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Proposing On New Years

Are you looking for romantic New Year’s proposal ideas?

Yes, to proposal season. 

I love proposal ideas that are not only romantic but are creative. 

If you didn’t know, most wedding proposals happen between November and February. 

With Christmas wedding proposals being the most popular. 

And in honour of that, we came up with various romantic New Year’s proposal ideas you can choose from for your proposal. 

Purchasing the perfect engagement ring is just the first step. 

That is a good step!

Women are always on the look for when you plan to propose and where it will be. 

High expectations are always set. 

And now that you know you want to propose to them, it’s time to plan exactly how you will propose and where. 

Asking the love of your life to marry them can be highly stressful.

You are committing to spending the rest of your life with them.

If you have picked the perfect diamond engagement ring or the ring of your choice and are now looking for the perfect proposal ideas, then we have you covered. 

Lucky for you, we have a few awesome ideas you can use to ensure your proposal is one that your partner will never forget, especially on New Year! 

I love the winter season, and I figured a romantic New Year’s proposal was just what we needed.

I am not sure where you are located, but New Year is typically winter here in Canada, and it can get pretty cold. 

And believe it or not, winter is a popular month for couples to get engaged. 

That is because it is the most romantic time of the year. 

Think of all the holiday lights, Christmas trees, snow and everything else that comes with winter. 

But a lot of planning goes with proposing in the middle of winter. 

From surprise fireworks countdown proposals to a romantic winter getaway for two, you will find a great list of ways to propose on new year’s day you can use this holiday season.

Here are a few things I will be covering:

  • Romantic New Year’s Day marriage proposal ideas

  • Different types of surprise proposal ideas

  • Best tips for how to propose on New Year’s Day

  • Tips for planning a romantic New Year’s proposal

As we mentioned earlier, getting down on one knee to propose is a big deal that does need some planning if you want it to be remarkable. 

We know expressing love and emotions for your partner is not always easy.

If you plan to pop the much-awaited question and want to do it over New Year’s Day, buckle up, as we have a lot of fantastic New Year’s day proposal ideas. 

Is proposing on New Year romantic?

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Is it OK to propose on New Year’s Eve?

One of the most magical parts of the holiday season is spending quality time with those you love.

The holidays are all about family and friends and spending undistracted time together. 

With the new year just around the corner, many people are planning new year resolutions and making plans to start fresh. 

This makes proposing on New Year’s eve the perfect time to confess your everlasting love to your partner. 

Making plans to spend the rest of your life with them starting on a new year and moving forward is just romantic, 

Spending the next forever years with your partner is exciting in every way. 

And since the new year is just around the corner, we wanted to share a few fantastic New Year’s proposal ideas you can personally use. 

Choose a proposal idea that works for you both. 

The goal is to be romantic and to get a “hell yes!”

9 Romantic new year’s eve proposal ideas

 those looking for great ideas. Check out these New Year’s Eve Marriage Proposal Ideas

1. Write it in the snow

If you have snow where you are, you need to take advantage of it for your New Year’s eve marriage proposal! 

This simple New Year’s engagement proposal idea is the best one.

For couples on a tight budget, this romantic New Year proposal idea should not cost you anything. 

You can write your proposal in the snow itself if there is enough fresh snow. 

Nothing is more romantic than seeing that “Will You Marry Me?” question on the ground as you ask your partner to run errands, go for dinner or meet the family. 

Stepping outside to this will leave them speechless. 

To make this New Year proposal idea even better, use rose petals and candles or have your friends and family lay in the snow to spell it out. 

I am sure friends and family are always eager to help. 

2. Say it with a champagne toast

The new year is full of toasts and wishes for what’s to come. 

If you are already meeting up with friends and family for a New Year’s party or gathering, then you are halfway there. 

When everyone is making a toast or sharing their good wishes for the upcoming year, be prepared with your toast. 

A New Year’s toast offers the ideal opportunity to celebrate new beginnings with friends and family and propose to the love of your life. 

You can ask for their hand in marriage before your family and friends at dinner or just before midnight. 

During your wedding proposal speech, you must tell your partner exactly what you love about them and why this has shaped your decision to spend the rest of your life with them. 

It could be something as big as them inspiring and forever changing your life. 

Or something as small as little selfless things they do that matter enough for you. 

Check out these romantic proposal quotes for a list of things to say when proposing

3. A Count Down Proposal Idea 

Nothing is more romantic than counting down your New Year proposal with an advent calendar.

Who doesn’t love a personalized advent calendar?

I know I do.

And I know anyone would love it, especially when you put great thought into it.

And one that ends in a proposal is even better!

You can DIY the advent calendar with something cute each day, such as why you love them, a Christmas activity, a holiday movie to watch or even cute smaller gifts. 

Do something cute and memorable leading up to New Year! 

It can even be simple notes saying you love them or how happy you found them

Don’t overcomplicate things, as the goal is to lead up to the New Year’s day wedding proposal. 

The engagement ring is reserved for the last day {of New Year’s Eve or New Year’s Day}, you choose!

It’s essential to be there for the moment they open it. 

You can also grab this customizable advent calendar from Etsy! 

I recommend them for New Year’s Day as part of your cute proposal ideas.

4. Propose With Fireworks

You don’t have to purchase the fireworks. 

Most big cities already have firework display shows every New Year. 

You need to take advantage of this for your proposal. 

Find the best spots and views to ensure your plan works. 

As the crowd counts, get down on one knee and propose as everyone yells, “Happy New Year!”

Have a bouquet, champagne and flutes ready.  

And if you want to be extra, you can purchase some “will you marry me fireworks displays!”

5. Propose on New Year’s Day

The clock might have already struck midnight, but it’s not too late to propose. 

But I must say that if you plan to propose on New Year’s day, you might as well make it memorable.

Plan a day filled with festivities. 

It is a new year, after all. 

Maybe attend a few parties around with family or friends. 

Or maybe you can host a New Year’s party at your house and turn it into a surprise engagement party. 

You can enlist the help of family and friends or even make them part of the day. 

When the timing is magical, then take a giant leap and propose. 

Proposing on New Year’s day has got to be the most romantic thing ever as you start the year fresh, committing to the love of your life. 

6. New Year’s Resolution Proposal

New Year always feels like a new beginning and hence many opportunities. 

And this is your opportunity to propose. 

This is the perfect time to reflect on the past year regarding your relationship and understand it’s time to take a leap in the coming year and ask your better half for their hand in marriage.

Do it using New Year’s resolutions.

Plan this out by telling your partner that you wish to share resolutions for the upcoming year with them. 

Maybe you can each come up with 3 resolutions to read on the day. 

One New Year’s day, prepare some snacks, chill some champagne and have that engagement ring handy. 

Get them to start with theirs, and you finish by telling them that your last New Year resolution is to spend the rest of your life with them. 

Get down on one knee and propose!

7. Propose With A New Year’s Card 

There are many cute ways to propose on New Year’s eve or day.

If you are looking for simple but cute New Year’s day proposal ideas, why not say it with a card?

This is an excellent idea as it would take the edge off planning a big proposal if you are too shy or nervous. 

If you are better at expressing your emotions on paper, use this to your advantage. 

You want to keep it as simple and stress-free as possible!

Receiving a great New Year’s day card with a proposal is unexpected. 

You can have them read the card while you get down on one knee with the ring, or you can read to them.

8. Propose With A Slide Show 

Whether you choose to do this, family or friends, a slide show proposal is cute. 

If you or your partner have always liked snapping pictures of each other for Instagram, you might love the idea of showcasing some of your favourite moments into a slideshow for your proposal. 

Even if you haven’t been dating since your teen years, it’s still sweet to include pictures of you and your future spouse from early on in your lives and your relationship.

Looking back at those initial days surrounded by your loved ones—even if you were in a weird hairstyle phase—will be surreal.

This will set the stage for your New Year’s eve wedding proposal. 

As you get close to your recent photos of you as a couple, you can get down on one knee and ask them to marry so you can capture many more photos of your future together! 

9. New Year’s Eve Party Proposal

Did someone say that a New Year’s day party proposal is the way to go?

I must agree!

Plan the perfect New Year’s Eve surprise engagement party where you can propose to your significant other. 

Bring your friends and family to celebrate you and your significant other by planning a surprise proposal on New Year’s eve!

You can even have a themed New Year’s eve party to encourage your guests to participate. 

Here are a few unique New Year’s Eve party Themes to get inspired by:

  • A classy lack-and-white themed party 
  • A pyjama party
  • A New Year’s movie marathon
  • Karaoke party
  • Hollywood 
  • Winter Wonderland
  • Potluck
  • Hollywood themed

Which of these New Year’s day engagement party ideas do you like the most?

The Hollywood-inspired engagement party is my favourite as you could have Oscar awards complete with the little gold statue as prizes for best dressed.

Send out fancy golden invitations letting your guests know to expect a high-class swanky party and that they should dress to impress. 

Have everyone come dressed in perfect costumes.

Decorate your walkway and walls with Hollywood stars in picture frames. And make sure gold is the dominant colour.

Your menu and place cards can be in the shape of the director’s clapboard.

The best-dressed golden global awards will go to your significant other.

Have someone else announce the winner and while she goes up to get her prize, get down and propose (read this to learn more about what to say when you propose)!

And when she says yes, bring out the bubbles and start the party. 

Your friends and family will already be there. 

It will be the best New Year’s eve-inspired proposal party.

And there you have the best proposal ideas for New Year’s Day! 

New Year's Eve Proposal Inspiration for those looking for great ideas. Check out these New Year’s Eve Marriage Proposal Ideas.

Other New Year’s day marriage proposal ideas:

Getting engaged on New Year’s day is a dream. 

I don’t know who would not love to receive an engagement ring for the new year!

Here are a few other New Year’s day proposal ideas to help you plan the most memorable day.

These would all work if you are looking for last-minute New Year’s day proposal ideas. 

  • A romantic New year’s day getaway proposal 
  • “Will you marry me? New year’s mug 
  • A cute surprise New year’s day photo shoot proposal
  • Propose while skating during the New year
  • A New year’s day picnic proposal to remember

Don’t forget to have a cute ring box for a wedding proposal like this one.

Don’t forget to check out this epic list of romantic proposal quotes you can use to come up with what you will say while proposing. 

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9 Romantic New Year’s Proposal Ideas To Finish Off The Year!