We are  in love with these handmade chiffon and tulle flowers, I am sure all those DIY brides would love to know to make them. We have a little tutorial courtesy of Project Wedding! They could be used as hair accessories, used as a way to add some detail to your bridesmaids clutches or just used around the room for much added decor!

DIY Tulle



  • tulle & chiffon material*
  • piece of paper
  • pen
  • scissors
  • needle and cotton
  • glass seed beads
  • plain hair clip or comb

handmade fabric flowers with tulle

diy 2


DIY fabric flower withTulle


Step 1. Make the stencil first by hand drawing a rose petal shape on card then cutting out. Retrace the shape several times onto a larger sheet of paper to help create a full flower shape and even pattern. Cut out the pattern.

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Step 2. Take some material and fold it into a square slightly bigger than your flower pattern. Pin the pattern to the folded material, then carefully cut around. Repeat the process until you end up with enough tulle and chiffon layers to make a full flower. In this example, 26 layers of material are used, however the number of layers you use will vary on the weight of your fabric and the size of your flower.

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Step 3. Place the cut out flower shapes on top of each other. Stagger the alignment of the petals and alternate the different materials. Use your needle and thread to secure the flower together in the centre.


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Step 4. To create volume, pinch the centre of the flower together (from underneath) and secure it with a few stitches. This will give the flower volume and a realistic shape.

Step 5. For a more glamorous look, you can sew decorative beads into the centre of the flower.

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Step 6. Lastly, sew the flower securely to a hair comb or clip. Alternatively, you can tie the  flower to a corsage or sash, by sewing one or more flowers to a length of silk ribbon.

Project VIA Project Wedding Photos: Olivia Kanaley

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