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Best Bridal Shower Venues

Are you looking for affordable wedding shower venues?

Planning a wedding shower is a lot of work, and finding the best places to host a bridal shower is equally tricky.

Lucky for you, we will be going through a list of the best venues for wedding showers for you to consider. 

If you are the maid of honour, parent, family member or friend planning a wedding party for the bride-to-be, and you’re likely thinking, “Where should I host a wedding shower?”

You have come to the right place. 

We will share our best tips for finding cheap bridal shower locations!

You will want to choose a venue that will impress the bride and make the event unique and memorable.

But with limited available spaces, it can be hard to decide which wedding shower venue is most suitable for your needs.

You want your bridal shower location to accommodate the number of guests, decorations and games you wish to play. 

A few inexpensive bridal shower venues to consider are community centres, a shower in a park or a backyard shower at home.

To make things easy for you, we have compiled a list of the best wedding shower venues, ranging from charming garden parties to rustic barn showers to sleek and modern event spaces.

We will share

  • Inexpensive places for bridal showers and weekend events

  • Popular bridal shower venues worth looking into

  • Top wedding shower venues that are free

  • Cute bridal shower venue ideas for small events

Your wedding shower venue cost will depend on where you choose to host it. 

Some places charge a set fee, and others charge per hour. 

Other places for wedding shower venues will cost you nothing. 

I am excited to explore a few bridal shower venue ideas to help you envision this day. 

It doesn’t matter your style or budget; you will find a few wedding shower venue ideas on this list that will suit your and the bride-to-be’s needs.

So start planning your event today, and check out the list below before making your final decision.

Affordable bridal shower venues are not hard to find if you think outside the box.

So what are the best venues for a bridal shower?

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Tips For Choosing The Best Places To Have A Wedding Shower

Take a look at these bridal shower venue tips before deciding on a location.

You want to take your time and pick the best possible bridal shower location for the bride-to-be. 

Just like her wedding, this could be the only time she gets to experience a shower. 

If you are on a tight budget, stick to beautiful affordable bridal shower venues so you don’t break the bank. 

These tips will help you determine the best places to host a bridal shower fit for the bride-to-be.

  • Decide on a budget for the wedding shower first – this will determine the size and venue you can afford.
  • Consider the other bridesmaids’ budget – typically, the bride’s mother pays for the shower or her side of the family, and sometimes the bridal party splits the costs. Either way, consider everyone’s budget and what they can contribute.
  • Come up with a guest list – You can’t pick a bridal venue until you know how many guests you will have in attendance.
  • Consider the bride-to-be’s needs – What is her vision, style and theme? When does she wish to have the shower take place?
  • Find a convenient wedding shower location – A venue near the airport may be better if the bride-to-be has many out-of-town guests.
  • Decide what kind of decorations you want – Some locations are more straightforward to decorate than others!
  • Think about whether you need a kitchen. When brainstorming wedding shower venue ideas, consider whether you are or are not having the event catered. If so, having a kitchen on site is not a big concern. But if you have several people prepping food at home or need to do it on-site, you will need a refrigerator, places to plug in crock pots, air fryers, etc.

So, where are the places to have a bridal shower?

Here are 25 Best places to have a wedding shower. We made a list of amazing wedding shower venues. If you are planning the wedding shower, here are few venues to consider.! Click here for the best wedding shower venues.

Free Or Cheap Bridal Shower Venues

When the budget is tight, you must get creative with the venue.

After all, you don’t want to spend most of your money on the bridal party venue when you still have decorations, food, wedding shower prizes, and gifts to worry about.

You don’t need to view every venue on the list. 

Narrow down your idea of the best venues for bridal showers and research those. 

With that in mind, here are some free or cheap venues for hosting a wedding shower.

1. At Home 

The cheapest place to hold a wedding shower will be in someone’s home.

Hosting a bridal shower at home makes it intimate and unique. 

A great option is the bride-to-be’s home, her parent’s home or her best friend/Maid of honour.

The maid of honour can have everyone over to her house or a friend or family member who may be gracious enough to host the event.

This makes it easy, and she won’t have to worry about transporting gifts from one place to another; she’ll have them with her.

In this case, the hostess and the rest of the bridal party would be responsible for cleaning and decorating before and after the shower.

You don’t want the bride having to clean up after guests on a day that’s supposed to be about celebrating her.

If you choose to have the wedding shower at home, consider parking.

If parking spaces are limited, request that guests carpool with each other or ask someone to serve as a “taxi” of sorts, shuttling guests from their homes or hotels to the event and back again.

Simply put, make it easy on your guests. 

2. Backyard Wedding Shower

Consider a backyard wedding shower instead of packing everyone into someone’s house.

This is ideal for the spring or fall when temperatures are much more bearable. 

Make sure there is enough seating and the space can accommodate the number of guests you expect.

Renting chairs and tables can get a bit pricey, but you may be able to borrow enough from family and friends to make it work.

Mixing and matching decorations are the norms, so don’t be afraid.

Things don’t have to be matchy-matchy.

Coordinating the tablecloths and centrepieces can bring the whole look together, even if the tables and chairs don’t match.

Have a backup plan for taking everything indoors in case it starts to rain or it is unexpectedly cold.

Here are 25 Best places to have a wedding shower. We made a list of amazing wedding shower venues. If you are planning the wedding shower, here are few venues to consider.

3. Bridal Shower At A Winery 

A wine and cheese tasting is an excellent theme idea and theme for a bridal shower. 

Why not host it at a local winery?

A winery is one of the best wedding shower venues, in my opinion. 

Find a beautiful winery near you to short this special event. 

The atmosphere and aesthetic of a winery make it the perfect place to plan a pre-wedding party, such as a bridal shower. 

Plus, it’s fun to get away if a place is an hour away. 

Make it a day trip. 

You will have so much fun hosting a wedding shower at a winery. 

4. A Wedding Shower In The Garden 

If there is a lovely botanical garden in your area, I suggest you rent space to host your bridal shower.

Garden venues for bridal showers are a fantastic idea! 

Who doesn’t like spending time outside surrounded by beautiful flowers? 

Outdoor bridal showers are beautiful, and the open space allows you to play games and set up the area as you like. 

A botanical garden also means you will need less decoration, which means you can save money. 

There may be a fee or requirements to use the space.

If you have a friend with a flower garden, consider asking them if you can host a bridal shower there.  

A blooming garden sets the prettiest scene for a springtime bridal shower or wedding.

Just take a look at this romantic botanical wedding for inspiration.

5. Cute Poolside Bridal Shower Venue

Anything that is outdoors, I am all for.

Spend the time looking for outdoor bridal shower venues that have a pool. 

You have struck gold if you can find cute venues for bridal showers with a pool. 

Don’t hesitate to look at Airbnbs or hotels. 

Do you or does the bride-to-be have a friend or a family member with a lovely pool area?

A poolside bridal shower is fun for a summer wedding shower when it’s hot and sticky outside, but you still want to be outdoors.

Instead of playing wedding shower games—some people don’t enjoy it that much—guests can lounge by the pool or take a dip in the water.

It’s a relaxing option if you like low-key parties.

A bridal shower pool side party. Here are 25 Best places to have a wedding shower. We made a list of amazing wedding shower venues. If you are planning the wedding shower, here are few venues to consider.

Best Indoor Wedding Shower Venues 

I strongly recommend an indoor wedding shower venue so you don’t have to deal with how unpredictable the weather can get.

Your guests will be much more comfortable, whether it’s in the summer or winter.

You don’t have to worry about bugs or potential bad weather.

Check out this list to find the perfect place to host your indoor wedding shower.

6. A Cute Community Center

Community centres are the perfect wedding shower venues for those looking for affordable options. 

Look up a few local community centres in your area to find out how much they charge for hosting private events. 

Most centers have large enough spaces, with tables and chairs available at an affordable price.

Be sure to find a nice community center that meets your aesthetics otherwise, you will spend more money decorating the space to complete the bride’s style.

If you have no problem spending the money to decorate the place, then go for it.

You could use these cheap bridal shower printables and use cute frames to put them in. 

It will add to your decor. 

Check out this post which discusses wedding decoration ideas on a budget. 

You might find some great ideas to work with. 

Look into cleaning services at the end of the event otherwise, plan for this. 

7. Bridal Shower at a Classy Restaurant

Restaurants for wedding showers have become popular over the years. 

Those who do not want to worry about making and serving food should consider restaurants as potential wedding shower venues.

Most restaurants can host private events in a small area or even allow you to rent out the whole space. 

If you want more privacy to play games and open gifts, ask if they can reserve the space exclusively for your group. 

You might need to spend a minimum amount for this to happen.

If not, find a small cozy restaurant that can meet your needs.

Just look for the best restaurants for bridal showers in your area and call a few to see if they can meet your needs. 

Once you have secured your bridal shower venue at a restaurant, focus on decorating the space, welcoming the guests and tending to the bride-to-be. 

8. An Exclusive Country Club Event 

If you or someone in the bridal party has exclusive membership to a country club, consider taking advantage of this opportunity. 

A country club is a great place to host a wedding shower!

Golf clubs and country clubs are becoming new favourites for many people.

Just like community centres, these venues are not aesthetically pleasing.

You want to decorate it a little to bring it up to par.

The good thing is that most clubs have a restaurant attached to them, so you won’t need to worry about food and beverages.

9. Host a Wedding Shower at a Banquet Hall

Are you looking for wedding shower venues that will allow you the flexibility to do as you wish? 

I would look into booking an elegant banquet hall. 

Banquet halls for bridal showers are a good idea if you are on a budget. 

Banquet halls are ideal if you want to be “hands-off” regarding food and basic decorating.

With some decorating, you know the space will look fantastic, and the food will be delicious.

Wedding shower venues such as banquet halls are a little more expensive than the other options.

You might get charged a banquet room rental fee and required to spend a minimum on food and beverage. 

The price for me outweighs the stress-free moment you will spend with the bride-to-be as most of the work is done for you!

This is important, especially if you have an extensive guest list with many families and her closest friends attending.

Here are 25 Best places to have a wedding shower. We made a list of amazing wedding shower venues. If you are planning the wedding shower, here are few venues to consider.! Click here for the best wedding shower venues.

10. Hotels Make Great Wedding Shower Venues

I  would pick a wedding shower hosted at a hotel any day.

I love hotels.

Any opportunity I can get to spend at a hotel, I will take it. 

A hotel event space or meeting room can be a great choice, especially if it’s architecturally interesting.

Plus, you can book a hotel room or suite for all the girls and have a grownup “slumber party” of sorts.

With a hotel, you will have all the food prepared by them unless they do not have a restaurant on site.

At this point, make arrangements to see if they allow outside food.

11. Your Local Church Hall 

Looking at churches is the best way to find affordable bridal shower venues.

Cheap venues for bridal showers can be hard to come by. 

Many church halls will rent out the cafeteria or annex inexpensively or even for free for church members, so this is a terrific budget-friendly option.

My church has a fantastic banquet area where baby showers, rehearsal dinners, tea parties and other events usually occur.

The perk to this wedding shower venue is that church halls typically house a kitchen, making food prep and refrigeration much easier.

They also have chairs and tables, so all you have to do is decorate, have fun, and clean up after yourselves.

If the church allows you to use the space for free, it’s still customary to donate if you can.

12. A Rustic Barn Venue

Barns aren’t just for wedding receptions.

I believe a barn venue for a bridal shower is excellent for a bride-to-be who is planning a rustic-style wedding

You can use many unique bridal shower themes if you choose a barn as your venue.

A rustic chic or country-style wedding theme will work beautifully.

Barn spaces for events are more common now than ever! 

Just keep in mind that during wedding season, barn venues book up pretty quickly.

This means it might be a much pricier wedding shower venue. 

This is the perfect wedding shower venue for larger bridal shower groups. 

Gorgeous big barn perfect for a bridal shower. Here are 25 Best places to have a wedding shower. We made a list of amazing wedding shower venues. If you are planning the wedding shower, here are few venues to consider.! Click here for the best wedding shower venues.

13. Visit A Spa or Nail Parlor 

Wedding shower places hosting spa sessions for the bride-to-be and her girls are on my list of top places to hold a bridal shower.

Get together for a day of pampering!

Instead of the usual food and games, you can get manicures and pedicures in a small, intimate local spa that hosts bridal showers.

I know a few salons that offer services and champagne for the bridal party to get pampered.

You might even be able to bring a few finger foods to enjoy. 

It’s a great way to let the future bride spend time with her close friends and family before the big day.

If you prefer to do this at home, you can learn more about ways to host a spa bridal shower from the comfort of your home. 

Honestly, the best venue for a bridal shower is a local spa. 

14. Your Local Museum

I love the Museums in my city.

These days, museums have elegant rooms for parties, special occasions, and other events usually reserved for speakers and conferences.

There are fees associated with booking these spaces, and often you are restricted in the time you can access the area.

Museums are also extremely strict about booking time slots.

If you go with this route and book them for your wedding shower, understand that they might not have flexibility.

Many of these event rooms have a stage perfect for the bride-to-be to open her gifts.

15. Your Local Library

Is the bride-to-be into books? 

Then you should consider hosting her wedding shower in the library! 

It’s the perfect wedding shower venue because you can theme it around her favourite books.

You can ask guests to bring a gift for the bride’s collection or a good quality book to gift to the library.

Remember to keep the noise level in check since you’re in a quiet public space.

A library is an excellent venue for a bridal shower that is small and intimate. 

It’s also budget-friendly. 

16. A Classy Art Studio

The best venues for a bridal shower are those that offer activities. 

If it already comes with activities, you don’t have to develop various bridal shower games and activities to keep the guest entertained. 

That’s why I love the idea of hosting a wedding shower at an art studio. 

Do you know those paint and sip studios?

They are undoubtedly unique wedding shower venues!

Guests will love having a private paint party with a lesson for painting something cute instead of playing the usual wedding shower games.

When you schedule a paint party, all materials are provided.

It’s relatively inexpensive in many areas!

17. Bridal Shower Tea Party

Do you have cute bridal shower tea party venues in your town?

Book a tea room for your wedding shower event. 

For a sophisticated wedding shower, book a local tea room.

Decorate with stunning flower bouquets, and let the tea room venue plan the menu from start to finish.

It’s the perfect way to have an elegant party with all the bride-to-be’s girlfriends.

Planning a bridal shower tea party and need ideas? This theme lends itself to lovely invitations, decorations, table settings, food, favors and more! Check out this party for plenty of inspiration!

18. A Quaint Bed And Breakfast

Ready to hit the road?

The most charming bed and breakfasts I have come across are usually historical and romantic.

Get together for a girls’ weekend and enjoy yourselves at a charming bed and breakfast.

Most bed and breakfast locations are already decked out in elegant style and are well suited to serve delicious brunch or luncheons.

Add a gorgeous pink wedding shower cake, pink desserts and personalized décor, and you can set up a spectacular shower in no time.

Plus, there’s no rush to get back home!

You can find bridal shower brunch venues if your bride-to-be enjoys breakfast. 

Best Outdoor Wedding Shower Locations

Outdoor events are fun, especially if there is great weather. 

Plan to host the wedding shower in a spacious outdoor area!

Depending on the budget, you can make the bridal shower you are planning as formal or informal as you’d like.

Plus, outdoor venues are great for photos, games, and enjoying the great outdoors.

19. Bridal Shower At a Local Park 

The cheapest place for a bridal shower has got to be a park.

It was our top recommendation of places to host a bridal shower if you are tight on cash. 

Enjoy a day at a park and host the best-ever bridal shower at your local park.

If you are going to add wine, get a license from the city.

You could also have a dry bridal shower with no alcohol.

Book the wedding shower there if you have a nearby park that’s just beautiful with shelters or picnic tables.

Here are 25 Best places to have a wedding shower. We made a list of amazing wedding shower venues. If you are planning the wedding shower, here are few venues to consider.

20. Chic Rooftop Bridal Shower Venue

Find unique bridal shower venues like an elegant rooftop!

If you can find an incredible chic rooftop terrace to host your bridal shower in your city, you should go for it. 

My town has a few fantastic rooftop terraces that offer beautiful locations for special events like wedding showers. 

Book a brunch with a few mimosas flowing to make your bridal shower feel posh.  

An elegant rooftop might have a lounge area, bar, or even an outdoor pool that your guests can enjoy. 

The more elegant it is, the less you will have to decorate. 

Have your guests enjoy the view, and ensure you include plenty of photo opportunities. 

A rooftop terrace is perfect for summer days or evenings, depending on the season. 

Make certain delicious foods and cocktails are served for the bride-to-be and her guests. 

21. A Tented Bridal Shower Venue

Set up a large, gorgeous tent to enjoy a stylish wedding shower outdoors.

This idea is perfect for an evening bridal shower when you can set up twinkle lights and enjoy each other’s company late into the wee hours.  

You can set this up in a park or your backyard or find a venue that offers this setting.

You don’t have to rent a huge tent that will cost you an arm and a leg.

You will need just enough room for at least one long row of tables to seat the bride-to-be and her guests!

Don’t forget an area for the food and gifts.

22. Take It To The Farm

Whether you host your shower outdoors or in the barn, local farms are fantastic for unique event hosting.

You can make a fun wedding shower theme out of it.

For example, a sunflower bridal shower theme.

Make it an adorable sunflower party for the bride. 

Plan an activity around the sunflower theme; for example, make sunflower centrepieces that your guests can take home.

Remember to visit the farm first before booking the venue.

Working farms with certain animals may have a horrible smell.

23. Lakeview Or Beach Shower 

This will be the perfect wedding shower venue if your bride-to-be enjoys relaxing on a beach.

Or maybe she prefers the relaxing ambiance a lake offers. 

In this case, I would rent a cute remote cottage or cabin with a lakefront to host an intimate wedding shower with her closest friends and family. 

A beach or lake offers a peaceful backdrop for a bridal shower and will look great in photos.

Renting a spacious lake house via Airbnb or VRBO will likely be cheaper than hosting a shower at a fancy banquet hall.

Be sure to book your gateway for the weekend to spend extra time with the expecting bride-to-be and her friends.

Wedding shower venue that are affordable! Here is a list of the best places to have a wedding shower especially if you are on a budget,

Bridal Shower Venues For Social Distancing 

Because we are still fresh with Covid, you might have a bride that prefers this setting. 

And there is nothing wrong with that.

She should still be celebrated.

You can still celebrate with her and her close friends and relatives at a comfortable distance.

In addition to hosting a shower in an outdoor space, you can host a virtual or drive-by wedding shower.

24. Virtual Wedding Showers

Thanks to technology, you can now host elegant virtual wedding showers.

You can use Facetime, Zoom calls, Facebook Live, and similar platforms to connect with friends far and near.

You can even plan a semi-shower with some guests online and others in person.

As the person organizing this, be sure to send out an event invite indicating the date and time of the virtual shower.

You will also want to send links to the wedding registry (or if the bride has a separate registry for the bridal shower) so guests can buy and send gifts ahead of time. 

Don’t forget to have a cute backdrop for the bride to have set up for the background. 

It will make the whole experience real and is a terrific opportunity for a photo shoot or photo booth area. 

Perfect for a few friends or family members the bride wishes to have over. 

When it’s time for the shower, the soon-to-be bride and her “guests” can chat for a while before she opens the gifts sent to her live on camera.

Bridal shower balloon backdrop for virtual event! Cute way to decorate your bridal shower wedding venue with Balloon arches.

Get this balloon garland here!

25. Drive By Wedding Showers 

This is such a fun idea for those that want something quick or have people with conflicting work/life schedules.

The bride-to-be can sit outside for a couple of hours behind a cute backdrop while guests drive through to chat from their cars and bring her some gifts.

You can give each “guest” a goodie bag with individual cupcakes or another small party favour as a thank you for driving by.

You can find a  few party favours right here! 

If you are planning a shower and looking for inexpensive wedding shower venues, this one is for you. 

And remember, anyone you invite to the shower should be invited to the wedding. 

There you have it; 25 unique bridal shower places to host your event!

We hope you enjoyed these wedding shower venue ideas. 

We have shown so many unique venues for showers. 

Call a few places and ask if they have bridal shower event spaces. 

Don’t get overwhelmed. 

Before choosing your venue, be sure to do research and get quotes to compare.  

Don’t be afraid to pick an unconventional venue if you can save or if it will make the wedding shower unique. 

And don’t forget to grab this epic Bridal Shower Printable Planner right here to get you started with your wedding shower planning. 

The ultimate bridal shower planner. A planner designed to make planning your bridal shower easy. Plan the perfect bridal shower in a few easy steps.

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25 Epic Wedding Shower Venues Perfect For Hosting Your Event