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Wedding Cake Ottawa

So where exactly can you find the best wedding cakes in Ottawa?

Ottawa is home to some of the most artistic people I know and believe me, finding the best wedding cake artists was harder than I thought.

Whether you are looking for the best cake bakery in Ottawa, luxury wedding cakes or something tasty, these wedding cakes artists will blow your mind. 

With that in mind, I continued with my research to see which vendor to feature on my vendor love edition. 

After all, we want to share with you only the best of the best! 

Get ready to find the best cake shops in Ottawa from our list below. 

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Finding the best cakes in Ottawa!

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Where is the best place to get a wedding cake in Ottawa?

First of all, we would love to congratulate you on your upcoming big day!

This must all be exciting.

We are hoping this list of the best wedding cakes will help your decision in picking your wedding cake artist much faster.

If we have left anyone out, let us know below!

In the meantime take look at some of the best Ottawa wedding cakes we have taken the time to curate:

Are you looking for the best wedding cakes in Ottawa! Find the best wedding vendors for cakes! #weddingcakes

1. Serendipity Cakes by Olivia

I completely fell in love with Serendipity Cakes By Olivia!

Her work is real art!

If you are looking for luxury wedding cakes in Ottawa, you definitely want to check out Olivia!

Olivia was fortunate enough to attend the Bonnie Gordon College of Confectionery Arts in Toronto to become a certified cake designer.

She has since become a tried and true vegan cake artist. 

But don’t worry, she caters to every client’s needs individually! 

To find more about Olivia or to book a cake for your next big event, check out the Serendipity Cakes by Olivia website!

Are you looking for the best cake artist in Ottawa? Looking no further than Serendipity Cakes by Olivia!

2. ThimbleCakes

ThimbleCakes makes wedding cakes simple with cakes that all your wedding guests will love.

I love the fact that they are able to make each of our tiered cakes have multiple flavours to make sure all your guests will get what they enjoy.

I know most cake artists offer this if you ask, but I love that ThimbleCakes makes it a priority.

The bottom tier is always a blonde cake so that you can have the opportunity to take that picture-perfect moment with your new Hubby sporting cake on his face!

They also offer sample boxes of their mini cupcakes for you to try their flavours, just call or email them and they will make one up for you.

ThimbleCakes definitely has some of the best wedding cakes in Ottawa.

Thimblecakes in Ottawa. Ottawa wedding cake artist!

3. The Girl With The Most Cake

The Girl with the Most Cake has been designing glamorous cakes since 2000! 

You bet they know the ins and outs of cakes.

Amy and Linda are self-taught bakers and cake designers. 

This amazing partnership of food, art and engineering has resulted in their unique and creative approach to cake design!

So if you want the best wedding cakes in Ottawa, be sure to check out The Girl with the Most Cake today!

The girl with the most cake wedding cake in Ottawa

4. Dulce Artistic Wedding Cake

Gabriela started Dulce Artistic Cake Design with the simple idea of creating beautiful, artistic and exclusive custom design cakes that not only look beautiful on the outside but also taste delicious.

They pride themselves on working one-on-one with the couples during the design process. 

This ensures the cake reflects their personality while maintaining the perfect combination between the wedding theme, the venue and the decor.

Dulce means sweet in Spanish.

Dulce Artistic Wedding Cake in Ottawa

5. Valentina’s Sweet Treats

Twin Sisters and Self taught cake designers Christina & Dahlia Di Alessandro are the co-owners of Valentina’s Sweet Treats in Ottawa.

Christina wears the creative and marketing hat, taking charge of all designs, cake décor, and social media platforms.

Dahlia looks after sales and operations, in charge of all the baking procedures and inventory.

If you want to have a taste of some of the best wedding cakes in Ottawa, call Valentina’s Sweet Treats!

Their custom treats are perfect for any occasion; baked from scratch and using only the freshest of ingredients.

Their sweets are the perfect way to celebrate all occasions with family and friends.

Oh, and the sisters are twins!

wedding cake by Valentine's sweet treats

There you go, a list of the best wedding cakes in Ottawa? 

Did we miss anyone out? Leave your comments below!

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Ottawa Wedding Cake – Finding The Best Wedding Cakes in Ottawa