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You can achieve a lot of big things with social Media. If planned correctly, social media can help grow your small business. In order to be successful with social media, you need to have an awesome following. And we don’t mean purchasing followers. Your followers should be potential clients that are ready to purchase from you now or in the future!These tips can help you grow your online presence and create leads for your business.

Grow your Wedding business with these Marketing tips

Grow your Wedding business with these Marketing tips

  • Be social: social media is about been social with your followers. Share interesting content that your niche would want to read and share. If you are a florist, share different tips on how to make your flowers last long all day long on your wedding day. If you are a photographer share content about the  different places you can take pictures in your area or how to hire a professional wedding photographer. Remember, don’t always share your content. Use the 70/30 percent rule. Share other vendors work and 30 percent of your own content. You not here to brag. People will stop following you if you are constantly talking about yourself. Share 3 posts of some else’s work and two of your work! Spread it out so you are not spamming! 
  • Create a brand: ensure your brand is strong, solid and reflects your work. Make sure you are registered on all the major platforms that can help grow your business. Facebook, Pinterest, blog, Instagram and anything that works for you. Make sure your brand is well reflected on your social media platforms!If you would like more help on how to really create a strong brand, we have you covered over here!  It covers everything you need to know about creating a strong brand, think Beyonce! 
  • Loyalty: stay loyal to all your clients and fans whether they are your past or future clients. Clients are following you for a reason. Be consistent and post on a regular basis. Inconsistency reflects poorly on your brand! If you blog once a week, make sure your blog comes out once a week at the exact time. Your loyal fans will be waiting for it! Starting a successful wedding blog will get you the traffic and the clients you need in order to grow your wedding business! Give prizes and freebies as a thank you to all your loyal followers.

Growing your social media

  • Build relationships:We have mentioned this before, social media is all about building relationships and socializing with your fans. If someone comments on your page or leaves a good review, thank them! If someone tags you on a post, share this with your followers. We are building a relationship here. These relationships will turn into clients and possibly future referrals! The more relationships you build, the bigger your circle will become and the more clients you will get! 
  • Cross promote with other vendors. This is the best way for your to be well recognized in the industry as a professional! You will be setting yourself up as an Industry expert if you are consistently cross promoting with your fellow vendors! Make sure you tag other vendors, blog about them, mention them on a tweet! There is a chance that they will follow you back, and share your work with their followers! This will increase your visibility incredibly, especially if they have a huge following! 
  • Build an attractive social media platform. When clients land on your social media platforms, you need to ensure that it reflects your brand and it looks amazing. The plan is to make your clients purchase what you have to offer. Make sure all your profile pictures are the same and you are linking a landing page on your social media platforms. Every blog published should be promoted on your social media platforms. Don’t forget that social media is all about being social! If you need more help on how to boost your social media status, read this great post! 

What are your tips to promoting your business using social media? Did you like the tips on our blog about Growing your Wedding business with our Marketing tips?

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