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Are you feeling like you are trying out all the marketing tips provided to you but you are still not booking any weddings? Have you tried Facebook ads, blogging and attending wedding shows and still not a single booking? Are you getting wedding inquiries from your wedding website but still no bookings? We hear you! So how on earth can you get brides to say “I DO” to your wedding services?

If you want an “Easy guide to booking more clients”, we have you covered here! This guide covers all the different ways you can consistently have clients ready to book you. If you have potential clients that may have looked at your website but did not make a connection or they did not book any of your services, we tell you how to re target them and get them back on your site and on a booking list. Want better conversion even when busy working? Get the Guide….

Now will show you how you can get brides to say “I Do” with these easy marketing tips? Read on….

Get Brides to say “I Do” with the easy Marketing tips

Get Brides to say -I Do- with these easy marketing tips

  1. Give them services and products that they want 

    Your should really be giving brides and grooms something that they need and desire. If a client is not interested in what you have to offer, they will not buy from you no matter how awesome your sales pitch is.  Your products or services must be an easy, no brainer item that the client just needs and must have. Need help working on something that will sell? Read this blog post! You might have the best unique idea out there, but is it really something that is needed and wanted by your couples?  

  2. Are you showing your couples the value of your services or your products? 

    My number one selling tactic is showing my clients the value of my services  and how it can benefit them. They need to understand that if they purchase XYZ  from me they will get ABC as a result. Showing social proof is another way of showing a client how beneficial your product or services can be to them. If a potential clients sees an amazing wedding review from a past client showcasing how great your wedding services were to them, then they are more likely to make a purchase. 

  3. You should be asking your couples for the sale

    Are you asking your clients for the sale? What is your call to action? What are the clients expected to do after reading your blog? How is your wedding website directing your potential clients to your “Contact us” page? Your entire website should have a call to action on every page. If  you do not ask for the sale, its simple, you won’t get it. If you are not asking your brides to call or email you, then they won’t.

  4. You should be emotionally connected to your brides and grooms 

    We are big on meeting each of our clients face to face for conducting wedding consultations .  This is the only way you can really connect with them on an emotional level. Your couples will need to connect with you on an emotional level in order for them to relate to you and want to purchase your services or products.  Make sure you are emotionally connecting with them by understanding and meeting their needs. 

  5. Make things as simple as possible for the couples to book you 

    In our online course, we discuss the different packages you should be creating for your wedding business in order to book more weddings. We also discuss the importance of having only a few services or products. If you give your clients too many choices, they might feel extremely overwhelmed and leave without booking anything. Having a long and complicated contact us form can also have your clients leave your site without signing up. Make all your communication with your clients as easy as possible. 



Get brides to say I do with these marketing tips

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