Did you successfully close a sale and book a bride as a client. Take your marketing efforts to the next level by thanking them for booking you! Everyone appreciates a little thank you from time to time and it doesn’t hurt anyone at the end of the day! A thank you gift or card is just way to Thank your couple for booking you and not someone else. They are putting all their trust in you and you can definitely go ahead and thank them.  Create a little gift bag to offer your brides and gift it to them at the next meeting.

Thank your Brides with these Gifts

What goes into your gift bag giveaway: 

  • a fun bag the bride can carry to each meeting session she has with you 
  • a personalized mug is fun – add your website to it and phone number (Use something she will love and possibly take to the office- other brides will see it 🙂 ) 
  • A nice book she can write in to remind them  of ideas and she can bring this to the meetings
  • A Scentsy lamps (out with the candles and in with Scentsy – My most popular gifts for brides.) Add the scents too! 
  • A current magazine to get them inspired. I usually get them free if I contact the magazine companies themselves. Get something local. 
  • A folder with all preferred vendors cards/pamphlets
  • Your business cards
  • A Referral Program Card for them to pass around- Put at least 5 with great branding. The card should be so good that your clients are willing to promote you (Refer 1 Bride and for every booking you get 5% percent of your services). 

 Here are a few awesome ideas. 

Scentsy Warms and Scents

Wedding Gifts for the bride

This is my absolutely favorite to go to gift, as they are beautiful warmers a bride can put around her house if they are already living together or if they are planning on getting a house after the wedding. The warmers are lamps that brightens the house and the brides have the options of adding different scents to it. They are few warmers that can also be used as wedding decorations too. Grab one for your office! 

Here are a few cute warmers (click the titles- to be taken to links): 

     ALABASTER SCENTSY WARMER                         

Alabaster Scentsy Warmer


Charmer shade Scentsy



Get a lot more options on our site right here

And all the scents right here

Scentsy Bar

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Wedding Planning Mug 


Wedding Planning Mug

Gift for the bride

This mug will get every bride excited for her wedding planning! Try to insert your logo and contact information if possible. You can get it on Amazon right here  and get the second one right here!

Wedding Note Books

Wedding Note Book

These great note books are a perfect gift for any bride. Add a sticker on it with your company branding. Finding something that fits your branding colours is an extra bonus for you. You can get these amazing note books from Amazon or Michaels.

Remember to only give the gifts to those that have booked and put a deposit for your services! Wedding consultations do not count. 

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How much should you spend on a Gift?

This will depend on how much investment you would like back. If cash is tight, I would suggest providing these gifts to only those that purchase your full wedding packages. If your wedding planning packages or photography package is $3000.00 I would spend at least $100.00 per client. The more thought full your gift is the more a client is able to recommend you. Something  like a warmer, a bride will use every day in her warm. When guests go visit and ask about the scents or what the warmer is , she will explain that she got it from her wedding planner!