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Long Flowy Dress For Photoshoot

I have you covered today if you want an elegant, long flowy dress for engagement photos. 

First, let me start by congratulating you on your engagement. 

It’s truly an exciting milestone in anyone’s life. 

Now that you have the ring and are engaged, now what?

Well, you can finally start planning the wedding of your dream. 

You should also consider having an engagement photo session. 

Engagement photos are a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to capture the sense of joy and excitement before marrying the one you love.

Many couples like to use their engagement photos in their wedding save cards, their wedding website, and guest book, as well as to have a fun memory of such a fantastic time!

You want to look and feel your best. 

Trying to figure out what to wear for your engagement photos can be tricky. 

There are days when I can never find what to wear to get my daughter from daycare, let alone what I will wear for a quick coffee run. 

If you are here trying to find gorgeous flowy maxi dresses that will look stunning for your engagement photos, then you are in the right place. 

Some of the most amazing photoshoots I have come across are from brides wearing flowy dresses. 

Think Marilyn Monroe or even Lupita Nyong’o in that fairytale blue Cinderella dress. 

Wearing the right outfit can make a massive difference between looking just okay and looking comfortable and glamorous in your photos.

I thought it would be fun to put together some ideas showing what you SHOULD wear for your engagement photo session. 

You want to take your time to find a great engagement photo dress to look your best. 

If you can coordinate and get your hair & makeup trial done on the same day as your photo shoot, you will have photos to die for.

So if you plan to have an engagement photo shoot soon and need a gorgeous dress, this list is packed with unique flowy dresses you can pick from below. 

We took the time and curated some cute dresses for engagement pictures that you will love. 

Whether you are looking for:

  • Simple long flowy dresses for wedding photoshoots

  • Casual long flowy dresses for photoshoots in summer or fall

  • Or elegant engagement photoshoot dresses

We have something for everyone. 

We made it easy for you by listing our top online shopping stores to find the cutest engagement photo dresses that are long and flowy. 

And if you would instead go to the store, I suggest trying on a cocktail dress to see your style or looking at a flowy gown. 

Light and airy outfits such as flowy skirts and dresses are perfect for engagement sessions.

We will share an epic list of fantastic summer dresses you can wear this year for your upcoming engagement wedding session shoot. 

So, where can you find a long flowy dress for an engagement photoshoot?

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What kind of dress do you wear for engagement photos?

You do not have to wear an overly bridal-looking outfit for your engagement shoot. 

You can wear anything you love and are comfortable in. 

We always recommend dresses and skirts that are long and flowy (because they look amazing in the wind)!

Long, flowy dresses and skirts also look breathtaking on camera.

I have seen some of my favourite engagement photo sessions on blogs, Pinterest or even Instagram; they mostly feature light and airy dresses and skirt styles that scream elegance. 

They tend to be more flattering; you can hide the not-so-good areas effortlessly. 

My go-to outfits for summer months are typically long flowy dresses or skirts such as a cute tulle skirt. 

It’s your day, and you should wear an engagement dress you feel most comfortable in. 

Don’t feel pressured to wear a lace maxi dress for engagement photos if it’s not you. 

Or even a long floral dress. 

Choose something that flatters and looks good on you.

Most importantly, something that puts you at ease. 

If you want to wear a party dress, go for it. 

If a fancy prom dress or bridesmaid dress looks great, why not? 

And even better, if you have a favourite dress already hanging in your wardrobe, absolutely wear it. 

Now, if you’re looking for a cute, long flowy dress for engagement photos to buy online, I’ve got you covered.

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15 Long Dresses For Engagement Photos That Are Flowy

If you are looking for flowy dresses that look great in the wind, then you will love these styles listed below. 

They are perfect for chic wedding guest dresses or brides looking for casual summer dresses for their engagement shoot. 

If you are not into mini dresses but want something equally beautiful to wear for your photo shoot, the dresses below would work beautifully. 

Click the links below to find some of our favourite stores to buy your dresses for engagement sessions. 

Absolutely gorgeous rosa maxi dress perfect for an engagement shoot.

Grab the Rosa Maxi Dress right here!

If you are looking for a gorgeous long flowy dress for an engagement shoot, check out this stunning Maeve V-Neck Wrap Maxi Dress! It's the perfect engagement photo outfit!

Maeve V-Neck Wrap Maxi Dress

Cream Floral Print Wrap Maxi Dress perfect for an engagement shoot. This Gorgeous flowy dress from Lulu's for your engagement shoot is perfect for you.

Grab this cream floral wrap maxi dress here!

Check out this epic engagement wedding session dress idea. I really love this These are the Days Mustard Yellow Floral Print Halter Maxi Dress especially for a fall engagement photoshoot.

Mustard Yellow Floral Print Halter Maxi Dress

Gorgeous flowy dresses for engagement shoots! If you are looking for places to find outfits for your engagement shoot, click here. We have amazing flowy dresses for engagement shoots this year.

Grab this gorgeous flowy Devon maxi dress right here!

Long flowy Sid wrap dress perfect for an engagement shoot in the fall season.

Long Sid Wrap Dress

Cute long summer dress for a photo shot! Perfect Summer Dresses Outfits You’ll Be Cute And Cool In!

Cute Floral Midi Dress

Long Dresses For Engagement Photos That Are Flowy! Look no further than this list of elegant wedding engagement flowy dresses.

Dusty Purple Floral Print Long Sleeve Wrap Maxi Dress



Are you looking for long flowy dresses to wear for your engagement shoot? This wondrous blush pink maxi dress could work perfectly!

Grab this wondrous blush pink long maxi dress here!

Gorgeous Majorelle Sweet pea dress for an engagement session this summer. If you are looking for long flowy dresses for engagement session shoot, check out this list today.

Majorelle Sweet pea dress

Looking for cute summer wedding dresses? Grab these Women's Summer Casual Sleeveless Halter Neck Floral Print Beach Party Split Maxi Long Dress with Pockets!

Long Flowy Maxi Dress with Pockets

Athen Plunging V-Neck Maxi Dress for summer shoot! Cute long summer dress for a photo shot! Perfect Summer Dresses Outfits You’ll Be Cute And Cool In!

Gorgeous blush maxi dress for engagement shoot. Cute flowy dress for taking photos in summer.

Paradise Blush Embroidery Long Tulle Maxi Dress

Forever Elegant Light Peach Satin Ruffled Maxi Dress! Perfect elegant long flowy dress for engagement photos! looking for long flowy dress, click here now!

Peach Satin Ruffled Maxi Dress

Looking for something more vibrant?

You can also Grab this summer Casual Sleeveless Halter Neck Floral Print here!

This forever elegant pink floral print ruffled maxi dress would also work perfectly for your engagement photo shoot. 

And there you have it, an epic list of cute dresses for engagement pictures.

I hope you are planning on wearing a long dress for your engagement sessions.

And if so, I hope you find the perfect long flowy dress for an engagement photoshoot this summer!

Don’t forget to grab yourself cute sandals to go with your gorgeous flowy engagement dress outfit. 

Finding the best shoes to wear with a long dress can be tricky! 

Especially if it’s a long flowy dress. 

Depending on how stylish or casual your long dress is, you can find a shoe that fits. 

I love these super cute ankle strap-heeled sandals or the gold charm wrap heels

These gold leaf Scarlette heels might do it for you if you prefer something a little higher. 

My favourite heels to partner with long dresses for engagement photos are these pair of Hensley heels

Don’t forget to check Amazon for stunning shoes. 

Go here for more information on shoes, boots, slides and sandals!

What is the perfect long flowy dress for engagement photos?

The perfect dress is what you feel more confident and sexy in, and your partner adores you wearing it.

I love a long flowy dress for engagement photos because it perfectly hides my tummy. 

Especially wearing a flowy dress with either busy prints or easily accessorized with a belt. 

I also love the long maxi dresses that tend to wrap around the waist to give it that slimming effect. 

If this is you, too, you will want to avoid form-fitting dresses.

And if you hate your arms, the perfect long flowy dress for engagement photos would be those with sleeves. 

For women who are heavy-chested like me and are worried that some of these long flowy dresses won’t look good, grab yourselves these amazing nude boop tape or nipple covers!

They will work perfectly with any of the long flowy dresses we recommended. 

If you are worried about finding the perfect flowy dress for engagement photos, you can do a few things.

We recommend asking your wedding photographer for tips, going to a store to try on some long dresses and signing up for an Amazon Personal Shopper subscription if you shop on Amazon.

A personal shopper can drastically boost your confidence, and it’s not as expensive as you’re probably thinking.

It’s free for seven days, and you only pay for what you choose to keep.

A personal stylist will help you discover Amazon’s finest looks that match your style, size, and budget.

We recommend giving it a try!

And remember, you can always cancel the subscription after your session if you don’t love how they styled you.

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15 Fabulous Long Flowy Dress For Engagement Photos