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Amazing Etsy Wedding Stuff

You will love our list of the best Etsy finds for your wedding and other pre-wedding events. 

If you love Etsy as much as we do, this post is for you. 

Before shopping for any wedding items, create a functional wedding budget that meets your needs. 

I have seen couples spend thousands of dollars online. 

What’s not to love about Etsy?

Planning a wedding is exciting, but working with a tight budget can be stressful.

If you are like most brides, you have now realized that weddings are expensive and spending money on unnecessary items is not an option for you!

But you also want to ensure you have a beautiful day you can only imagine. 

That’s where Etsy comes in. 

Etsy is a worldwide online marketplace that provides a platform for creators to sell, buy, and collect one-of-a-kind items.

Etsy is a haven for artists worldwide to showcase their handmade creations, including wedding decor and other things for your event.

Shopping on Etsy will allow you to find epic wedding last-minute deals, custom guest gift ideas, wedding dresses, invitations, wedding centrepieces, wedding favours, and much more!

Etsy has everything brides need to make their wedding unique, and stunning, and one that stands out.

Lucky for you, we made a list of wedding items to buy on Etsy that are worth it. 

So, make sure you bookmark this page, share and pin it, as I will frequently add more Etsy wedding supply ideas!

You can find fantastic Etsy bridal deals if you shop around.

But if you are tight on money, sticking to a budget is essential. 

A quick wedding budget checklist such as this one will help determine if you can afford the fantastic Etsy finds for your wedding, but at the end of the day, I recommend our Ultimate Wedding Budget bundle.

Grab this wedding budget spreadsheet printable to help meet all your wedding planning needs. Here's how to make a wedding budget that's perfect for you, without skimping on the fun stuff. Check our printable Wedding Budget Templates!

It’s designed to meet all your wedding planning and decor needs and ensure you cover all your wedding expenses, leaving little to no surprises. 

Creating a budget for your wedding decorations will help you avoid overspending.

Keep reading this post to learn more about the best Etsy wedding finds.

When you need inspiration, don’t hesitate to explore this post.

We have curated a treasure trove of beautiful wedding decoration ideas from Etsy that can help you plan your decor for your perfect day.

So what are the best Etsy wedding ideas for your big day?

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The best wedding Etsy shops

Before you start shopping on Etsy, be sure you do your research. 

Take the time to look for Etsy wedding stores with high ratings and positive reviews from previous customers.

This should tell you if you should trust the seller or not. 

Browse the store’s product offerings and check if they have a wide range of wedding-related items.

A good store will have honest reviews from real brides/couples. 

You don’t want a store that will go out of business the following month. 

And be sure to check the store’s policies and ensure they align with what you seek.

Consider their shipping and delivery options to ensure your item will arrive in time for your wedding.

And lastly, don’t hesitate to contact the store owner with any questions or concerns before purchasing.

Here are the best Etsy wedding shops:

We tried to simplify things for you as much as possible. 

In order to purchase the best Etsy finds for your wedding, you need to shop with trusted vendors. 

These are some of the best wedding sellers on Etsy. 

From smooth shipping options, fast response, and rave reviews, these are the Esty wedding shops to purchase your items from: 

We are obsessed with these fantastic Etsy wedding stores. 

Don’t forget to grab this wedding decor checklist

It’s absolutely free but includes everything you need to decorate your wedding. 

If you are looking for a detailed wedding decor checklist to help you organize your wedding decor - grab this. It's the perfect wedding decor checklist with ideas and inspiration of what you must get.

Wedding decor checklist

100+ Epic Etsy Wedding Must-Haves Ideas For You

Start by checking out the wedding section on Etsy.

This is where you should find most of your wedding-related items. 

If you love DIY and are into making cute homemade wedding decorations, you will love spending time in this section to get ideas and even some fun Etsy party supplies. 

It is packed with great things you can grab for your big day, such as: 

  • Gifts & Keepsakes
  • Decor 
  • Jewelry
  • Invitations & paper supplies
  • Clothing
  • Accessories

They have genuinely made planning a wedding using Etsy easy for couples. 

If you are looking for the best Etsy finds for your wedding and other pre-wedding events, you have come to the right place. 

We encourage you to use these Etsy wedding ideas to plan your big day. 

And don’t forget to check out our other curated Etsy wedding decor list here! 

From wedding decor, engagement rings, invitations, you can find anything on Etsy. We have a list of the best wedding Etsy find right here. Click for a list of the best Etsy finds for your wedding and other pre-wedding events.

Best wedding dresses on Etsy

You can find fantastic wedding dresses on Etsy.

Etsy is a popular online marketplace where many independent designers sell handmade or vintage items, including wedding dresses.

You can find various unique and beautiful wedding dresses on Etsy by browsing through the wedding dress section or searching for specific styles or designers.

Be sure to check the seller’s reviews and sizing information before purchasing.

Bella-Unique gold metallic Floral lace champagne and ivory wedding dress, Ball Gown, off the shoulder, sweet heart neckline, Unique wedding! Are you looking for beautiful wedding dresses that are affordable? Check out wedding dresses on Etsy. They have beautiful wedding dresses on their. Wedding dresses on Etsy are not bad! Source: ACherieCouture – Gold Metallic Floral Lace

Wedding Gown,Wedding Dress,Bridal Gown,Boho Bridal Gown, Tulle Wedding Gown, Lace Bridal Gown, Ivory Bridal Gown, Hellenistic Bridal Gown! Cute wedding dresses from Etsy!

Source: WeddingsBrideWear – Ivory Bridal Gown

Boho Lace Floral Applique V-Neck Tulle A-line Sweep Train Wedding Dress! Etsy wedding dresses perfect for brides looking for something unique. Train Wedding Dress is a contemporary gown for the modern bride who wants something different than the traditional wedding gown.

Source: UulalaShop – Floral Applique V-Neck Tulle

Cute Etsy Bridal Shoes

You can find fantastic wedding shoes on Etsy. 

If you want unique but beautiful wedding shoes, I suggest you turn to Etsy. 

We did some research and found a few fantastic Etsy finds for your wedding shoes. 

Here are a few picks from real brides:

Pearl Wedding Dress Shoes Wedding Shoes Platform Shoes Bridal Shoes Wedding Heels Women's Wedding Shoes Brides Shoes Bridesmaid Lace Heel

Source: Pearl wedding dress shoes

Etsy wedding invitations & paper 

Wedding invitations are important because they formally announce your wedding and provide essential details to your guests, such as the date, time, and location.

They also set the tone for your wedding and give your guests a glimpse of what to expect.

Additionally, by sending out invitations, you can ensure that your guests know about your wedding and have the information they need to attend.

For beautiful wedding stationery and all your paper wedding needs, turn to Etsy. 

AWildBloomDesigns has unique sets of wedding invitations on Etsy. 

Here are a few of our favourite paper and wedding invitations from Etsy:

Will you be my bridesmaids proposal calendar from Etsy. If you are looking to proposal to your bridal party, these calendars are cute.

Source: Will you be my bridesmaid’s calendar

Signature Drinks Sign Template | Minimalist Wedding Bar Menu Poster | Signature Cocktail Sign | His + Hers Bar Sign | Editable Template |

Source: Minimalist Wedding Bar Menu Poster

Etsy wedding decorations

We curated an amazing list of wedding decor finds on Etsy right here! 

Be sure to check that list out. 

To find more wedding decorations on Etsy, go to the Etsy website and search for “wedding decorations” in the search bar.

You can filter your results by price, location, and other criteria to find the perfect decorations for your special day.

Lucky for you, we curated a few stunning wedding decorations you can get from Etsy. 

Click on any of the links to view our top Etsy finds for your wedding!

Etsy has plenty of amazing wedding decorations. If you are looking for beautiful handmade wedding decorations, I suggest you look to Etsy. These Etsy wedding finds are perfect for your big day!

Get more curated wedding decorations here!

For more wedding decorations from Etsy, check out the Vallari Decor shop!

The Fantasy Fabric Design shop is great for tablecloths and linens. 

Annie Weddtique is a one-stop boutique offering perfect goods for your weddings and events on Etsy. 

Unique wedding favours from Etsy 

There are many options for wedding gifts for guests, such as personalized favours, edible treats, or small keepsakes.

Some popular ideas include customized candles, mini champagne bottles, or artisanal chocolates.

It’s essential to consider your budget and the overall theme or feel of your wedding when selecting gifts for your guests.

Let Love Grow- Custom Seed Wedding Favors Personalized SEALED with SEEDS INCLUDED, Wedding Favors, Elegant Wedding Favors, Florals, Favors

Source: Custom Seed Wedding Favours

Amazing Etsy wedding gifts

Some ideas for wedding gifts for parents and bridal parties could be personalized items such as engraved jewelry, monogrammed robes or towels, customized picture frames, or photo albums. 

You can never go wrong with gift baskets with their favourite treats or drinks.

Other options could be experiences such as spa treatments or tickets to a show or concert.

It’s always a good idea to consider their interests and preferences when choosing a gift.

We have also included Etsy mother-of-the-bride gift ideas. 

To make it easy for you, here is a few Etsy finds for your wedding party and parents. 

Don’t hesitate to look around on the site. 

You will be surprised by what you can find. 

Here are the best Etsy personalized wedding gifts:

Check out the Blushing Gifts on Etsy!

The store is stunning. 

Cute wedding Accessories 

You absolutely want to look beautiful on your big day. 

This is where wedding accessories come into play. 

Some cute wedding accessories for the bride include hair accessories such as hair vines or combs, jewelry like delicate earrings or a dainty necklace, a veil or headpiece, and a bridal sash or belt to accentuate the waistline.

Here is a list of some fabulous Etsy finds for wedding accessories:

Bridal Pearls Slippers | Custom Bride Gift | Rhinestone Fluffy Slippers | Bridal Shower Gift | Bachelorette Party Gift | Bridesmaid Slippers

Source: Bridal Pearls Slippers

Lace Bridal Robe Including Slip / Lace Robe / Bridesmaid Robes / Robe / Bridal Robe / Bride Robe / Bridal Party Robes / CAMILE

Source: Camile bridal robe

Bachelorette and Bridal Party Finds

Some popular decorations for bachelorette parties include balloons, banners, photo props, and themed tableware.

Other fun ideas include personalized party favours, customized t-shirts or tank tops, and festive lighting.

Ultimately, it depends on the bride-to-be’s preferences and the party’s overall theme.

This goes for the wedding shower too. 

Ruffle Bridesmaids Robe | Personalized Bridesmaid Gift | Bridesmaid Proposal | Wedding Party Gift | Custom Robes | Bridal Robes

Source: Ruffle Bridesmaids Robe

There are many options for bachelorette decorations, from banners and balloons to customized signs and photo props.

You can find a wide variety of options on Etsy. 

Here is a list of curated bachelorette decorations Etsy finds. 

Check out these cute bachelorette party decorations on Etsy. Are you going on bachelorette trip? Purchase these bachelorette party decorations from Etsy now!

Fun bachelorette decorations

Honeymoon Etsy Finds

Some of the best Etsy finds for your wedding can be found by playing around on the platform. 

We found fantastic honeymoon must-haves by getting input from other brides and playing on the platform. 

Customized Hubby & Wifey Shirt, Wifey Est 2022 Shirt, Hubby 2022, Engagement Gift, Honeymoon Shirt, Wedding Gift Shirt,Wife Husband Shirt

Source: Customized husband and wife shirt

Lace Bridal Set / Lace Bridal Robe / Bridesmaid Robes / Robe / Bridal Robe / Bride Robe / Bridal Party Robes / ELSA
Source: Elsa bridal set – wedding honeymoon underwear

More items you can get for your wedding from Etsy

We hope you enjoyed all these Amazing Etsy finds for your wedding. 

Etsy has all the wedding supplies for your special day. 

To complete our list of 100 picks for your wedding from Etsy, here are a few more ideas: 

Personalized Wedding Ring Box | Custom Acrylic Ring Box | Engraved Ring Bearer | Engagement Wedding Ceremony Ring Box | Gifts for Bride

Source: Personalized Wedding Ring Box

There you have it, the best wedding finds on Etsy! 

We suggest checking out Etsy for all your wedding items.

You can get almost anything from guest book alternatives to bridesmaids’ dresses. 

I love their wedding decor section. 

Please comment below if you have other wedding decorations on a budget idea you would love to share.

Don’t forget to grab this wedding decor checklist

If you are looking for a detailed wedding decor checklist to help you organize your wedding decor - grab this. It's the perfect wedding decor checklist with ideas and inspiration of what you must get.

Wedding decor checklist

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100 Best Etsy Finds For Your Wedding, Bridal Shower & More