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Bridesmaid Dress Shopping 

Bridesmaid dress shopping doesn’t have to be complicated or a big hustle if planned appropriately. 

If there is one wedding planning task that is just as challenging as wedding dress shopping, it is bridesmaids’ dress shopping! But honestly, it doesn’t have to be!

As you know, bridesmaid dresses aren’t cheap and it can cost an arm and a leg just to be a bridesmaid!

Knowing exactly where to shop can greatly decrease the stress you have for yourself and your girls. 

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Your bridesmaids are the most important women in your life.

So, you should choose their dresses with care, so they are happy or at least satisfied with your choice. While choosing dresses that gain their approval, you should also try to match them to your wedding theme and bridal look.

Given all these factors, bridesmaid dress shopping can seem daunting. Nevertheless, you can make it happen.

Here are some tips from Best for Bride, the bridal dress shop from Canada, to help you with this.

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Bridesmaid Dresses Online

They are many reasons why you should shop for bridesmaid dresses online. It is cheap, convenient, and easy to manage!

That’s we recommend you find a few styles you like, and you can send the link to your bridesmaid. As easy as that! Online shopping is what people do these days.

But we have a lot more tips available for you to bridesmaid dress shopping more bearable! 

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1. How Soon Should You Order Bridesmaid Dresses?

Start Early!

Just like with wedding dress shopping, bridesmaid dress shopping requires research, boutique appointments, dress trials, placing orders and fittings.

Every step in this list takes time.

Once you place an order, it can take up to three months for the dress to be ready. And the next step will be the fitting steps.

Factor in all these time constraints when planning your bridesmaid’s dress shopping.

Start at least six months before the wedding to avoid rush charges and more importantly, stress.

2. Research First

Before you visit bridal shops, you should have a clear idea of what you want.

If not, you will end up being confused with the variety of options. Identify the colors, styles, and silhouettes that you would like your bridesmaids to try.

This will help your shop assistant direct you to the best dresses that fit the description, and it will streamline the entire shopping experience.

The less stressful you can make your bridesmaid dress shopping experience, the easier it will be for everyone! 

3. Decide on the Budget Upfront 

Since your bridesmaids will be footing the bill for their dresses, be considerate of their financial constraints and plan the dress budget accordingly.

You should always consult your bridesmaids on this factor and fix the budget prior to shopping.

The amount should be inclusive of alteration charges and accessories. Once you decide on the budget, make sure you stick to it.

4. Welcome Opinions and Suggestions

It is always nice to involve your bridesmaids in their dress decision.

This will not only make it easier to find dresses that suit everyone, but it will also improve the entire shopping experience.

If your plan is to choose just one type of dress for all your bridesmaids, remember that not all dress styles look good on all women.

So, avoid styles that any of your bridesmaids are strongly against.

Also, ask them in advance if there are silhouettes or features that they love. Although the final decision is yours, you can use these inputs to pick a dress that most of them will like.

Mix and match bridesmaids are still very popular and should not be dismissed altogether!

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5. Mix and Match Your Bridesmaids dresses properly

We love the mix and match bridesmaid dresses look!

If you intend to allow your bridesmaids to pick their own dresses as long as the overall look comes together, make sure you set the parameters so there is no room for error.

The easiest way is to fix two or three dress features that will unify the look.

Allow them to choose the rest of the details. Color, fabric, neckline, and hemline are focal points of a dress that will create a cohesive look.

So, set guidelines for these factors, and the dress choices will come together.

If you are open to different styles but want dresses in the same color, have the girls pick their dresses from the same designer collection and place the orders at the same time.

This will ensure that the dresses are from the same dye lot.

By setting the guidelines of what you want, will make the bridesmaid dress shopping much easier!

6. Be Open to Options

You are less likely to be disappointed when you are open to considering different options when you go bridesmaid dress shopping.

Often, dresses look very different in person than they do online.

This can be disappointing if you have your heart set on a particular style or color. Instead, be flexible and shortlist a number of features and dress styles.

You will then improve your chances of finding dresses.

7. Make the most of offers, discounts, and incentives

While doing dress research, also look for cost-effective options that will help your bridesmaid’s budgets go further.

Bridal boutiques often offer bulk booking discounts or incentives that can come in handy.

Go through clearance and sale collections, and if you are lucky you may find great bargains that are perfect for your wedding theme.

8. Don’t take all the girls shopping at once

Do you want to make your bridesmaid dress shopping more enjoyable? Don’t take them out all at the same time.

This is very important if your bridal party is large.

Taking all the girls together can result in chaos and confusion, as you tackle a number of opinions at once.

Attend the first appointment with just one or two girls, who can help you shortlist your options.

Discuss your ideas with the consultant, and have her show you dresses that meet your expectations. Narrow down choices to the ones that you like best.

Have your bridesmaids choose only from these shortlisted dresses when they come in for their shopping appointment.

9. Schedule fitting sessions in advance

Your bridesmaids will require custom alterations after receiving their dresses, so it fits them correctly.

It can take up to a month after the dress delivery to complete alterations and have the dresses fully ready.

Don’t forget to plan this into your schedule, so the dresses are just perfect in time for your big day!

10. Remember that it isn’t always possible to make everyone happy

Try as you may, it may not always be possible to find dresses that will fully satisfy every one of your bridesmaids.

As long as you try your best to accommodate everyone’s preferences, don’t feel guilty. Your bridesmaids know that it is your day and your decision.

You can only do so much while keeping your wedding theme intact.

About the Author Bio: Best for Bride is a wedding dress chain that specializes in wedding dress collections and a range of wedding-related services.

Operating from four store locations in Canada, this bridal chain also has an extensive selection of bridesmaids’ dress collections, dresses for the rest of the wedding party, and also for special occasions.

You can view all their collections here.

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I hope you enjoyed Bridesmaid Dress Shopping tips! 

Searching for the perfect bridesmaid dresses? Follow these tips for the best bridesmaid dress shopping tips. The best outfit for bridesmaids #bridesmaids #whattowear   Searching for the perfect bridesmaid dresses? Follow these tips for the best bridesmaid dress shopping tips. The best outfit for bridesmaids #bridesmaids #whattowear

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