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Wedding Traditions in Canada

As a Canadian Wedding Blog, we need to share a few Canadian wedding traditions you should be aware of!

Every wedding I have planned has at least a little bit of tradition in it.

Whether it’s from your family or the country where you grew up in.

And Canada is no different!

For example, you might want to look at these nights before wedding traditions that a lot of couples do before the big day! 

Now if you want to know more about how Canada compares to other countries when it comes to popular wedding trends and traditions, you need to read this.

Here are a few Canadian wedding traditions that you might like to incorporate into your own wedding.

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Canadian Wedding Traditions

Here are a few classic Canadian Wedding traditions you can feel free to include in your wedding should you wish! 

Here are a few Canadian Wedding Traditions you can follow if you are planning a Canadian wedding! Wedding planning tips for Canadian Brides! #canadianwedding #canadianbrides

1. Wearing White

It’s mostly thought that the tradition of wearing white for weddings originated in France so of course, many French-Canadian brides picked up on this amazing practice as well.

Although this tradition is held in most of the Western world it’s something that has always been a part of Canadian wedding traditions.

2. Trousseau Tea

An older tradition that isn’t incorporated as much in modern weddings is having a Trousseau Tea.

This used to be a very popular Canadian wedding tradition that was practiced frequently. 

Held by the mother of the bride, neighbours, acquaintances, and colleagues that were not invited to the wedding but still wanted to be included would gather together where a trousseau tea would be served.

It’s a great way of having your extended circle still celebrate with you while keeping your wedding to close friends and family affair only.

I think this wedding tradition should definitely make a come-back! 

3. Celebration Train

Are you still interested in Canadian wedding traditions?

Well, this old tradition is my favourite!

In old Fench-Canadian wedding traditions, the grooms’ party would all meet at the bride’s parents’ house and take a train of cars together where they would all shout and honk their horns to get the celebrations fully underway.

This tradition gets the whole groom’s party and the neighbourhood excited and lets everyone know that a wedding is happening today!

It’s a good way to get everyone’s spirit high and also it’s a happy memory! 

4. The Sock Dance

This is a really fun  Canadian Wedding tradition that brings the whole family together! 

The unmarried siblings of the bride and groom dance together with silly socks on and the wedding guests throw money at their feet that the bride and groom then collect later as part of their wedding gift.

It’s really fun and you get a little extra gift at the end of your wedding too, what’s not to love!

This wedding tradition is still practiced but very rarely! 

5. The Wedding Wheel

This tradition sees the wedding guests line up and pay a dollar (or more) to dance with the bride.

The money is typically used towards paying for the wedding day or the honeymoon and is always great fun and a way to get to dance with all your guests.

6. The Shoe Dance

An alternative to the wedding wheel is the wedding guests dance with the bride and fill her shoes with money.

It is very similar to the wedding wheel wedding tradition.

Brides tend to use a white drawstring bag now as it will be a bit more comfortable than having to dance with coins in your shoes and you can fit a bit more in.

These wedding traditions are standing the test of time and we love that Canadian tradition is still going strong in this modern age.

Whilst new traditions and trends are always coming about it’s great to be able to nod to yesteryears and keep these traditions alive.

We hope you enjoyed our Canadian wedding facts!

If we missed anything tell us in the comments below.

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