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How to Pick Bridesmaids If You Have No Friends

Today, we will look at tips for picking bridesmaids when you have no friends. 

Planning a wedding is a joyous yet challenging endeavour and one of the significant decisions you will have to face as a bride is selecting your bridal party.

Bridesmaids are cute because they add a special touch to any wedding.

They play a crucial role in making the wedding day memorable.

They provide emotional support to the bride throughout the wedding planning process.

Bridesmaids offer a listening ear, a shoulder to cry on, and encouragement when needed.

For some, choosing bridesmaids can be complicated, especially when you are in the unique situation of not having a circle of close friends.

If you are here and wondering the following:

  • How do you pick bridesmaids with no friends?

  • How do you decide who your bridesmaids are?

  • What can you have instead of bridesmaids?

You are not alone.

And there is no need to panic or feel like your big day is ruined.

I am in plenty of bridal Facebook groups where brides have threatened to cancel 

One bride wrote, “I am embarrassed to get married because I have no friends. Should I postpone?”

I do not think you should postpone a whole wedding because you feel like you are having difficulty picking bridesmaids when you have no friends. 

This blog post is here to guide you through the process and help you assemble a supportive and meaningful bridal party.

These bridesmaids are usually your closest friends and family members who can stand by you on your big day.

Choosing bridesmaids is a significant part of the wedding planning process – we get that!

However, what do you do when you don’t have any close friends to fill the role?

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Do I need bridesmaids? 

You do not need to have bridesmaids. 

The decision to have bridesmaids is entirely up to you. While it’s traditional to have a group of close friends or family members stand by your side on your wedding day, it’s not a requirement.

If you’re unsure if you want bridesmaids, consider what you want your wedding day to look like. Would you prefer a more intimate ceremony with you and your partner, or do you envision a more significant celebration with a wedding party?

Having bridesmaids can be a great way to involve your closest friends or family members in your special day and can add to the festivities.

However, it’s important to remember that having bridesmaids also comes with added responsibilities and expenses.

Bridesmaids may need to purchase dresses, pay for travel and accommodations if your wedding is out of town, and help with pre-wedding tasks such as planning the bridal shower or bachelorette party.

These wedding expenses do add up quickly!

Choosing your bridesmaids when you have no friends

Did you know that during biblical times, bridesmaids were not necessarily friends or relatives of the bride-to-be?

Instead, they were domestic workers who catered to the bride’s every need on her wedding day.

Interestingly, their jobs were not as glamorous as they are today.

Young girls, rather than grown women, ran around caring for the bride in some places.

As time passed, we began seeing larger bridal parties.

This is because, during Ancient Roman times, the law required ten witnesses for a wedding, compared to today’s two (depending on where you live).

This tradition of having ten witnesses started the bridal party trend.

Today, bridesmaids and groomsmen have become a regular part of the ceremony tradition.

Back in the day, it was uncommon for the bride to travel a long distance to the groom’s town for the wedding.

A pack of people had to accompany her to offer protection. A group of women dressed in similar beautiful outfits would accompany her, making it difficult for rival suitors or bandits to get to the bride.

Life was undoubtedly challenging back then.

If you still want the bridal party or are looking for alternatives, here are some tips on picking bridesmaids when you have no friends: 

Choosing a bridesmaid is a challenging task, especially when you don't have many close friends. But don't worry, there are still plenty of options available to you. First and foremost, consider family members who are close to you - sisters, cousins, or even a sister-in-law. If you're not close to any family members, think about colleagues or acquaintances whom you have a good rapport with. You can also consider reaching out to a local Facebook group or online community to find someone who shares your interests and values. Remember, your bridesmaid should be someone who supports and uplifts you on your special day, so choose wisely and don't be afraid to think outside the box!

1. Embrace Your Unique Situation

It’s essential to recognize that not having a close-knit group of friends doesn’t diminish the significance of your wedding day.

Your journey is unique, and your bridal party can reflect that.

Consider this an opportunity to create a celebration centred around the people who have played meaningful roles in your life, regardless of traditional friendship labels.

2. Count on Family

Look to your family for support.

Consider siblings, cousins, and even aunts or uncles who can step into bridesmaid roles, creating a familial and close-knit atmosphere.

These individuals often deeply understand your life and history, making their presence in your bridal party particularly special.

If you have a close relationship with female family members, don’t hesitate to ask them to join your bridal party.

3. Workplace Connections

Another option is to reach out to co-workers or acquaintances you feel comfortable around.

You don’t have to be best friends with someone to ask them to be your bridesmaid. 

If you spend significant time at work, consider colleagues who have become friends.

Think about people you enjoy spending time with and who you trust.

The people you interact with daily may share your joy and make excellent additions to your bridal party.

Choose those who have supported you emotionally and have seen you through various phases of life.

4. Your Hobbies and Clubs

Think about your interests and hobbies.

Whether it’s a fitness class, a book club, or a community organization, there may be individuals you’ve connected with who could fill the role of bridesmaids.

Shared interests can be the foundation for lasting bonds.

5. Your Online Communities

Picking bridesmaids when you have no friends is hard. 

But we encourage you to think outside the box.

In the digital age, many people form close connections online.

If you have a supportive online community (such as bridal Facebook groups), consider reaching out to individuals who have been a source of encouragement and positivity.

While they may not physically attend your wedding, their virtual presence can still be meaningful.

Especially if you need help planning the best day of your life. 

This support is needed. 

6. Your Partner’s Circle

Don’t forget about your partner’s friends and family.

If you have a close relationship with your future spouse’s circle, some of his people would be thrilled to stand by your side on your wedding day.

Just ask. 

Remember, his family will soon be yours. 

7. Having only 1 bridesmaid

How many bridesmaids should I have?

Having only one bridesmaid or maid of honour is okay. 

Having only one person stand by your side may seem unconventional.

Still, it can be a great way to simplify your wedding planning process and focus on what truly matters – your relationship with your closest friend.

While having a large bridal party can be fun, it can also be stressful and overwhelming, with multiple schedules to coordinate and different opinions to consider.

With just one bridesmaid or MOH, you can have a more intimate and meaningful experience, creating memories you will cherish for years.

8. No Bridesmaids

Don’t be afraid of having no bridesmaids. 

Weddings are often associated with traditions, and having bridesmaids is one of the most widely known.

However, it’s important to remember that it’s your big day, and you should do what makes you happy.

If you’re considering not having bridesmaids, don’t be afraid to go against the norm.

Don’t let societal norms or traditions dictate how you celebrate your love.

Whether you have bridesmaids or you choose to have no one stand by you, your wedding will still be beautiful and memorable.

That’s all for what you do when you have no friends to be bridesmaids!

Choosing bridesmaids when you don’t have a close group of friends may seem daunting at first, but with a bit of creativity and an open heart, you can build a bridal party that reflects the love and support in your life.

Remember, a wedding is about celebrating your journey, and those who stand by your side should be individuals who have contributed to the chapters of your unique story.

Embrace the unconventional, cherish the meaningful connections, and enjoy every moment of your special day.

Ultimately, the decision to have bridesmaids should be based on what feels right for you and your partner.

If you decide not to have bridesmaids, there are still plenty of ways to involve your loved ones on your wedding day, such as asking them to do a reading during the ceremony or giving a toast at the reception.

Are you having a hard time choosing bridesmaids because you have no friends?

Let us know in the comment section. 

We would love to help. 


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How To Pick Bridesmaids When You Have No Friends