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What are hashtags? Simply put, hashtags are like keywords. When someone is searching for something in particular on Instagram, they are able to find the image using hashtags. With the constant changes of algorithms on Instagram, hashtags are now extremely important as they help individuals easily find you. Using keywords on a blog and social media should be your main priority otherwise your efforts are wasted. So what hashtags for wedding professionals will guarantee engagement?

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How to use hashtags

Did you know using 10 or more hashtags on Instagram will get you more engagement? If you use less than this number, you might not receive as much interaction on your image making your effort attempts go to waste. What exactly is the right amount of hashtags that can be used per post on Instagram? You are able to use up to 30 hashtags per post. We recommend using 20-30 hashtags for maximum results.

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Some wedding professionals do not like the look of how all the hashtag appears on their post, claiming that it is aesthetically unpleasant. You can chose to add your hashtags to the comment tab if you do not want it as part of your introduction. This way they are hidden and clients can focus on your actual caption. 

So how exactly do you use Hashtags? 

We suggest having a list of hashtags already prepared and saved in the note section of your iPhone for easy access. These should be a list of hashtags that you frequently use. Be sure to mix and match these hashtags as needed and do not just copy & paste. For example, if you have a picture of a wedding dress, be sure to use #Weddingdress, #Bridalwear, and #Weddingaccessories as part of your hashtag combo and then add the rest of the hashtags on your list.

And if you put up a picture of a wedding bouquet, be sure to remove the dress hashtags and use #Weddingbouquet, #bridalbouquet, #weddingflowers, and #florals and then add the rest of your combo combinations. This way you are using the right keywords for the appropriate photo

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Grab your list of Hashtags for Wedding Professionals: 

So where can you find these hashtags that can be used to encourage engagement for your wedding business? Lucky for you, we have compiled a list of the most popular hashtags. Download a copy right here.

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Hashtags for Wedding Professionals

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