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Facebook is one of the most underused social media platforms out there. This is due to the simple fact that Facebook changed its algorithm which meant that most of your posts were not shown to those that liked your page. We are going to show you how to book more brides using Facebook

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I know many of you choose to spend most of your time on Instagram but you are missing out on potentially booking more weddings. Trust us, we love Instagram, but we encourage you to give Facebook a try. So we have come up with a few ways to book more brides using Facebook:

Boost your Wedding Business with these Facebook Marketing tips

Let your Facebook Business Page do  most of the talking

If you do not already have a Facebook Business page, you might want to go ahead and create one. How else will you book more brides using Facebook? With a Facebook page, you can promote your brand, showcase your portfolio and communicate with brides. 

Your past and current clients, as well as potential clients, can like and follow along with the activities on your page. Aim to post on your page at least 3 times a day! Show your clients that you are there and are interacting with them. 

For more Facebook posting strategy to help grow your following and attract brides, follow this step. 

Grow your Wedding Facebook page organically 

In order to attract brides on a daily basis, you want to grow and attract Facebook likes organically. Paying Facebook for targeted ads is a nice quick fix but spend most of your time growing your blog organically. This blogger shows you how to get over 100, 000 Facebook likes that is based on your niche. 

The amazing thing about her process is that she has a daily schedule for you to follow which can be done on autopilot to attract Likes based on your page. This means that you will be able to book more brides using Facebook because you attracted the right audience. 

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Update your cover page photo on Facebook

Want to stand out and book more brides using Facebook? Update your cover page  Cover photos are great for enhancing the overall look of your business page. Give your Facebook page a fresh look by updating your cover page frequently, think seasonally – if you have a contest, a special running or important holiday milestones coming up. It’s a great way to stay current and active. 

Tag the different Wedding vendors and Businesses 

The best way to encourage interaction on your page is by giving a shout out to the different vendors and businesses you work with. If you are attending a wedding show or a conference, why not tag the businesses that are also attending. If you collaborated on a project with a few vendors, give them a shout out. Not only will they share your work, but your work will be seen by their clients that might consider booking you. 

If you want a greater chance to book more brides using Facebook, you might also want to tag them in your Facebook posts. For example, you just booked a new bride- you might say something along the line “We would like to welcome Jane and John to ABC Wedding. We are excited to plan their fall wedding next year.”

And if you are done planning a wedding, you might post a Facebook post along the lines “We had so much fun planning Nick and Nicole’s Wedding – Take a look at their country wedding which took places at Ranch Banquet hall. Lovely photos compliment of Exquisite Photography.

We have more tips on booking more client in our Easy Guide to Booking more Weddings with Social Media! 

Use your Facebook page to share mini Wedding Portfolios.

Your Wedding Facebook page is the best place to share a mini wedding portfolio on the go. You can post an album with 8-10 wedding photos of your latest work. This makes it easy to share the post with other potential clients. Don’t forget to tag other businesses and congratulate the couple on your post. 

Attract more followers by conducting a contest

A lot of businesses stay away from contests as they do not want to give away free things. But remember, brides and grooms, LOVE FREE. In fact, everyone loves FREE. You are probably here because you want free information on booking more clients. So as you can tell, FREE is the new black.

Try to give free things when you can. For example, a wedding photographer can offer a complimentary engagement shoot to a couple if this is not part of your wedding package (just ensure the client does not already have a wedding photographer). Offer them 10 edited photos of the engagement shoot and hopefully, they will book you for your full wedding package

Use the Facebook Insight to your advantage

Want to track your users’ interaction on Facebook? Then pay attention to your Facebook insight. It is an extremely powerful tool as it allows you to see your most popular post. This way you can post more of these posts. If your clients are loving your mini portfolios or contests, then post more of these.  

Insights are also great as they help you prepare all your future posts and you will also know what times work best for you to post according to your audience. 

Use Facebook Ads to your advantage. 

Facebook ads are a fantastic way to book more weddings. With the clients I work with, we aim at booking 8-10 weddings a year.  We book more brides using Facebook ads. We don’t spend thousands of dollars this. Setting a budget is essential to ensure you are not overspending on your marketing dollars.

We work with a $35 budget for a 4 week period to ensure we get the most for our efforts. As little as $300 a year, you can book up 10 weddings. Our guide “An Easy Guide to Booking more Weddings with Social Media explains the step by step guide to using social media to your advantage!

This amazing guide has gotten my clients over 10 weddings booked per year and you can repeat the steps over and over to book more weddings as you wish. Go ahead and give it a try!  It is my most popular bundle. 

Tell us in the comments below, will you use our tips to book more brides using Facebook? 

These are easy and actionable tips you can use to start booking more brides. It does involve you making a few changes to your current social media marketing. But that’s really easy! Join our Facebook group of other wedding professionals: “Wedding Professional Lounge”!

Happy Planning


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