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Best Father and Daughter Songs

This is a list of the top 100 father-daughter songs!

Father-daughter songs at weddings have been a long-standing tradition. 

And lucky for you, we decided to make a list of unique father-and-daughter songs you can rock out at your wedding this year. 

I love my dad dearly, and when planning my wedding just a few years ago, I came across amazing songs I could dance to with him.

I cried each time as I went through the ones I loved the most. 

My dad and I have a special bond, and I wanted my Father-Daughter dance song to reflect that truth. 

 The Father and Daughter wedding song is unique for both parties involved.

The love between a father and daughter is extraordinary, as I see it between my two young daughters and my husband.

Both girls are considered daddy’s girls. 

If you are lucky enough to have your dad around and you have a great relationship, then you are going to love 

I have you covered for brides who have either lost their dads or do not have relationships with them.

We will share a list of alternative father-daughter dance songs for you!

Dads are unique and should appreciate just as awesome as moms are. 

These father-and-daughter wedding songs will give you another opportunity to bond once more before you go off to be with your new husband. 

I get questions about Father and daughter songs all the time, such as:

  • What is the best father-and-daughter song?

  • Who picks the father-daughter dance song for a wedding?

  • Do you have to do a father-daughter dance?

Weddings are stressful, so we wanted to ensure you had the easiest time coming up with your wedding song list.

It has impressive wedding music ideas for your father and daughter’s wedding songs!

You might want to also check out this wedding reception playlist for more wedding song inspiration. 

Creating a great song list is complex, especially if you must pick a father-daughter wedding song. 

People have different relationships with their parents, so choosing a song that works can get tricky.

Don’t be afraid to ask your DJ to help you pick a song if you are struggling.

Ensure you listen to the lyrics and that the song resonates with you.

It has to speak to your relationship with your dad.

Love songs are not bad, but it has to be a song between a daughter and father. 

So what are the best father-daughter dance songs at weddings?

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There’s no doubt that the best father-daughter dance song on this list.

The songs will help you bond with your dad on the dance floor while ultimately thanking him for loving you and being there for you. 

We have a little of everything on the list, from modern father-daughter dance songs, sentimental father-daughter songs and even fun father-daughter dance songs.

Country lovers, have your tissues ready while you listen to fantastic country father-daughter songs by Heartland, Taylor Swift or even Jason Blaine.

Are you into rock songs?

We have a few classic rock father-daughter dance songs you could enjoy. 

And if you don’t have a great relationship with your dad or he is not in the picture, we have a few alternatives and emotional father-daughter songs for you. 

Grab your Wedding Song Checklist planner, and let’s get started. 

Here are our Top 100 Father and daughter wedding dance songs to chose from. If you are looking for a feel good daddy and daughter dance song for your wedding day, this list has everything on it. We chose The very best songs for the father daughter dance at a wedding reception. Country songs, classic rock, new and trendy, funny songs, slow and upbeat. We have a little bit of everything for that Father and daughter wedding song.

Modern Father-Daughter Dance Songs

This list is for you if you want modern father-daughter wedding songs.

And some of these songs may never grow old, to be honest. 

Those who don’t want to go to old school and are looking for more modern songs can check out this list.

It’s a list of the best father-daughter songs!

  1. Daddy – Beyonce 
  2. First Man – Camila Cabello
  3. Always Be Your Baby – Natalie Grant
  4. One Call Away – Charlie Puth
  5. Count on Me – Bruno Mars
  6. Right By You (for Luna) – John Legend
  7. Hold My Girl – George Ezra
  8. You’ll Be In My Heart – Phil Collins
  9. Home – Michael Buble
  10. Gracie – Ben Folds
  11. Sweet Child O’ Mine” acoustic cover by Paul Canning
  12. My Little Girl – Jack Johnson
  13. Let’s Go Crazy – Prince
  14. Love Me Now – John Legend
  15. How Long Will I Love You – Ellie Goulding
  16. Cecilia and the Satellite – Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness
  17. I Lived – OneRepublic
  18. Brown Eyed Girl – Van Morrison’s Acoustic Cover
  19. It Won’t Be Like This For Long Darius Rucker
  20. Let It Be Me – Ray LaMontagne
  21. To Know Him is to love him -Amy Winehouse
  22. Walk with you – Edwin McCain
  23. I turn – Christina Aguilera
  24. Perfect – Ed Sheeran
  25. Daddy Dance With Me – Krystal Keith

R&B Father-Daughter dance songs

Are you into R&B songs? 

I am too. 

These father and daughter R & B options will leave you wanting more. 

I especially love Brian McKnight’s songs as well as Stevie Wonder’s.

Whatever song you pick, I know you will have a great time on your day.

  1. Three Little Birds – Bob Marly 
  2. Stand By Me – Music Travel Love (cover)
  3. Just the Two of Us – Will Smith
  4. Lean on Me – Bill Withers
  5. Daddy Lessons – Beyoncé
  6. Colour Him Father – The Winstons
  7. You Are the Sunshine of My Life – Stevie Wonder
  8. Your Joy – Chrisette Michele
  9. Ballerina Girl – Lionel Richie
  10. Unforgettable – Nat King Cole and Natalie Cole 
  11. Ain’t No Mountain High Enough – Marvin Gaye and Tammi Terrell
  12. Dance With My Father – Luther Vandross (Makes me cry every time)
  13. Hero – Mariah Carey
  14. Love of My Life – Brian McKnight
  15. Wind Beneath My Wings – Gerald Levert & Eddie Levert

Rock Father-Daughter Dance Songs

You will love this list if you enjoy dancing and singing rock music.

This includes a little bit of everything from classic rock songs or soft rock, so why not have one of those for your first dance?

We compiled a list of classic rock father-daughter dance songs for you to pick from quickly. 

These are some of my favourite father-daughter dance songs.

  1. Daughter – Loudon Wainwright III
  2. Don’t Stop Believin – Journey
  3. Father and Daughter – Paul Simon
  4. Wonderful Tonight – Eric Clapton or Boyce Avenue acoustic cover – I love this father-daughter song
  5. You’ve Got a Friend – James Taylor
  6. Tupelo Honey – Van Morrison
  7. My Hero – Foo Fighters
  8. Landslide – Fleetwood Mac ** (Also by Stevie Nicks & Lindsey Buckingham)
  9. Tiny Dancer – Elton John
  10. Wildflowers – Tom Petty
  11. Lullaby (Goodnight, My Angel) – Billy Joel
  12. Have I Told You Lately – Rod Stewart
  13. Thank You – Led Zeppelin
  14. You Are So Beautiful – Joe Cocker
  15. Daughter – Loudon Wainwright III
  16. My Darling –  Wilco
  17. Time After Time – Cyndi Lauper
  18. She’s Got a Way – Billy Joel
  19. You Got It  – Roy Orbison
  20. I’ll Stand By You – The Pretenders
  21. That’s How Strong My Love Is – The Rolling Stones
  22. How Sweet It Is – James Taylor
  23. When I See You Smile – Bad English
  24. To Make You Feel My Love –  Bob Dylan
  25. I Don’t Wanna Miss a Thing – Aerosmith

Fun Father-Daughter Dance Songs

I love dancing to upbeat songs, especially at weddings.

Weddings are meant to be fun and exciting.

If you are not into sweet and slow songs, then you might enjoy these father and daughter wedding dance songs. 

It will make you feel happy and special, especially while dancing with the first man you have ever loved – Your daddy! 

Are you ready to bust a move with your dad?

Then pick one of these most popular father-daughter dance songs!

  1. Isn’t She Lovely – Stevie Wonder (I love this song)
  2. How Sweet It Is (To Be Loved By You) –  Marvin Gaye
  3. When My Little Girl Is Smiling – The Drifters
  4. My Girl” by The Temptations
  5. Here Comes the Sun -The Beatles
  6. Dance Like Yo Daddy – Meghan Trainor
  7. The Best of You – Andy Grammar and Elle King
  8. Let’s Go Crazy – Prince
  9. Brown Eyed Girl – Van Morrison
  10. Sweet Pea – Amos Lee
  11. The Way You Look Tonight – Frank Sinatra
  12. You’re My Best Friend –  Queen
  13. I’ll Be There For You – The Rembrandts
  14. She’s a Rainbow – The Rolling Stones
  15. Just To See You Smile – Tim McGraw

These father-and-daughter songs are lively, uplifting and perfect for dancing and having fun on your wedding day.

Country Father-Daughter Dance Songs

Are you a  country girl by heart?

Then you are going to love these father-daughter country songs!

If you have a country-themed wedding, it’s only fitting to play country wedding songs on your big day.

Lucky for you, there are plenty of fantastic country wedding songs.

I had a blast (and a few tears) listening to these songs.

I wanted to share only the most heartfelt father-daughter songs for you to pick from. 

  1. I Loved Her First – Heartland
  2. This Dance – Scott Thomas Laughridge
  3. Never Grow Up – Taylor Swift
  4. Dance With My Daughter – Jason Blaine
  5. My Little Girl – Tim McGraw
  6. Butterfly Fly Away – Miley Cyrus and Billy Ray Cyrus
  7. Butterfly Kisses -Bob Carlisle
  8. She’s Somebody’s Daughter – Drew Baldridge
  9. My Wish – Rascal Flatts
  10. The Girl You Think I Am – Carrie Underwood
  11. God Bless The Boy – Cody Johnson
  12. The Man Who Loves You The Most – Zac Brown Band
  13. Don’t Blink – Kenny Chesney
  14. Just Fishin’ – Trace Adkins
  15. There Goes My Life – Kenny Chesney

Are you looking for amazing and unique Father and daughter wedding dance songs? Check out this amazing list of daughter and dad songs for weddings! Bride and Dad First Dance // Bride and Dad Wedding Pictures // Country Wedding Ideas.

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Alternative Father and Daughter Dance Songs

If you have lost a special someone or you don’t have a dad figure in your life.

Consider dancing with your brothers, uncles and even grandpa.

Your future father-in-law could also take that place.

And if you have a bonus dad and wonder to yourself, what are good stepfather-daughter dance songs?

This list could also work for you.

  • When You Need Me – Bruce Springsteen
  • Not All Heroes Wear Capes – Owl City
  • Because You Loved Me – Celine Dion
  • My Girl – John Wayne Hatfield
  • He Didn’t Have To Be – Brad Paisley
  • Step-by-Step – Brandon Davis
  • Can You Feel the Love Tonight – Elton John
  • Changes – Kelly Osbourne & Ozzy Osbourne
  • Daddy’s Little Girl – Michael Bublé
  • Daughters – John Mayer
  • Forever Young – Rod Stewart
  • Here for You – Neil Young
  • Hold My Hand – Hootie and the Blowfish
  • My Girl – Elvie Shane
  • Remember When – Alan Jackson

Don’t be afraid to dance with your mom. 

We have a vast mother-daughter wedding song list you can also peak at. 

Other Father and Daughter First Dance Wedding Songs To Consider

We have so many great 

This is honestly the best father-daughter wedding dance song list.

Listen to the songs or the section that interests you the most. 

You might want to consider these few extra songs, as they are just as lovely. 

  • What a Wonderful World – Louis Armstrong
  • Walk with you – Edwin McCain
  • Cinderella – Steven Curtis Chapman
  • True Colors – Eva Cassidy
  • The Safety Dance – Sleeping At Last
  • Ain’t That Love – Ray Charles
  • Count on Me – Bruno Mars
  • Thank You – Dido

Do you have to do a father-daughter dance?

It is ok not to do a father-daughter dance. 

And if your significant other still wants to do his dance with their parent, let them do it. 

It is not weird at all. 

If you don’t have a great relationship with a parent, don’t force things to keep their appearance. 

Wedding traditions are not one-size-fits-all and should not be treated as such.

Do what feels right, as it is your big day, and you don’t want to do anything you do not want. 

Amazing Father and daughter dance songs at your wedding. Emotional Father Daughter Dance Photos - pick your father and dance song today!

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When does the father-daughter dance take place?

Typically, the Father-Daughter Dance occurs right after the First Dance!

I usually like this best, and the Mother-Son Dance follows it.

But there is no rule to it.

You can also do it between meal courses to break things out or after meals.

And that is all for our list of top father-daughter songs as voted by brides this year. 

My tip on choosing the best father-daughter wedding dance songs is to be true to yourself. 

You want a song that means the world to both of you. 

A song with a special meaning for you and your dad can make the most memorable moment of your wedding.

Let us know if we missed anything; we will keep adding it to our playlists!

Guess which song I went with?

And what song will you choose to go with?

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Top 100 Father Daughter Songs Ideas Voted By Brides in 2024