Tip for Wedding Professionals on how to book high-end weddings

It’s right in the middle of wedding season and we are all extremely busy planning/creating beautiful weddings for our lovely clients. If you are in business to succeed you need to look ahead and start thinking about the future. How many weddings are you aiming to book for the following year? What are your current rates? Do you need to evaluate your rates? Are you making a profit? Are you reaching your target goal quarterly or yearly? Don’t compare your success to the next professional. We are all completely different and we are known to plan all sorts of different weddings and events. Big, small, traditional, non-traditional weddings; we do it all.

In order to be successful in your wedding business, you need to focus on the type of wedding YOU want to book regularly. In other words, find your niche! What is your ideal clientele? Not sure how to start? Read this blog on finding your ideal niche! 

What would you rather book more of, higher end paying clients or do you want to focus on low to average paying clients? I would rather you book more clients at a high end price, focusing on only booking 15-20 gigs per year and redirecting your energy into creating beautiful end products for your clients.

So how can you book more high-end weddings?

In order to get better results for your wedding business, you need to position your business as one of the best in your area, the most trustworthy business in your area and the most creative of all. The client type that will spend money are those that are extremely careful about where they spend their money and what they spend it on. They will do the research and and pick the best out of the bunch. Ensure your wedding business stands out! 

So ask yourself, are you providing valuable things to your clients. Whether its service based or product based, you need to offer great value. Every piece of information that you put out there needs to be valuable. Your brand needs to be on point and trusted.  

Let’s find the best places to find your high end paying clients!

Tip for Wedding Professionals on how to book high-end weddings

  • Where would your potential high end paying clients shop? Think Michael Kors and Kate spade shopping clients. Where would they plan their weddings? I am thinking more along the lines of country clubs, golf clubs and country houses. I am thinking more along the vineyards, art galleries and unique buildings that can be transformed into wedding locations. Now that you have a list, go ahead and connect with these vendors.

Actionable tip: Offer to do a style shoot at this location. Give the venues photos to use as promotional material. Use these photos to show your clients that you have worked at these venues.

  • What if you are located in an area that does not have grand venues or does not have any high end paying clientele? I think it could be time to expand your network and start looking for new opportunities in greener pastures if your lifestyle allows for this. Offer some sort of a mini destination package for clients that are located one to two hours outside of your area.

Actionable tips: Ensure you are charging accordingly. Do not forget about travelling costs.  Your pricing package should be what the fair market price is in the area you are targeting. Do not under charge yourself. Make sure this is worth it for you before pursuing.

Remember these are Tips for Wedding Professionals on how to book high-end weddings

  • Be prepared to do a bit of travelling. As we mentioned earlier, your clients could be located in other nearby cities and are willing to pay double or triple what you are currently making. Keep in mind that you could be spending a lot of time travelling. This is where time management comes in.  You could set up consultations once a month and get as many people as you can per trip.

Actionable tips: Building in a travel fee should be considered. Use Skype when possible and factor in other expenses associated with Destination weddings or events.

Actionable tips: Make a list of wedding magazines and bloggers you can connect with. Read the submission guidelines and work to get your work featured in these areas.

Try to also use local media to promote your work. Remember it has to be top notch in order to see the results and in order to connect with the right client type.


  • Getting reviews from a few high end clients you have worked with in the past will give your business the social proof you need in order to attract more of these type of clients to your wedding business. Find a great way to get your high end paying clients to promote your work with friends. Want to know about referral programs? Read this blog wedding referrals right here! Start your referral program right away. It’s a great tool.

Actionable tip: Find 4 to 5 of your past clients and get them to refer you. Next connect with 4 to 5 vendors that target the same niche as yours and ask them for referrals. Or you can start a referral program and you can get more details in this link wedding referrals right here!

  • Your wedding packages should be high end and of great quality. If your marketing material does not reflect the style and look of who you are targeting, no one will book you! Trust us.

Actionable tip: Find ways to create wedding packages that sell  

  • Want vendors and clients to think of you as a high end wedding vendor? Show them that you are of great quality. Let them know that your brand is here to stay and they should consider working with you. One way of showing authority in your new niche is by blogging and marketing high quality information. Offer complimentary high end products to your clients. For example, mini wedding album if you are a photographer. Don’t want to spend too much money, customize a USB key and add these photos to your key and send them to your clients.

Actionable tip: Start blogging and start blogging high quality content. Do this often and you will start getting known.

  • Make sure you network with like-minded wedding vendors. These vendors might recommend you in the future, especially if they like you. Find the time to build and nurture your wedding vendor relationships.

Actionable tip: Make a list of 5 vendors that you would like to network with this month. Reach out to the vendors and connect. Book a meet and greet and start to network.

  • Do you have an amazing portfolio? Ensure you are showing only your best work. Your portfolio needs to reflect the type of client that you are trying to attract. If you do not have a great wedding portfolio go ahead and create a style shoot. Do at least 3 and show your best work. Work with like-minded vendors to create the perfect style shoot design.


These are our Tips for Wedding Professionals on how to book high-end weddings

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