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Wedding Officiant Questionnaire for Couples

Not sure of what questions to ask your wedding officiant?

Wedding Officiants, floral arrangements, music, food, and drinks – when it comes to wedding planning, the list of things that need to get done (and the list of people you need to hire) can become overwhelming.

Twenty years ago, couples most often married in a religious ceremony with a priest, pastor, minister, etc.

Today, your best friend’s sister could perform it…with the right steps taken of course.

If you’re planning a ceremony in a place of worship, your church will have all the necessary tools to help ensure your ceremony is legally binding.

If you’re opting out of tradition, finding someone who fits the vision you and your fiancé have is your next step.

I recommend selecting at least 2 (but no more than 4) officiants to interview before making your decision.

The first person you meet with may not be the best person for the job, so it’s important to allow yourself the opportunity to find the best fit.

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Questions to Ask Your Wedding Officiant

I have outlined the most important – in my opinion, questions to ask when interviewing your potential officiants.

Here are a few questions to ask your wedding officiant before booking. Booking your wedding officiant is part of your wedding planning steps #weddingofficiant #weddingplanning

1// Are you available on my wedding date?

One of the most important questions to ask your wedding officiant is availability.

This goes for every wedding vendor when it comes to your big day.

If the answer is no, you can pretty much stop the interview process and move on. Making sure your officiant is available and able to travel to your location is essential.

If they are unavailable, consider asking them for recommendations on other officiants they know in the area.

2// Are you legally able to perform the ceremony? (Different provinces have different rules.)

Now that they’re available on your wedding day, make sure they can legally perform your ceremony.

The last thing you want to worry about after gathering all your friends and family is finding out you’re going to have to redo some things to make it official.

Depending on where you live, there may be different rules and regulations in place, so do some research in the area you’re wanting to say “I Do”.

Your officiant should also be aware of the differing rules.

3// Is there a Back-Up Plan?

The fact is, sometimes people get sick…or they get into an accident.

Regardless of the reason, if your officiant can’t make it that day, you want your wedding to continue smoothly and officially.

Often times, officiant companies have a backup officiant on standby for the day in case something goes wrong.

If your officiant is freelance, they may not have the means to provide one as part of their contract. Ask, create and confirm a backup plan – better safe than sorry on something like your wedding day!

4// Can you customize your ceremony?

This may or may not be something you and your fiancé are interested in doing.

For my husband and I, we wanted a ceremony that reflected our values and that truly meant something to us looking back.

We searched and searched for unity ceremonies that spoke to us in a way that we wanted to share with our guests…and nothing stood out, so we took it out and moved forward.

If you have something in mind, a reading you’d like performed by a special guest or a tradition you’d like to tie in, talk with your officiant about it.

This is also a great opportunity to discuss the timing of your ceremony.

Do you want it to be quick and to-the-point OR a lengthier traditional program? A couple of things to consider are; time of day and setting (Will your guests be baking in the summer heat?).

5// How much will it cost?

As fun and exciting as this journey is, weddings are a business like everything else; so be ready to talk money and negotiate within your wedding budget.

Similar to the legalities of officiating a wedding, prices vary from place to place.

Be sure to research the average price in your area and go from there when interviewing possible officiants.

If the price seems a bit high, discuss the research you’ve done and where you’re comfortable. It also doesn’t hurt to negotiate, see if you can include a complimentary counseling session or a rehearsal of the ceremony before the big day.

I’ve said it a couple of times now and I’ll leave this as my final piece of advice on Officiants – though it applies to all aspects of wedding planning.

Research is the best thing you can do for yourself!

Believe it or not, people write reviews both negative and positive and they can be the difference between hiring someone who is professional and hiring someone who is going to show up late on your big day.

If you’re not liking what you’re reading, even if there’s more positive than negative, trust your instincts.

When all is said and done, be sure to review the vendors you go with and help the next group of engaged couples make their decision based on truth and reviews.

Did we miss any other important questions to ask your wedding officiant? Tell us in the comments below. 

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5 Questions to Ask Your Wedding Officiant Before Booking