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How To Make A Flower Crown

We just love DIY Wedding projects that are easy to create and fun for everyone. When the team of Zola Unveiled contacted us wanting to feature a fantastic tutorial on how to create a Flower Crown for your Wedding, we just had to jump on it. 

I just love flower crowns, they are gorgeous, and they make for added decor!

As a bride, you can wear them, your flower girls can also wear them, and if you are having a Cinderella-themed wedding, you can have a wedding crown.

Wedding crowns are a go-to wedding accessory, and knowing how to DIY them is even better.

Gather your wedding party and turn it into a fun day of playing with gorgeous flowers! 

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Are you a DIY person?

Then you will enjoy this project!

They are perfect for accessorizing your wedding dress or just making you look even more beautiful.

When planning a bridal shower or any other pre-wedding event, it can be hard to come up with a different theme from the rest.

When brainstorming theme ideas, think about the bride’s interests.

Does she like spending time outdoors? Is she someone who likes to be pampered?

Whatever it is, you will also want to keep the rest of the guests in mind.

They will also be a part of the party, so you should create a theme that has an activity for everyone to participate in.

One idea that gets the whole wedding party involved is a DIY flower crown bar. It is perfect for the boho bride and is something that people of all ages will love!

The steps are simple, and your bride will love taking photos with all her best gal pals in their finished crowns.

To help you get started, Zola has created a visual guide to creating a flower crown bar with styling tips and flower advice.

They even include a detailed six-step guide on how to make that perfect flower crown. Enjoy!

DIY Flower Crown  Instructions

Keep your wedding theme and colours in mind when creating your flower crown. 

Don’t use red roses when your wedding venue will be decorated in blue and hues.

You will want everything to be well-tied.

The greenery in your crown will be the base for your whole crown; have a variety! 

If you going to work on this project, we want to hear all about it in the comments below. 

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What You Need For your DIY Flower Crown Project

  • Fresh flowers: Choose your wedding flowers with big blooms that will stand out in your flower crown to add texture and pops of color.
  • Greenery: Select a variety of greenery for your flower crown. The greenery will act as the base of your flower crown so make sure it is sturdy enough to provide structure.
  • Floral tape: This will be used to attach your flowers and greenery to the base of your crown. Use green floral tape so that it blends into your design.
  • Wire: Also known as grapevine wire, vine wire or pliable twine, you’ll use this as the base of your crown.
  • Scissors: These will be used to cut the floral tape, wire, and flowers. Make sure there are enough scissors for everyone in your party.

You can grab most of these supplies from anywhere, just make sure they are good quality and not the cheap type.

You do not want your crown to fall apart on your big day!

If you enjoyed working on this project, do not forget to tell us all about it in the comments below.

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DIY Wedding Project: How to Make a Flower Crown for your Wedding